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  • Summary: The Importance Of Nursing Theory

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    Importance of Theory Nursing theory plays a significant role in guiding clinical practice. Theory is the core of how knowledge is applied in the clinical setting. It established a foundation and framework to set forth the principles of nursing and identifies how nursing is a unique profession (Alejandro, 2017). Theory guides nursing actions that are provided at the bedside. Theories are necessary to formulate how nurses provide care and influence nurses in challenging situations that occur. Imogene

  • Work Family Conflict Research Paper

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    Consequences of Conflict between Work and Family among Primary School Female Teachers in Chennai City ABSTRACT If you want to bring an end to long-standing conflict, you have to be prepared to compromise. - Aung San Suu Kyi The aim of this research was to explore relations between work family conflict and satisfaction, including job satisfaction, family satisfaction, and life satisfaction

  • Job Satisfaction: A Conceptual Framework

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    CHAPTER-1 JOB SATISFACTION (A conceptual framework) JOB SATISFACTION (A conceptual framework) INTRODUCTION Job satisfaction has been an interesting subject for managers and academicians for many years. It influences the efficiency of employees thereby it determines the effectiveness of organizations. Interestingly, it is an intangible and qualitative variable. It relates to feelings, emotions and expressions. Thus, it is a psychological aspect of expression of an attitude. Attitude

  • Unit 7 Telecommunication

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    7 Telecommunications The telephone is one of the most important means of communicating with the outside world. It is also frequently used for contacting members of staff within an organisation. 7.1 The advantages of telephone communications The telephone has a number of advantages: • The most important is the speed with which people can be contacted and the ease of use. • It allows instant feedback and is considerably more personal than written correspondence such as letters or emails. • Short

  • The Influence Of Job Satisfaction

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    Introduction In these competitive times Human Resource Management is the most valuable asset in any organization. It is reflection of inherent abilities, acquired knowledge and skills represented by the talents and aptitudes of every person in the organization. In order to stay ahead in this time it is imperative for any organization to use Human resources to maximum possible extent. To achieve this goal they have to ensure that employees perform to their best and keep on improving themselves. However

  • Nurse Job Satisfaction Case Study

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    To Determine the Relationship Between Organizational Environment and Nurse Job Satisfaction in Bangladesh: a Case Study on Private Hospital MOHITUL AMEEN AHMED MUSTAFI1*, MD. AZMOL HOSSAIN2, 1. Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, School of Business,Uttara University (UU), Bangladesh. 2. Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, School of Business,Uttara University (UU), Bangladesh, E-mail*: mustafi559@gmail.com Abstract This descriptive correlation study was designed

  • Military Nurses

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    This study explores the experiences of ten military nurses at Armed Forces of the Philippines Health Service Command through the use of a qualitative phenomenological approach. Phenomenology states that a situation is experienced by an individual, and through these experiences, they gain new insights into the phenomenon (Bricki & Green, 2007). This research design is appropriate in military nurses’ experiences on issues and exploring the meaning placed by the participants on the said phenomena. The

  • Job Satisfaction In The Workplace

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    Job satisfaction shows how much an employee likes his work as well as the level of his preoccupation with work. Generally, it can be stated that job satisfaction is a sense of comfort and positive experience that an employee have related to his job. Job satisfaction can affect work behavior, and through that, the organizational performance. For a long time job satisfaction has been viewed as a unique concept, but today it is seen as a very complex cluster of attitudes towards different aspects of

  • Burnout Analysis

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    Burnout may be defined as being psychologically worn out by one's work; burnout adversely impacts motivation, productivity and job satisfaction and is reflected in low levels of enthusiasm or energy, negative disposition towards others at work and one's perception of productivity (Spector, 2012). The article identifies four (4) indicators of burnout. The first indicator identified by the author was being easily annoyed (Garfinkle, 2005-2015); researchers support this indicator; cynicism and detachment

  • Burnout Model

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    Theoretical approach of Burnout According to Vachon (1987), (as cited in Theophilus, 2009), “most theoretical models attempting to explain the burnout in the light of a dynamic interaction between the individual and the environment” (Theophilus, 2009). The most important interpretation models of burnout are four:1)Maslach’s model of three dimensions (1982), 2) The model of Edelwich and Brodsky (1980), 3) The interactive model of Cherniss (1980) and 4) The model of Pines (1993). 1) Maslach’s model

  • Stress And Burnout

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    between the nurses’ work environment and personal life coupled with multiplicities stress sources leave them at high risk for job dissatisfaction and burnout. The nursing profession itself can be very challenging, and because of high demands nurses should find a balance between their career and their personal life in order to prevent stress and burnout.

