Chemical substance Essays

  • The Huma Emicals

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    Advancement in chemical research has given companies the ability to make increasingly more effective products. These companies are allowed to manufacture goods with newly discovered synthetic compounds, often without much rigorous testing to determine if they are safe. An apparent correlation between the recent use of industrial chemicals and occurrences of disease in the population has been found, suggesting that they may be harmful to people’s health. Studies have shown that many commonly used

  • Separation Of A Mixture Lab Report

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    Abstract In this lab we separated a mixture to observe the methods of separating substances from one another using a series of techniques. In this lab we used magnetism, filtration, and evaporation to successfully separate the mixture into three separate components. Throughout the experiment we learned that mixtures are two or more substances combine and each substance retains its own properties and chemical identity. Purpose The purpose of this lab is to recognize the different techniques in separating

  • Summary Of Chasing Molecules By Elizabeth Grossman

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    everyday we come in contact with hazardous chemicals. These contaminants can be found in anything from plastic bottles to computers, from cosmetics to teflon pans, and from food we eat to the water we drink; the source of exposure is infinite. Chasing molecules by Elizabeth Grossman explores how these exposure happen and what occurs at the molecular level when we come in contact with these offenders. Elizabeth Grossman has researched many of these synthetic chemicals, which in our society are up to ninety

  • Unknown White Compound Lab Report

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    compound in order to properly dispose it. The process of disposal is very important when dealing with chemicals. Some chemicals are very

  • Amino Acid Chromatography Essay

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    components in concentrated zone on or in phase different from those in which they are originally present , irrespective of the nature of the force or forces causing the substances to remove from one phase to another . ’’ (Williams et al, 1952) In this chromatography consists in applying a small drop of solution that is containing the substances to be separated to a strip of filter / chromatography paper short distances from one end(Figure 2) . The drop is allowed to dry , and the end of the paper nearest

  • Bhopal Union Carbide Essay

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    deaths and 200,000 resulted in injuries on the nights of December 2 and 3 in the year of 1984. The source of these loss and damages was from the deadly methyl isocyanate gas that leaked from the Union Carbide plant which was an inflammable toxic chemical utilized to produce pesticides. Unfortunately, the small huts that had resided near and were adjacent to the plant were involved in the incident as well. Apparently, two years prior to the disaster, the Bhopal plant were inspected by three engineers

  • Essay On Welding Safety

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    Safety is the number one consideration when it comes to jobs like welding. Welding can be very hazardous to a welder if he or she is not wearing the proper safety gear or taking the proper safety procedures. When welding a number of things could go wrong from explosions and gases and fumes to electrical shocks, burns and more. This paper will describe welding hazards and procedures that can be taken to avoid them. One of the main safety hazards of welding is fumes and gases. Many processes such

  • The Rose That Grew From Concrete Analysis

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    In my art The Rose That Grew From Concrete, the medium is dry media. Dry Media, includes metalpoint, chalk, charcoal, graphite, and pastel, consist of coloring agents, or pigments, that are sometimes ground or mixed with substances that hold the pigment together , called binders (Sayre,180 ). In addition, the materials I used for my art work is pencil and markers. The Rose That Grew From Concrete is 2 dimensional and the dimension of my art work is 11x 14in/ 27.9 x 35.6 cm. My artwork consists

  • Unknown B Test Lab Report

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    In this lab, we tested 8 known ingredients to find what ingredients was in our unknown A and unknown B medications. We first tested the water solubility of our knowns and unknowns. We found that of the knowns, cornstarch and acetaminophen were the only ones not water soluble. The unknowns were also not water soluble. Th next test was the pH test. The unknowns were all basic except for the acetylsalicylic acid which was an acid and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride which was a neutral pH when tested

  • Formula Of A Hydrate Lab Report

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    Kendrell Goodwin Formula of a hydrate Objective/hypothesis The objective of this lab is to calculate the number of moles of the anhydrous salt and the moles of water driven off. The purpose of this lab is to determine the formula of the hydrated salt. The outcome expected in this lab is that the Procedure Get a porcelain crucible and cleanse with soap then rinse with tap water. Follow up after rinsing with tap water, with rinsing with distilled water. Place the crucible on the iron ring of the

