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  • Kale Research Paper

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    live in various climates, which is the reason why kale is so popular around the world. In this article, we are going to introduce the basic information of kale. Kale, known as Brassica Oleracea, belongs to the Plantae kingdom, Equisetopsida class, Brassicales order, Brassicaceae family, Brassica genus and B. Oleracea specie. Other species, such as Chinese kale, mustard, Mediterranean cabbage, broccoli and rape, are all

  • Red Cabbage: Brassica Oleracea

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    2.4 Red cabbage Brassica Oleracea L.Var.Capitataf.Rubra is a specific name to red cabbage. The genuine of this plant was from South –Western Europe & Mediterranean region [1]. Nowadays, we can find it from over the world, not just by from it genuine. Brassicaceae, is the family that red cabbage belongs to[2]. Red cabbage contains the source of anthocyanins, this anthocyanins contribute the colour to this plant. Since the anthocyanins are unique, by being wisely in colour range by its characteristic

  • The Columbian Exchange: The Discovery Of The New World

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    populations of humans were among what broadened both worlds. Plants that were transferred from the Old World to the New World were ackee, almond, apple, apricot, artichoke, asparagus, banana, barley, basil, beet, bilberry, bitter melon, black pepper, Brassica oleracea, cantaloupe, carambola, cardamom, carrot, celery, chickpea, cinnamon, clove, coffee, citrus, cilantro, cucumber, cumin, date palm, eggplant, fennel, fig, flax, garlic, ginger, grape, hazelnut, hemp, kola nut, leek, lettuce, lentil, mango, millet

  • The Golden Rice Project

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    changing the organism gene according to the way humans desire it and in the process changing its characteristics. Humans have been modifying organisms for thousands of years. For example cabbage, kale and broccoli have the same scientific name; Brassica oleracea as they came from the same original plant that have been domesticated and been selectively bred for different characteristic until it becomes the vegetables that we recognise today. But most of the time when we discuss about GMO it refers to

  • Clay Mask Research Paper

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    Goal: Vit C Oxygen Clay Mask Total Word Count in this Document: 944 Title: Vit C Oxygen Clay Mask 1.7 fl oz / 50 ml $31.95 Brightening Clay Mask With Kaolin + Vitamin C To detoxify, clarify, and brighten Tab 1 Product DNA What it is A multi-tasking, anti-aging Kaolin clay mask that corrects uneven skin tone, soothes redness, and visibly firms and lifts. Rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and fortified with a variety of antioxidants and enzymes to deliver a more luminous and purified complexion

  • Essay On Evolution Of Artificial Selection

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    The Evolution of Artificial Selection Vitahi Jeyananthan Many years ago, artificial selection began, turning the ancestors to the plants and animals we know today. People chose which aspects of a plant or animal they wanted and chose to reproduce the organisms which had them. Artificial selection has changed features of numerous living things including flower shapes, colour, and animal size. This has been going on for millenniums, developing many different types of artificial selection including