  • Burnout In The Workplace

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    This can lead to employees feeling they are being false and can result in emotional dissonance, stress and possibly burnout. Burnout “is a form of psychological strain resulting from persistent work stress typically characterized by emotional exhaustion, a tendency to depersonalize others and diminish perceptions of ability

  • Essay On Burnout

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    Background: The word “burnout” was coined in the 1970s by the American psychologist Herber Freudenbergerto to describe the effects of occupational severe stress experienced by certain professionals, such as medical doctors and nurses . Burnout is defined as loss of interst for work, feeling of cynicism, and a low sense of personal accomplishment . It is a gradual process that develops over an extended period. It is subtle at first, but it gets worse and worse as time goes on.

  • Burnout Theory

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    of call centers have indicated that the stressful environment is linked to employee burnout (Holman, 2003; Wallace et al. 2000). Burnout can be considered as an external stressor which is developed when someone is exposed to a demanding environment over a long period of time and normally leads emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and lack of accomplishment (Maslach and Jackson, 1981). Table 2.1 – Stages of Burnout and Relevant traits. Concept Effects Traits Emotional exhaustion Stress resulted

  • Freudenberger's Theory Of Burnout

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    Burnout is one of the factors that may affect employees’ efficiency, a group connections, motivation and general emotional wellbeing of workers in the working environment. The idea of burnout was separately presented by Herbert Freudenberger in 1974 and Christina Maslach in 1976. The term was used to portray the mental condition of health care volunteers who were indicating such side effects as emotional depletion and loss of inspiration (Freudenberger, 1974, 1975; Maslach, 1976). Burnout is characterized

  • Nurse Burnout In Nursing

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    high level of nurse burnout. It is estimated that job- related burnout measure using the Maslach Burnout inventory – Human Services Survey, 36.5 % of nurses having high level of burnout. The researchers at the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Nursing, estimates if nurse burnout reduces by 10 %, could prevent thousands of hospital acquired infections and reduce the health care expense (Potera, 2012).

  • Burnout In Nursing

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    Burnout is quite common among caregivers. According to Lyndon (2016), the emotional intensity and work environment associated with caregiving put clinicians at an elevated risk of burnout. However, there has been an alarming prevalence of burnout in health care workers which raises concerns about patient safety and the overall quality of care. Dyrbye et al. (2017) attribute increase in burnout to changes in the healthcare delivery system. In their discussion paper, the authors assert that shifting

  • Burnout Analysis

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    Burnout is a psychological term that refers to a person who experiencing long-term exhaustion and lack of interest in work. In this journal article, they point out that most of the academics experiencing burnout characteristic which they feel physical emotional and mentally exhaustion when doing their

  • The Importance Of Burnout

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    Burnout can be explicitly labeled as exhaustion due to stress according to Adam Dachis from Lifehacker. (2012). Burnout will decrease our motivation causing us to set further from our goal. Burnout happens when a person 's willpower is used up, we humans has a limited willpower. Burnout is not much of a problem if I can identify it before it happens. Asking others about my situation is the fastest way to identify whether I have burnout. After that, I will need to find

  • Essay About Burnout

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    Psychological Stress, Lack of enthusiasm, frustration and occupational attrition b which is characterized by burnout. After doing a difficult and tedious job for a long time which results in physically and emotionally exhaustion, such condition of someone is called Burnout (Merriam-Webster's Eleventh Edition) Mental collapse or Physical collapse or caused by stress or overwork. (en.oxforddictionaries.com). Burnout includes the feeling failure, emotional exhaustion, physical exhaustion and psychological In schools