Bildungsroman Essays

  • Selp-Helf Book Report

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    Book Reflection #2 Selp-Helf I finished reading “Selp-Helf” by Miranda Sings, which is about her giving advice about being the most fabulous person that any human can be. Since she is a comedian, she is making up humorous ways to do everyday things. Such as ways to do your eye makeup and how to get a boyfriend. This book was hard to put down once I started it because I loved how I could hear her voice in my head saying all of these things. A question that I had while reading this book was, how does one person think of all of these creative ways to do everyday activities?

  • Aphrodesia Book Report

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    Can you give us a short introduction to what Aphrodesia is about? Aphrodesia is set in the world of perfumes and centers on a fragrance that is a powerful aphrodisiac — the Holy Grail of the perfumer’s art. Eric Foster, a perfume student who created the fragrance, sees fame and fortune on his horizon, until he is kicked out of the world’s top perfume school for a theft he did not commit. Eric now slogs through a mind-numbing job in New York City.

  • Persepolis Book Report

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    I 'm here to explain why I believe that my book, Persepolis has very valuable things to tell the world. I 'll start by saying that as a ten-year old girl, I 'm being forced to wear a veil to school by those that have called the cultural revolution in Iran. As a girl and the age I am I 'm always being told what to do, and if I don 't obey it there will be consequences. It 's not fair that now it 's not only my parents telling me what to do, but now there 's people, strangers telling what to do or they will be many consequences, and that has cause many protest both for and against this cultural revolution. Im afraid that not obeying what I 'm being told to do even if it 's against my religion will bring me severe consequences.

  • Case Study Mable Werane

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    CCIB received a call from Susan, her Grandmother was at the facility for four weeks, moved in 11/17/2015, Mable Werane (DOB 09/08/1914). While she was there, the family thought maybe she was having trouble adjusting to the new place as the one she lived at for 8 years had just closed. Two days after she moved in, she had a doctor appointment, her family noticed that she was wearing depends, even though she never wore them before. They discovered that the staff was not taking her to the bathroom every four hours as she was accustomed, just left her in the depends. The family also started to notice that when they changed her, they seemed to just toss her around, she would be overheard saying "Don't, Don't and Ow, Ow."

  • The Giver Book Report

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    When I was eight-year-olds, I was always told to read a book by my teachers and peers and I absolutely loathed it. One day I was handed an assignment, we were set off to check out a book from the library to read during reading time, which during this time I dreaded. After what seemed like hours, I decided on a Junie B. Jones book that caught my eye. After a brief reading session of one hour, when I finished the small chapter book, at once I decided to check out another one of the books in the series which lead to another one and so on. On average I devote about twenty hours of my time a week reading books.

  • Calpurnia Tate Book Report

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    The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly is an intriguing book about a twelve-year old girl and her interest in science. The setting is in 1899 in Fentress, Texas. In my opinion, this is what make the book so good as the time period prohibited the main character, Calpurnia Tate, to go after her dream of becoming a Scientist. I liked seeing her obstacles she had to go through. The book starts where Calpurnia is learning in class bits and pieces about evolution.

  • Book Report On Stroman

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    - Sharmili lakshmanan In the chapter, frequent-flyer miles, Rais seems to be like more attached and had a great love to his mother. He also respect his religion and during this trip to mecca, that his life 's purpose pivoted from restless advancement to sacred errand. He realized, "brought me here to fill my heart with peace, forgiveness, and love for His creation. "What that meant was not just forgiving Stroman but working to stop his execution.

  • The Chrysalids Book Report

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    Introduction Ever wanted to know what an extra body part or limb, like fingers and toes in our world a person like that would get treated better and have right than if someone in the world, where it was a post-apocalyptic world of the “Chrysalids” where you would get no rights if you were to live there and get out casted. The main character is a little kid named David. The title of this book is “The Chrysalids” and the author of this book is John Wyndham and the chrysalids is a post-apocalyptic world that probably was formed at a nuclear war which made a lot of the land unusable but live able land (The Fringes) but the land that has taken the most damage is the bad lands the area that is good and use able is the area that Waknuk where is farm able an can sustain life of the religious people who believe in god and in purity and no deviations in people, crops and livestock, to get rid of deviational people they either kill them or exile them, for crops they just burn them and livestock they just kill them but they do not eat deviational livestock and or crops. Blind Acceptance (Example # 1) In this book the chrysalids there are many moments where there are blind acceptance of tradition one of them is even if one plant of the crop is deviational they would burn the whole field of crops and there goes there time and effort of taking care of

  • Huck Finn Book Report

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    He is lucky to have made it out alive. Huckleberry “Huck” Finn, is a thirteen-year-old boy from the local town of St. Petersburg, Missouri. He was kidnapped, beaten, and held hostage by his long, lost father Pap Finn. According to investigators, the young boy was abducted into a desolate cabin on the Illinois shore and was locked inside for months.

