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  • Essay On Capacitors

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    INTRODUCTION TO CAPACITOR Capacitors are widely known as an electrical component which is mostly found in power supplies because of their capacity to store energy. They are two terminal electrical elements consisting of two conductor plates which are separated by a dielectric material or insulator, i.e., poor conductor material. They are also referred as condenser they have an ability to store energy in the form of electric charge which produces a static voltage across its plates. The capacitor consists

  • Capacitors Research Paper

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    A capacitor which used to be called a condenser, is a passive electrical component that is used to "store electricity" in the form of an electrical charge. There are many different kinds of capacitors available from very small capacitor beads used in resonance circuits to large power factor correction capacitors, but they all do the same thing, they store charge. The simplest kind of capacitor has two parallel conductive plates separated by a good insulating material called the dielectric. Due to

  • Bypass Capacitors Case Study

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    Best practices for SMT bypass capacitors placement The ability for the bypass capacitor to reduce the noise in a circuit and stabilize the supply depends on a combination of factors. This includes its capacitance, voltage, and temperature ratings as well as the physical placement on the board. Usually connected between the VCC and the ground, the capacitor provides a low impedance path that allows the AC components in the DC power line to pass to the ground. It also acts as a reserve - storing

  • Matrix Converter Case Study

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    1.6.5 MATRIX CONVERTER(Fig. 1.6.5) A matrix converter is a direct power-conversion topology that can convert energy from an AC source to an AC load without the need for bulky and limited-lifetime energy storage elements in the dc link.Matrix-converter topologies can be divided into two types: direct matrix converters (MCs) and indirect matrix converters(2MCs). Even though this topology has some disadvantages, such as limited voltage transfer ratio (0.86)and a high number of power semiconductor device

  • Multivibrator Essay

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    Working of Bistable, Monostable, Astable Multivibrator and Application of Bistable is RS Flip-Flop, Application of Monostable is PWM with IC 555, Application of Astable Multivibrator is Oscillator. Keywords-Multivibrator, Transistor, Resisters, Capacitor. I. INTRODUCION A Multivibrator is an electronic circuit that generates square, rectangular, pulse waveforms, also called function generators. Multivibrator is basically a two amplifier circuits arranged with regenerative feedback. In Bistable

  • Resistive Power Circuit Seminar Report

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    REACTIVE POWER COMPENSATION Reactive Power can best be described as the quantity of "unused" power that is developed by reactive segments, for example, inductors or capacitors in an AC circuit or system. In a DC circuit, the result of "volts x amps" gives the power consumed in watts by the circuit. In any case, while this formula is additionally valid for absolutely resistive AC circuits, the circumstance is marginally more complex in an AC circuits containing reactive components as this volt-amp

  • Audio Oscillator Circuit

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    Vector Diagram To overcome the circuit losses, the gain of the amplifier must be sufficient. The resistor-capacitor combination in the RC Oscillator circuit also acts as an attenuator and produces attenuation of -1/29th ( Vo/Vi = β ) per stage. Therefore, in our three stage RC network above the amplifier, gain must be greater than 29. fig. 1.4 Phase Shift and

  • Load Side Case Study

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    even and odd diodes two variables are used namely ECi and OCj. ECi & OCj indicates the charging indices for the ith even capacitor and jth odd capacitor, respectively. ECi= 1 (OCj= 1) represents that theith even capacitor (the jth odd capacitor) is located on the left side of the conducting diode, while ECi= 0 (OCj= 0) represents that the ith even capacitor (the jth odd capacitor) is located in the right side of the conducting diode. These can however be better explained with an example. If SD =4

  • Buck Boost Converter Essay

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    fluorescent tubes in devices such as LCD backlights and flashlights etc. The proposed work consists of the circuit which contains at least two semiconductor switches (a diode and a transistor) and at least one energy storage element. Filters made of capacitors are normally added to the output of the converter to reduce output voltage ripple. The

  • Case Study: The Flyback Converter

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    3.4.2 OPERATION The Flyback converter is an isolated power converter; therefore the isolation of control circuit is also much needed. The two prevailing control schemes are the voltage mode control and the current mode control (in majority of cases current mode control needs to be dominant for the stability during operation). Both require a signal related to output voltage. There are two common ways to generate this voltage. The first is to use an optocoupler on the secondary circuitry

