Biphobia Essays

  • Social Conflict In Louisa May Alcott's An Old Fashioned Girl

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    In Louisa May Alcotts novel “An Old Fashioned Girl” the main character, Polly Milton, finds herself struggling against a man versus society conflict, as she confronts the rich first class society that surrounds her. The fourteen year old country girl who ventures into the city to visit her good friend, is constantly being told she is old fashioned, poor, and too simple for the city. The basis of the conflict is that all the people Polly encounters during her time in the city, expect her to look and

  • Gender Differences In The Sitcom 'Friends'

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    ‘Friends’ is a 1994 television sitcom that aired for 10 seasons up till May 2004 and has earned numerous accolades, leaving a prominent reputation in the film industry. ‘Friends’ is also well known for its comedic content which generically focuses on the gender roles and sexual differences of the characters in the sitcom. Sitcoms such as ‘Friends’ are powerful mediums in which the viewer’s perception of reality is altered as they redefine the average life of an American. Poniewozik stated that

  • Egale Canada Human Rights Trust: Case Study

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    Ontario has approximately 60,000 non-profit corporations that are listed under the Ontario Corporations Act (Blumberg, 2014). Each organization aims to help a specific focus group that discuss many issues surrounding different oppressions seen in society, for example racism, homelessness, discrimination towards the LGBTQ community, citizenship, and many more. Activism is the use of direct, sometimes confrontational action to effect positive social change (Oxford Dictionaries, n.d). Unfortunately

  • Benefits Of Planned Parenthood

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    Imagine that it takes a couple months instead of a couple days to get a cancer screening or the mammogram required for a certain age range. A man or woman fears that the doctor’s office will not accept their insurance and can’t pay the medical bill. A teen needs an STD test because he or she is unaware of the harms in sex. A pregnant woman needs a place to feel safe and not judged by her personal choices. Planned Parenthood gives each of these people what they need and provides the need in an efficient

  • Stigma In The Lgbtq Community

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    For years the LGBTQ community has, and continues to work hard to establish their presence in society. In the past few years, states supporting marriage equality increased and rights such as military benefits, joint tax filing, etc; were also implemented. Today the LGBTQ community only continues to grow and make progress. However, not all minorities in this community are making the same progress as others. Those who identify as bisexual have reported heightened feelings of oppression, Stigmatized