  • Perseverance Book Report

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    This quarter I read Eragon. This book taught me multiple lessons. Including, perseverance pays off and times used to be different/more difficult. In the beginning of the book Eragon’s uncle is brutally murdered and his farm is burned down. His parents are dead, so his uncle was all he had.

  • Hhgregg Case Study

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    Simulated major purchase at hhgregg In order to simulate a major purchase, one has to know what to look for. Wanting this simulation to be as realistic as possible the color, price and style was researched on the internet. I go in under the impression that the salespeople on the floor at hhgregg would have bomb bard with questions. The simulation was to buy a new gas range with 5 burners and a girdle in stainless steel made by Whirlpool no more the one thousand dollars.

  • Unwind Book Report

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    Unwind by Neal Shusterman is the story of multiple teenagers who’s parents have decided to unwind them. After the second Civil War, they decided to make abortion illegal, but you could unwind them once they reached 13. Nobody knows how unwinding happens, except for the unwinds. It’s basically a process of separating your organs, so they can be donated to people who need them. When someone is unwound they don’t die.

  • Unwind Book Report

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    The novel Unwind by Neal Shusterman takes place in a futuristic, dystopian United States. In this society there was previously a war fought over reproductive rights, the solution the came up with was “unwinding”. Unwinding is where they take your body apart, and sell it off as organ transplants, but it’s the parents who chose to unwind their kids. The three main characters are Connor, Risa, and Lev. Each are about to be unwound when their journey’s meet in an unexpected way.

  • Scat Book Report

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    Be Astounded! Do you know someone who is stubborn, ornery, or irresponsible? Well, they may surprise you by changing or doing something good. The book Scat, by Carl Hiaasen, is an adventure mystery book that takes place near a nature preserve where there were endangered Florida Panthers. It started with the disappearance of a biology teacher at Truman School - Mrs. Starch - after a fire broke out on a field trip to the preserve.

  • Mckenzie-Grace Book Report

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    McKenzie-Grace or Kenzie as her friends and family call her is a far from normal 13 year old girl. Her life was turned upside down on 2/17/16 the night the accident happened. She got a call at 6:21 pm from officer Sam he said “ Hello is this McKenzie-Grace” when she replied “Yes officer” he stated “There has been an accident and your mother has passed away in a car accident and will not be home this evening”. That is when Mckenzie-Grace hung up the phone and broke into tears.

  • Entwistle Book Review

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    Integrative approaches to psychology and Christianity: An introduction to worldview issues, philosophical foundations, and models of integration by David N. Entwistle covers an extremely topical and controversial issue of whether psychology and theology can be successfully integrated into contemporary counseling practice. In fact, the author starts his book by emphasizing that psychology and Christianity have been largely considered as mutually incompatible and exclusive. However, Entwistle (2010) does not agree with this idea and supposes that faith can be an integral component of all daily activities, including counseling practice. Entwistle provides an in-depth look at both and extends a way to model the two in such a way they supplement

  • Progentra Case Analysis

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    Progentra Review 2018: The Truth About This Male Enhancement Pill What is Progentra? Progentra is a male enhancement pill from Prolabs that’s developed to help men address their small penis size. It accomplishes real and tangible results through the use of natural ingredients, which have undergone rigorous studies and testing to ensure total safety and efficacy.

  • Graff's Book Report

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    When I was growing up, I wanted to do whatever I could do to be the best. Whether it took me hours or days to practice, I practiced until I was the best. If someone was to do something better than me, I would go home and become an expert at it so I could beat them the next day. Never knew why I acted like this, maybe it was because my dad was into sports, or maybe because I had a little brother that was also talented.