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  • Biology Personal Statement

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    My interest in biology began as a child, through Girl Scouts, family camping trips, and one memorable road trip that introduced me to the American West. My interests in ecology continued with my participation in Student Conservation Association programming as a high school student. These experiences awakened my sense of personal responsibility to the natural world and solidified my intention to become a biologist. In the summer of 2016, I interned in the Botany Department of the National Museum

  • Biology Personal Statement

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    University, I knew I wanted to study disease and I knew I wanted to help others, but I did not know where or how I wanted to do so. Thinking that perhaps I wanted to work in a research laboratory, I decided to enter the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program in the College of Arts and Sciences. However, as this year has progressed I realize that I am not moving toward my ultimate goals. After months of deliberation, I realize that working in a laboratory is not the way for me to help people, working

  • Biology Personal Statement

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    My childhood in Mexico, where I had the opportunity to interact with a variety of animals and experience biodiversity, contributed to the emergence of my passion for animals. I decided to major in biology because I wanted to help the species by improving its environment. I have discovered over the past four years that I also enjoy working in the lab. I like learning new things and generally researching samples. Working in a hospital where all analyses were conducted in 2021 sparked my interest in

  • Pursuing A Double Degree In Biology And Conservation Biology

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    I plan to double major in both, Biology and Conservation Biology. To me, conservation is extremely essential. It is a fundamental concept that drives my daily actions. Therefore, I find it extremely important to dedicate my professional and my personal life to learning and protecting the relationship humans have with the environment. Through The University of Wisconsin Madison, I have had the opportunity to take classes that have not been directly related to Biology or conservation, however, have

  • Honors Biology Application Essay

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    I am applying for honors biology for many reasons. I believe that it would help to boost my academic experience, would help me out overall, and I love hands on projects. In high school I am really trying to challenge myself with my academics and social skills, so I thought that applying for biology would be a perfect fit. For example, I believe that honors biology would really help me work on my time management skills and since the class has a lot more expectations it would also help me hold myself

  • Cell Biology Personal Statement

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    would not hesitate and quickly reply biology. A few years ago, if someone were to ask me what area I wanted to specialize, then I would be clueless and be unable to respond; however, after studying biology for several years, I can answer that I want to be involved in biomedical medical research. A semester into college level biology, and 4 years of high school biology, I can finally state that I have a strong interest in biochemistry and cellular biology. Cell Biology is the study of structure and function

  • AP Biology Chapter Summary

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    Biology, the study of life and living organisms, is complex and encompasses a multitude of theories and ideas. In AP Biology, the first unit covered was evolution. Chapters 29, 31, 39, 40, 41, 42, and 43 in the textbook, Campbell’s Biology in Focus, not only discusses the four main ideas of biology: evolution, energy, information, and systems, but it also gives examples of each in order to help guide the reader’s understanding of the concepts. The first big idea of AP Biology is: “the process

  • Biology Career Research Paper

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    Biology is the study of how organisms live and interact with each other in the environment. The field of biology also classifies organisms and examines how they function. Earning a degree in Biology provides you with the foundation for a huge number of career opportunities within the industry, each with their own challenges as well as rewards. This means that you can match your studies with your interests to ensure that your eventual profession is fulfilling. Online classes in biology can get you

  • Cover Letter For Biology Teacher

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    This letter is to introduce myself for consideration for the position of middle school biology teacher. I believe my wide range of pedagogical skills, combined with strong organizational and interpersonal skills would benefit your students. I am passionate about both Science and quality teaching. I hold a B.Sc. and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Science Education from Australia. In addition, I have undertaken one year of my masters in Chemistry Education at Illinois State University. For the past

  • Biology Lab Report Essay

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    Throughout this lab many things were concluded about cells, organelles and biology all together. A biologist needs to be patient, careful and accurate. In addition when looking at cells, to see all the organelles, being careful will help significantly and being patient will make it easier to see the cells on a high power lens. One thing that was concluded in both experiments is that in each different organism and cell there was a different quantity of organelle unlike the diagrams in the textbook

