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  • California Gold Rush California

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    Gold Rush California of 1848-1853 Jacob Voss One day in January of 1848 James W. Marshall found gold while he was building a sawmill along the American River near present day Sacramento. The discovery was reported in the San Francisco newspaper in March but it didn 't cause much commotion due to not many people believing it. What really started it was when one day in May 1848 Sam Brannan, a store owner in stutters creek, filled a bottle with gold dust and basically went around San Francisco yelling

  • The Importance Of Floods In California

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    California encompasses vastly different bodies of water and types of landscapes. Rivers, streams, lakes and oceans are all part of the natural water system. The different landscapes in California range from thick forests in the Northwest to dry deserts of the Southwest. The climate also varies greatly and creates issues for resource planning. Every year precipitations ends in the spring around May and remains absent until late November. The waterways and landscapes of native California supported

  • Immigrants To Get To California During The California Gold Rush

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    During the gold rush many Americans cross the country to get to California. Many of whom died along the way. Because of this there should be a memorial to remember them by. For without them America wouldn’t be as it is today. The hardships during the journey were many. Savages, robbers, and disease are just a few to be worried about down the long road. One miss step, one wrong choice, and you could end up with nothing. Even if you were careful you could still meet misfortune. There were vast plains

  • Descriptive Essay: California

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    “California… knows how to party… In the citaaaaay of L.A.” (Tupac). The place with plenty of sunshine and good weather, catering to the most diversity of people with its food, shops, and culture; California is one of my favorite places to be. There are beaches, forests, mountains, and deserts; however, what makes California the best are its beaches. There is Venice - the beach with the boardwalk, Santa Monica - the beach with the pier, and Malibu - the beach with the cliffs. Beginning with me

  • Essay On California Drought

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    California Gold When people think of California gold a picture of California’s gold rush is probably the first thing that pops in their heads. These days most Californians may have a different picture in there head when they think of this. “Let it go California gold”, you can find this on billboards scattered all over the central valley. These billboards show perfectly how these days those words carry a different meaning. Those billboards that you can find scattered all over the valley are referring

  • California Gold Rush

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    “California presented to people a new model for the American dream—one where the emphasis was on the ability to take risks, the willingness to gamble on the future” (Historian H.W. Brands). Throughout the first half of the 19th Century, the state of California, and the cities in between were exceptionally low populated. As a matter of fact, all of this changed within a few years. The California Gold Rush was a “rapid influx of fortune seekers in California that began after gold was found at Sutter’s

  • Water Shortage In California

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    The water issue in California is growing every day, especially in a time of drought. However, we are thinking about the water usage in California all wrong. As stated in Michael Hiltzik ‘s article, “The Wrong Way to Think about California Water”. California 's revenue is greatly dependent on agriculture, which is the biggest water consumer. Although, this is all the media focuses on as the cause of water depletion, especially California 's almond crops. As Hiltzik states, “ Perhaps the best-known

  • California Drought Research Paper

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    California drought is a major crisis since 1977. California has broken the record for the longest period of days without rain. Did you know that twenty-five million Californians depend on other states for water? In addition, in some regions of California water can lead to a drought run out. Including in the western part of California is abnormally dry due to the lack of rain and snow. It affects agricultural of state, which demand water increases every year. According to California Drought Documentary

  • California Drought In The United States

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    Throughout the course of history, California reigns as one of the driest areas in the United States of America. Like many other places in the United States, California receives precipitation in the forms of rain and snow because of moisture from the Pacific Ocean, though, in smaller increments. Over the past four years, the amount of precipitation that California has received has consistently declined. In 2011, California’s governor, Jerry Brown, declared the state to be experiencing one of the most

  • Persuasive Essay On California Drought

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    California's Devastating Drought For the past five years California has been in a severe drought. California’s drought has only gotten worse. Rain has been scarce; lakes have been reduced to puddles; and water consumption is being closely monitored. The drought is a common topic for Californians. While some people listen to their conscience and even have a phobia of wasting water, others are careless and do not think twice before using mass amounts of water. Every Californian needs to have water