  • Essay On Animal Cruelty

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    Animal cruelty is a very cruel subject because animals do not need to be tested on because animal testing and animal experimentation should not happen. Animals do not need to be tested on because they are too scared to try it on themselves so they go and test on innocent little animals because the animals cannot say anything about pain or if they are allergic to the thing they inject them with. Animal cruelty is not humane because experimental research and testing. For experimental research they

  • Polyethylene Foam Lab Report

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    Purpose/Question This lab was made to find out what the possible methods are, such as sand in a plastic container with a piece of black polyethylene foam inside the lid, to protect an egg from a two meter drop on a hard floor. What effect does a container of sand have from a two meter drop on a hard floor with an egg halfway buried inside the sand? Background In class we learned that impulse is the change of momentum of an object when that same object is acted upon by a force for a period of

  • Parasympathetic Nervous System Essay

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    have to push the lever down all the way. If you do not push hard enough, the toilet will not flush. After the rising potential, you have to wait for the toilet to refill for it to be flushed again(repolarizing). Acetylcholine Muscles release this chemical in order to activate them. Tom is doing bicep curls with dumbbells. As he lifts the weight, he is releasing acetylcholine to contract the muscle. Interneurons

  • Palmitic Acid Lab Report

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    of an unknown substance using its melting/freezing point. To do so, we first heated up the substance until it melted, by using a hot water bath. Next, we let it cool at a constant rate while measuring its temperature data using an online program. From this data, we were then able to obtain a melting/freezing point for that data, which was found to be 61.0°C. Once we had that information, we compared it to accepted values of various alcohols and acids. We found the unknown substance used in this lab

  • Argumentative Essay On Colorism

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    Colorism is a way to discriminate against others who have a darker skin tone among people who are in the same race or ethical group. Colorism has been around for countless years and has affected numerous people by forcing them to change themselves just to be able to fit in with the rest of society’s standards. Colorism and racism are different from each other because racism involves two people that come from different background races but have identical skin colors. Meanwhile colorism involves two

  • Molar Relationships Lab Report

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    unknown compounds? The numbers of moles and the identities of the compounds are the only given. To be able to identify the compounds the mass, molar mass and the number of moles will be needed. Molar mass is the quantity in grams of one mole of a substance. The molar mass is found by adding the number of grams of each element to find the total amount of grams per mole. For example CaH2 has the elements of Calcium which has the molar mass of (40.078g/mole) and two Hydrogen which is (2 x 1.0079 g/mol)

  • Sludge Lab Report

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    the sludge lab was to determine how many different pure substances were in the sludge by using the methods and techniques we have learned throughout the year. We had to pick separation methods so we could separate our sludge and then test characteristic properties on our separated liquids and solids. This experiment made us use our knowledge on characteristic properties to pick the ones we should test to help us identify our pure substances. Characteristic properties are properties that help identify

  • What Are The Three Important News Values, Impact, Or Conflic Conflict?

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    September 20th on the CBC News website a story published titled “Dudley George's brother in serious condition after being accidentally set on fire”. This story explains a celebratory walk done by Kettle Point First Nations that took a turn when a group called Stony Point set a protest fire in front of a military camp that was just agreed by the Ottawa government to be returned to the First Nations. The fire was set to show that not all band members where in support of the agreement that was made

  • Unknown Crystals

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    The Identity of the unknown, in this case unknown A, was determined to be acetyl salicylic acid. This was determined by comparing the melting points of the purified unknown crystals to the crude unknown. The known melting point range for acetyl salicylic acid is 135°C -136°C. The Unknown’s melting point was slightly off at 128.6°C - 132°C. This can be due to impurities of the crystals during the purification process. There were a few steps in the experiment that may have contributed to impurities

  • Lab Report For The Concentration Of Unknown Acid

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    Introduction How do you find the concentration of an unknown acid? The law of conservation of mass will be observed in this lab because in a balanced or neutralized equation the number of moles of the acid is equal to the number of moles of the base. An equation that will be observed is that when an acid and a base are combined in a reaction they will produce salt and water. In order to properly conduct this lab procedure many different properties of acids and bases need to be understood. Acids have