  • Evolutionary Biology Research Paper

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    Madison Dressler Evolutionary Biology in Human Health and Medicine Evolutionary biology is becoming more and more prevalent in all scientific fields and the more we find out about it the more evolutionary biology can be applied and useful in all of these fields. One of the major fields that evolutionary biology can be used in is the fields of human health and medicine. It can be useful in the study of genetic diseases, in the study of the human psyche, in the study of the spread of infectious,

  • AP Biology Personal Statement

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    furthering my education because of my deep fascination in biology and how it affects our future. Ever since the first science class I took in 7th grade I knew that the topic would be incorporated in my post-secondary education in some fashion. Having the ability to understand the inner workings of nature and the relationships between molecules, organisms, and the environment have always interested me. I am a senior who is at the top of my class in AP Biology as of now, and the dream of being involved with

  • Pros And Cons In Biology

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    Top 6 PhD programs in Biology in the US Doctor of Philosophy in biology lets the students be equipped with the knowledge of a specific field in life sciences. Biology is one of the study areas in the broad discipline of biological sciences. Studying biology in a postgraduate course can be a pathway towards conducting research in a wide range of topics. The PhD degrees prepare the students for great careers in various occupations in research, government and academic institutions. While pursuing PhD

  • Regeneration In Biology

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    In biology, regeneration is the process of renewal, restoration, and growth that makes genomes, cells, organisms, and ecosystems resilient to natural fluctuations or events that cause disturbance or damage.[1] Every species is capable of regeneration, from bacteria to humans.[2][3] Regeneration can either be complete[4] where the new tissue is the same as the lost tissue,[4] or incomplete[5] where after the necrotic tissue comes fibrosis.[5] At its most elementary level, regeneration is mediated

  • Outline For Marine Biology Essay

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    Environment One Animal at a Time Thesis: Marine biology is a demanding job requiring working with marine animals, and having many qualifications and courses to take, as well as years of training, with many fulfilling rewards. Generally, marine biology is the study of organisms, their relationship to the environment, and their behavior, in addition to studying the chemical aspects of bodies of saltwater ("At A Glance" & "NOAA Fisheries"). In marine biology, you do independent research and teamwork ("Job

  • Unit 1 Biology Study Guide

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    Science is a method of discovering reliable knowledge about nature. Biology is concerned with the study of life. Biology is a broad field, covering the minute workings of chemical machines inside our cells, to broad theories of ecosystems and global climate change. In Principle of biology 1, many topic where covered. However the main goal of the course was to provide background knowledge for the study of cell, invertebrates, vertebrates, plants, human anatomy, and environment. It also provided students

  • Difference Between Biochemistry, Molecular Biology And Genetics

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    What is the Difference between Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics? Doing Biology is an interesting aspect of human study and it involves various unique findings that have paved way for major medical researches, discoveries and inventions of medicines that are all useful for the health of living beings. Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics form part and parcel of Biology and are overlapping in their theories and approaches with some minute differences. Following statements beautifully

  • Marine Biology Personal Statement

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    My interest in Marine Biology stems from both my education in the sciences & also my love of the Ocean & diving. My current Biology A-Level course has inspired me to learn more about how organisms live & interact in the same environment. I find this to be very relevant in terms of Marine Biology, as a reduction in species diversity will have a knock-on effect on the whole ecosystem, this is due to the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. Another section of the A level course which interests

  • Marine Biology Personal Statement

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    Marine biology has always made an impact on the world, through the eyes of science and wonder of something most rarely see. Documents on shark and whale behaviour, as well as theories of big sea creatures were always my escape growing up and my passion as a young adult to what I could achieve, fuelling my desire to study this subject. I had taken time to revaluate the course I am currently on and realised that I needed to change my route and chase a new course. This one. My confidence that this course

  • Statement Of Purpose: My Current Honors Biology Course

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    Through my curiosity in my current Honors Biology course, I want to be able to learn more about this fascinating topic outside of the classroom. There’s so much to science and I simply do not know where to go. While I love learning about biology, there’s only so much to do. This year, we have only been covering the general background on ecological and molecular biology. I feel as if there is still so much more to learn. The medical institute at Georgetown University would be an amazing opportunity