Burrito Essays

  • Situation Analysis: Chipotle Mexican Grill

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    the fast-casual dining in the restaurant industry (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2013). It was the first of its kind when Ells first opened his first restaurant and brought the idea of made-to-order burrito. The concept is so simple, and the consumer is in control of what ingredients goes into their burrito. “The immediate success from Ells’ first restaurant allowed him to repay the $80,000 loan that he borrowed from his father within a month of opening” (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2013, p. 71). Furthermore

  • Todd Anderson Movie Analysis

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    According to the “Outsourced” of movie plot, Todd Anderson is a low power distance (G. Hofstede, 1980) character. First, from the theory, Dave (Todd Anderson’s manager in America Company) indicates Todd Anderson has to transfer to India for operating the company procedures by training the employees over there meanwhile improving the minute per incidents. However, he is rejected Dave that he is not going to India. Yet, he is still going to India for his job after the negotiating with Dave due to the

  • Swot Analysis Of Burrito

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    TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY Business and Product Description Pedrito is a simple themed eatery that offers convenient food. The delectable burrito will be served on a plate for dine-in customers and wrapped in a wrap with the enterprise’s logo for the take out. Food that will be served are delicious, fresh, mouthwatering meaty, appealing and satisfying. The machineries used are second hand equipment, but the business ensures that the equipment are quality assured, guaranteed and for long term despite

  • Difference Between Taco And Burrito

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    Taco and Burrito are both Mexican food, but they are different in ingredients and history. One difference between Taco and Burrito is the history of both foods. Taco are the ancient food which have been eaten since the beginning of American. In contrast, Burrito was invented by an merchant who deside to serve rice and bean without using the plate in 20th century, so Taco have origin older that Burrito. Another difference on Taco and Burrito is wrapping ingredient. Both Taco and Burrito were wrapped

  • El Burrito Loco Research Paper

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    El Burrito Loco is a Mexican restaurant located at 15238 Isabella Dr # D, Big Rapids, MI 49307. The company El Burrito Loco has 3 restaurants in Michigan and 10 more in Illinois. The restaurant serves Mexican cuisine from tacos to burritos. The meat that is available to choose from is steak, chicken, pork, tongue and chorizo. The restaurant is authentic but it is missing some components in my eyes. A good Mexican restaurant has to have 3 things, a variety of beverages, good beans and rice, and how

  • Assignment 2: Survey Questions And Answers

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    for price was paid. However, people neither agree or disagree that the food was tasty, and the overall satisfaction. The lowest rate was given to the food was served hot. In addition the survey shows that people will like to dine with Sizzlegrill Burrito, and will recommend it to a friend. The good thing about the survey is that there are no answers with poor or strongly disagree. 2. If you average the responses to the first seven questions by customer, how closely are those averages correlated to

  • Swot Analysis Chipotle Mexican Grill

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    Mexican Grill is a chain of restaurants specializing in burritos and tacos. The word “chipotle” comes from the Nahuatl word “chilpoctli” and means “smoked chili”. Inventing fast casual dining and use of organic ingredients distinguished Chipotle from other fast-food chains. Chipotle is the dream and creation of Steve Ells, who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1993. Steve had been inspired by the popular tacos and burritos he discovered in San Francisco's Mission District while

  • Food Appropriation Essay

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    appropriation in this multi-cultural world will be food. As such, Singapore has been accused by Malaysia in appropriating dishes like chilli crab, bak kut teh and nasi lemak along with Americans which also being accused of committing food exploitation of Burritos which created by Mexicans (Wisdom, 2016). These appropriations of food are an act of cultural taking without permission, and in order not to be termed as cultural theft, there is a need to give recognition to the originator of the food. Therefore

  • Breakfast Tacos Research Paper

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    taco, but eggs really complete the taco. I’m also a fan of flour tortillas instead of corn for breakfast tacos. Corn just doesn 't go as well with the traditional breakfast fillings. Why are breakfast tacos so much better than breakfast burritos? Breakfast burritos are just too big and complicated. They are often overloaded with ingredients and made in a giant tortilla. I’d rather eat two or three smaller tacos

  • Chipotle: Fast Eating Habits

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    consumers with high quality burritos and salads. To society’s dismay, they have been linked with an E. Coli outbreak. Their “healthy” food has suddenly become unhealthy. As a whole, the community needs to become smarter regarding their meals. Chipotle is considered one of the fastest and strongest growing food chains in America. Children and adults all over crave just a whiff of their food and they will go berserk. The common meal consists of either a 13 inch burrito or a salad along with guacamole