  • Systematic Synchronous Compensator Research Paper

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    via power line. If reactive power is supplied near load, the line current may be reduced which results in reduced power loss and improves the voltage regulation at load terminals. This can be done using current source, voltage source or with a capacitor. Current source device is used to compensate reactive components of load current which improves the voltage regulation of system and reactive current components from source is also reduced. If lad needs loading compensation then inductor is required

  • B-Line Case Study Summary

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    includes relays, variable inductors and capacitors. This part will be different in all systems. The system developer will prepare table with recommendation for these elements. The practical implementation of this circuit can be not difficult. (see Fig 5.6 a,b). The inductance set is one choke. The capacitors set are set of identical capacitors. There are no gaps, when the current is switching. This inductance with taps and the set of identical capacitors should not be very expensive. а б Fig

  • Static Shunt Compensator Case Study

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    From the d.c. side capacitor, a three phase voltage is generated by the inverter. This is synchronized with the a.c supply. The link inductor links this voltage to the a.c supply side. This is the basic principle of operation of STATCOM. Fig 3.2 STATCOM is nothing but

  • Synchronous Harmonics Research Paper

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    commonly used harmonic index. However, it has the limitation that, it is not a good indicator of voltage stress within a capacitor because that is related to the peak value of voltage waveform. 3.1.2 Distortion Factor The distortion factor Fd is defined as the ratio between the fundamental and the signal in RMS values. It is given

  • Super Capacitor Essay

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    FABRICATION OF ULTRA FLEXIBLE SUPER CAPACITOR USING POLYVINYLIDENE FLUORIDE Abstract: Stretchable energy storage devices are essential component of fully stretchable and flexible electronics devices. The stretchable and flexible super-capacitors are promising candidates due to their high power density, long life, durability and safety. Super capacitors are high energy storage devices due to their ability of delivering high peak current and storing huge amount of energy in a short time with very

  • Microstrip Patch Antenna Case Study

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    DESIGN AND SIMULATION OF MICROSTRIP FED ANTENNA WITH CIRCULAR DGS FOR Ku BAND APPLICATIONS 1Mr. Murthi Mahadeva Naik G Associate Professor Dept. of ECE Malnad College of Engineering Hassan, Karnataka, India-573202 2Dr. Naveen Kumar S K Professor, Dept. of Electronics Mangalore University Mangalore 3Sangeetha B L II Year M.Tech (DE&CS) Dept. of ECE Malnad College of Engineering Hassan, Karnataka, India-573202 Abstract: The

  • Costas Loop Behavior

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    The Costas loop can be considered as a special version of the phase-locked loop (PLL). The PLL is designed to generate an electrical signal (voltage), the phase of which is automatically tuned to the phase of the input (reference) signal. Dynamic behavior of the PLL and the Costas loop has been described extensively in the literature [1–11], and a number of key parameters has been defined that describe its lock-in and lock-out characteristics. When the PLL is initially out of lock, two different

  • At89c52 Research Paper

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    3.2 AT89c52: FIG 6: AT89C52 MICROCONTROLLER  The AT89c52 is a low power, high-performance CMOS 8-bit microcontroller with 8K bytes of in system programmable Flash memory. The device is manufactured using Atmel’s high density nonvolatile memory technology and is compatible with the industry standard 80c51 instruction set and pin out.  The on-chip flash allows the program memory to be reprogrammed in system or by a convention nonvolatile memory programmer. by combining a versatile 8-bit CPU

  • High Sensitive Diaphragm Essay

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    Design of High Sensitive Diaphragm for MEMS Condenser Microphones Amit Kumar Patra Instrumentation and Control Dept. SRM University Chennai, India Dr. E. Paul Braineard Instrumentation and Control Dept. SRM University Chennai, India Abstract¬¬¬¬¬ – Generally a condenser microphone consist of two foremost segment. One is membrane or diaphragm and other one is backplate. In condenser microphone diaphragm is the essential segment. When

  • Full Wave Rectifier Research Paper

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    How centre tapped full wave rectifier works The full wave rectifier uses a centre tapped transformer to convert input AC voltage into output DC voltage. When input AC voltage is applied, the secondary winding of the centre tapped transformer divides this voltage into two parts. During the positive half cycle of the input AC signal, terminal A become positive, terminal B become negative and terminal C will be grounded (zero volts). The positive terminal A is connected to the p-side of the diode D1