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  • Borderline Personality Disorder Essay

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    Abstract Borderline Personality Disorder affects millions of people around the globe. It is important to understand the situations that all who have this disorder go through and how it will affect them emotionally, psychologically, and even physically. Since this is a personality disorder, it needs to be diagnosed before or after puberty. Since personality can be completely different during puberty. As with any mental disorder, it can sometimes be tricky to diagnose Borderline Personality Disorder because

  • Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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    Abstract Borderline Personality Disorder has many different Characteristics, and Patterns of instability.impulsiveness, Interpersonal Relationships, People may have suicidal thoughts and attempts, aggression, emotional dysregulations. Many factors can play a role in Borderline Personality Disorder, it could be genetics , it could also tend from a person 's childhood experience examples could be sexual abuse.This Psychological disorder can be treated with therapy also there is a drug therapy that

  • Borderline Personality Disorder

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    Personality disorders are conditions that are considered to cause patterns of abnormal behavior in person. A person suffering from the personality disorder is recognized through distressing symptoms which are ranging. However, borderline personality is a common and most frequent personality disorder which is considered to be a serious mental health disease. It is characterized by the range of pervasive patterns such as instability effect of regulation, interpersonal relationship conflicts, impulse

  • Case Study Jayna Borderline Personality Disorder

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    stems from environmental factors, genetics, and brain function. This disorder could present by early adulthood and the signs include unstable interpersonal relationships, low-self-esteem, low affects, and impulsivity. (Mangasarian, Sumner, & O 'Callaghan, 2015),Per American Psychiatric Association, BPD is diagnosed when five or more of the following comorbidities are

  • Borderline Personality Disorder Paper

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    “People with Borderline Personality Disorder are like people with third degree burns over 90% of their bodies. Lacking emotional skin, they feel agony at the slightest touch or movement.” This quote was voiced by Marsha M. Linehan, the creator of one of the most successful therapies used to guide individuals with BPD to the light of hope. Problems such as chemical imbalances and early childhood experiences, like abuse or stress, could have stunted brain development. Also, BPD sufferers usually have

  • Amy Borderline Personality Disorder

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    Amy fits 6 of the 7 diagnostic criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder. “Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors, as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest” is one criterion that Amy fits because she has committed many acts throughout her life in which she could have been arrested for. For example, she has stolen money from her husband on multiple occasions to save up for when she will go missing. Stealing money from another person goes

  • Borderline Personality Disorder Summary

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    Introduction In the movie, Susanna (Winona Ryder) is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Susanna bonds with a few different patients, including Lisa (Angelina Jolie) with sociopathic personality disorder, Daisy; Bulimia, Georgina; pathological liar and Janet as Anorexic. Susanna starts to work harder with her specialist (Vanessa Redgrave) and the medical attendant on the ward (Whoopi Goldberg).Girl, Interrupted was focused around the collection of memoirs of Susanna Kaysen, who truly

  • Case Study Borderline Personality Disorder

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    I believe that it would be most appropriate to diagnose Miss Diagnosis with Borderline Personality Disorder, Moderate Bulimia. Borderline Personality disorder is characterized by a pervasive pattern of instability across multiple domains in life, including interpersonal relationship, self-image, and affect. People who have this disorder make decisions in the moment with no prior thought or planning. They are very impulsive. Additionally, the have a strong fear of abandonment, which often leads to

  • The Movie Borderline Personality Disorder

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    How borderline personality disorder develops is still not completely understood, but researchers do know that it is genetic, primarily in women. In the movie, it is implied that Susanna’s mother could also have the mental disorder but does not acknowledge or accept that it could be possible.  As well as “it is possible that Susanna faced some traumatic experiences as a child, or that the emotional separation from her parents could have been a defining cause.” (Andrews 1) There are many treatments

  • Essay On Borderline Personality Disorder

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    How many borderlines does it take to change a light bulb? It does not change. Borderline is characterised by an extreme neediness and urges to harm oneself, often including thoughts of suicide. Someone who is suffering from Borderline personality disorder may experience some of the following: lack of sense in oneself, outburst of anger and violence, and suicidal threat and acts of self harm. Borderline personality disorder can have an affect on a person’s life with the constant fear of being abandoned