  • Chipotle Research Paper

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    observe, a line of eleven people that are between the ages of 13 and 24. I smell the zesty guacamole and the cumin, garlic, and chipotle chile of the barbacoa. Behind the stainless steel counter, servers in black and tortilla colored aprons prep burritos, tacos and salads. I hear the cracking flow of drinks coming down from a fountain and the crackling of tortilla chips. Yes, I thought to myself, I have arrived at Chipotle. In 1993, Steve Ells, a former sous chef at Stars in San Francisco, opened

  • The Pros And Cons Of Qdoba Mexican Grill

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    is because of the free extras. In the last year Qdoba has made any additional ingredients you want on a burrito free. Qdoba changed their price structure to all-inclusive in which the price only depended on the type of meat you wanted, but included all of the extras that previously required an additional charge, such as guacamole and queso sauce. Being able to have extra queso on your burrito with no extra cost is something that may people enjoy due to the fact that Qdobas queso is so good. This

  • Types Of Cultural Appropriation

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    culture is problematic. In this essay, it will explain mostly on exploitation on cultural appropriation. It will be narrowed down to the appropriating specific foods or cuisines like chilli crab, bak kut teh and nasi lemak in South-East Asia as well as burritos and spaghetti in the Western

  • Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak Case Study

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    Imagine if somebody wanted to go to a popular restaurant chain or franchise. The person goes to the restaurant and sees that it’s closed on a Saturday afternoon. The person is immediately confused as to why this restaurant would close in the most unlikely time and event. That’s how many people in Washington and Colorado reacted when popular restaurant Chipotle temporarily closed 43 restaurants late last month. The reason: an E.coli outbreak. But if that wasn’t enough, the E.coli outbreak is the third

  • Summary Of Fast Food Nation

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    the secrets behind McDonald’s , Burger King, and other fast food restaurants you might eat on a regular basis. Fast Food Nation contains a detailed description of how these restaurants got started and what is inside those pre-heated hamburger, burrito, and french fries you are holding in your hand. Fast Food Nation is a well written (a bit boring) detailed book that may make you avoid fast food for a while. Fast food had been a part of our economy since 1919, some may even argue fast food created

  • Chipotle Marketing Strategy

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    arbol and chipotle peppers are raised in America. This fact forced the company to charge higher prices in Europe compared to the prices of USA and Canada, to compensate the cost of exports from America. European locations charge 9 euros per entree (burrito, tacos, salad, bowl) with your choice of one meat (chicken, steak, barbacoa, etc). On the other hand, we have low prices in USA. For instance, a location in Fullerton, California charges $6.70 for chicken, $7,40 for steak and barbacoa, $6,70 for

  • Argumentative Analysis Of Dino's Restaurant

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    personally how animals from CAFOs are treated and knowing the cons health-wise of eating products from CAFOs, he give Dino’s a 2/5 stars for the food. There is not a single meal on their menu that doesn’t have corn. The syrup for their pancakes, their burrito bread, and burgers all have some form of corn. They receive all of their beverages from Coca Cola which is a red flag on where they get the rest of their food from. The chemicals that are in the Vitamin water are corn-based products for sure (ascorbic

  • The School Of Babel Analysis

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    Last Thursday, the students in Cascadia Acadamy went on a great field trip! Once everyone arrived at school, Ms. Brighouse, Ms Peterson, and Mr. Waiwaiole 's students all boarded Trimet busses and traveled downtown. We then walked for a few blocks in the crisp autumn air. After a while, we reached our destination: The Portland Art Museum. Many cold students waited outside the doors of the museum until the other groups arrived. We were escorted down the familiar stairs and into a dimly lit theater

  • The Scarecrow Documentary Essay

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    boxes while their milk was forcibly pumped out of them. After work, he went home to his farm, at the sight of a chipotle pepper, an idea sparked. He collected vegetables and loaded his truck and began cooking beside the meal factory. He created the burrito bowl from fresh ingredients and it began to grab people’s attention. Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow” ad has successfully

  • Chipotle Swot Analysis

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    strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. To begin let us first examine the strengths. The strength would be the original concept that made Chipotle a brand name to begin with. Consumers love the idea of getting fast, fresh, Mexican style burritos or a burrito bowl with all organic ingredients. Ells took this idea from a local taco shop that he observed after he graduated from culinary school. This quick, fast Mexican idea proved to be profitable for Ells. However, in the long run the company must