  • Sipping California Dry Summary

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    Our beautiful 31st state, California, is in a major drought. What is causing the valley to sink more than it ever has in recent years? “Sipping California Dry” authored by Matt Richtel, goes beyond the issues at hand by interviewing the farmers themselves, detailing exactly what is happening in the golden state with pictures that show just how bad it is in California. This drought is a real issue, and the author works very hard to bring to light certain aspects of it that we may not know about in

  • The California Gold Rush: The Greatest Immigrants In California

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    the greatest immigrations was to California during the Gold Rush in 1849. Gold was found near Sacramento at Sutter 's Mill as the news of the discovery began to spread people from the east and several thousands from around the world went to California with the hope of striking it rich and bringing tons of gold home. The Gold Rush in California created an economic boom in the Bay Area, a mix of new cultures and a new type of society. Before the Gold Rush, California was hugely underpopulated. The

  • Top 10 Places To California Essay

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    Top 10 Places to Visit in Southern California Southern California, one of the top visited places in USA, attracts millions of tourists every year. The beautiful city is known for sunny weather, entertainment, rich Hollywood life and enigmatic Pacific coastline. Close to San Diego which is known for surfing and massive Balboa Park, this Southern part of California is a must to explore. Gorgeous beaches and abundance of attractive places, Southern California is blessed with places that are worth exploring

  • Best Places To Visit In California Essay

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    in California California is a developed state in Western US and is close to the Mexican border. The place is known for its cliff-lined beaches and dramatic terrains that attract adventure tourists the most. Redwood forest, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Yosemite National Park and many more are the attractions of California. Like every other state in US, this state too enjoys gorgeous coastline, deserts, shopping locations, vibrant life and other aspect that makes the trip much enjoyable. California is

  • California Home Policy Research Paper

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    California Home Policy Options California, also known as “The Golden State” is the most populous state in the United States. California is located in the Western part of the US. It shares its borders with Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. The majority of California’s cities are located in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the San Diego area. California was organized as the State of California on September 9,1850. The California Gold Rush starting in 1848 led to social and demographic changes. This

  • The California Gold Rush

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    Did you know that the start of the California Gold rush brought more than 250,000 people west to California? The Gold Rush was a defining time in the history of California. The outcome of the California Gold Rush was a significant compromise in the nineteenth century because it led to forming of towns as people migrated, forming of California as a state, and the Compromise of 1850. On January 24, 1848, a discovery was made that changed many Americans’ lives. January 24, 1848 James W. Marshall

  • The California Gold Rush: The Largest Mass Migration In California

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    The California gold rush was the largest mass migration in America history since it brought .about 300,000 to California it all started January 24 1848 when James w Marshall found gold. On his piece of land at sutter mill in Coloma the news of gold spread quickly around people. From Oregon sandwich island now Hawaii at Latin American were first to here the breaking news. So they were the first to arrive in order to test their luck in California by the end of 1848. Soon other rest in the us Europe

  • California State Water Project Research Paper

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    California State Water Project Systems Engineering, Integrated Water Supply Planning and Management Caio Fernandes Pereira Santos Global Water Resources Geography 318 University of Wisconsin-River Falls Fall 2015 Instructor: Dr. Ruth Baker Introduction California’s water system is large, complex, and interconnected. Most precipitation falls in the sparsely populated northern and mountainous regions of the state during the winter, whereas most human water demands occur during

  • Essay On California Gold Rush

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    The California Gold Rush The California Gold Rush; an era of hope, greed, destruction, and growth. The California Gold Rush was, in the 1800s, a direct pathway to the American Dream. In January 1848 James Wilson Marshall found gold in the American River. This new discovery spread throughout the United States and eventually throughout the world. After President Polk confirmed the rumors of gold in California in 1848 (Oakland Museum Staff), around 250,000 people came to California in seek of the soft

  • Essay On The California Gold Rush

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    "California presented to people a new model for the American dream—one where the emphasis was on the ability to take risks, the willingness to gamble on the future,” writes H.W. Brands, historian and educator of U.S. history. The gold rush, the event responsible for bringing several immigrants to California in search of gold, clearly displayed the idea of Manifest Destiny, the idea that the U.S.’ expansion was a given right. While the gold rush may have impacted history, not all of these effects