  • Borderline Personality Disorder Analysis

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    Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a mental disorder that affects 5.9% of the general population. Borderline Personality Disorder is defined as a mental disorder characterized by unstable mood, behavior, and relationships. Though this disorder has only been considered a psychological disorder since 1980 when it first appeared in the DSM-III, it affects around 3 million people in the U.S every year. According to the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders(American Psychiatric Association

  • Borderline Personality Disorder Research Paper

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    Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline personality disorder is a disorder that affects mental health and causes major emotional instability. It can lead to other mental as well as behavioral problems. A person with borderline personality disorder usually has a very distorted self-image and often feels worthless. He/she often experiences frequent mood swings, anger, and impulsiveness, which may push people away, even if he wants to have meaningful relationships. Don’t despair if you have this

  • Borderline Personality Disorder: A Literature Review

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    This paper provides a critical review of the existing literature and research on borderline personality disorder. First, there will be an introduction about Diagnostic Statistical Manual 4th Edition criteria and characteristics. Furthermore, risk factors, etiology and theories about borderline personality disorder (BPD) will be presented and discussed, and in the final part, will be introduced the various treatments and intervention plans proposed and applied for BPD, as well as treatment effectiveness

  • What´s Borderline Personality Disorder?

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    Borderline Personality Disorder Have you ever been driving down a highway and suddenly can’t remember the last few miles? This light form of a common psychological phenomenon experienced by most people is called dissociation. People diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder often dissociate much more severely as a defense mechanism. Borderline Personality Disorder is a debilitating mental illness marked by emotional, behavioral, and relational instability; patients with BPD often make desperate

  • Thesis Statement On Borderline Personality Disorder

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    Borderline Personality Disorder Intro: AGD: What do Amy Winehouse, Angelina Jolie, Princess Diana, and I have in common? We all have Borderline Personality Disorder. I am diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder, as is my sister, so I know how it feels to have it effect your body and your life. Thesis: Today I am going to tell you some things about how Borderline Personality Disorder effects your mind, body, and the people around you Preview: First we have to go inside the mind to see

  • Borderline Personality Disorder Case Studies

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    the diagnostic criteria for antisocial personality disorder and borderline personality disorders. More specifically further assessment is warranted to also rule out, bipolar disorder, histrionic personality disorder and possible substance abuse disorders especially considering the significantly unreported use of his historical and/or current drug and/or alcohol use. Research has suggested that individuals who met the diagnostic criteria for borderline personality may have been victims of some sort of

  • Personal Narrative: Borderline Personality Disorder

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    My girlfriend is bipolar The title says it all. My girlfriend is bipolar. She also suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. If she knew I was writing this, She’d kill me, both literally and figuratively. The only reason I’m writing this is because she’ll never know. Today, a lot of mental health disorders are get thrown around like no big deal. People wear these diagnoses like they are a badge of honor and use them as an excuse for any sort of bad behavior. To some, it’s cool and in style

  • Borderline Personality Disorders: A Personal Analysis

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    fact all the hardships you go through that make you stronger. Taking the easy way out things, giving up, or assuming everything in life will be given to you in hand is erroneous. Last year, I was diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). I thought that this disorder would not only change the I felt about myself, but the way others felt towards

  • Amy Winehouse: Borderline Personality Disorder

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    a mental disorder that consist of unstable moods, behaviors and relationships. It usually begins or manifest when a person is an adolescent. Individuals with this disorder tend to be very impulsive, reckless, have problems regulating their emotions and have a distorted self image of themselves. The cause of this personality disorder has strongly to do with genetics and heredity. Also social and cultural factors may contribute and increase the risk for BPD. The symptoms of this disorder includes

  • Dialectical Therapy Model

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    Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) was created by Marsha Linehan and is broadly based on cognitive-behavioral treatment. DBT was originally developed to treat Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) (Linehan, 2015). DBT uses skills training to help individuals change emotional, behavioral and interpersonal patterns that affect present day living. There are four (4) skills training modules: Mindfulness Skills, Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills, Emotion Regulation Skills and Distress Tolerance Skills