Citizenship Essays

  • The Hunger Games Book Report

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    Mengs Gebremedhin karriersenteret Opus Hadeland The Hunger Games The Hunger Games is one of the three book series written by Suzan Collins. Its first publication was made in 2008. It was followed by Catching Fire (2009), and Mockingjay (2010). The first part of the book, The Hunger Games (2011 edition), has about 458 pages which took me almost two weeks to finish it. The book is a scientific fiction and adventure in its writing style. Suzan Collins has clearly conveyed the message

  • Plato's Protagoras Analysis

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    Plato’s Protagoras is a dialogue of much debate that allows for the readers to look further and to bring into question the argument on virtue for themselves. It is not something to be taken whole-heartedly since Plato is throwing different theories about virtue around in this dialogue. Socrates, one of the main characters was always fixated on virtue, especially the concept of defining and teaching virtue, and whether or not it can actually be taught. However, one must keep in mind that Socrates

  • Born Into Brothels Calcutta's Red Light Kids Documentary Analysis

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    Although India’s prosperity seems to be rising quite well, poverty is still evident in some parts of the country. The documentary, Born Into Brothels: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids, is one that shows the living conditions of the people who live in the red light district. Filmmakers Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman direct it, although the first person point of view is seen from Briski’s perspective. To get a more intimate look into what it is like to live in the red light district of India, a special group

  • Education Essay: Definition Of Education

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    DISCUSSION 2.1 Definition of education Education is a conscious and well planned effort to create an atmosphere of learning actively developing it is potential to have spiritual power religious, selfhating, personality, intelligence, noble character and skill it needs, society nation and state ( UU No.20 Tahun 2003) Education is helping people to learn how to do things and encouraging them to think about what they learn. And it is important for educators to teach ways to find and use information

  • The Movie Crash Film Analysis

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    Racism is one of the hardest things to eradicate in a society. The believe you are superior to someone based on the color of your skin has existed for centuries. It is embedded in the minds of thousands of people. Sometimes we have preconceptions of certain cultures and expect of people from there to have the same habits or responses that we believe is a standard for certain races. Over a thirty-six hour period in Los Angeles, a handful of disparate people's lives intertwine as they deal with the

  • Analysis Of Terry Newell's Essay 'Fostering Civic Virtue'

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    Well-known leader for a Responsible Society, Terry Newell, in his essay, “Fostering Civic Virtue,” depicts how America has lost sight of their civic responsibilities. Newell’s purpose is to alert readers to the steady decline of civic virtue in America. He creates an irritated tone in order to convey to his readers that our nation is straying from the path George Washington built for us. Due to his tone and evidence, his argument is well supported and effective. Newell opens his essay by emphasizing

  • The Hunger Games Dystopian Analysis

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    Dystopian is the exact opposite — it describes an imaginary society that is as dehumanizing and as unpleasant as possible. The book is set in a dystopian future written by Suzanne Collins called "the hunger games". In the country of Panem, the powerful people of the Capitol rule the people of Panem with an iron fist.The people of the Capitol usually love to see the people who have less than they do suffer and make them just like puppets and use them for entertainment. Katniss lives in a dystopian

  • Analysis Of Michelle Obama Speech

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    Introduction On September 4th, 2012, the First Lady Michelle Obama gave a speech about the values of the American Dream. Within her speech she talks about her past and how she shares the same values as the president of the United States of America - her husband, Barack Obama. She talks about why she is proud to be an American and why being the First Lady has changed her life forever. A main focus in the speech is how The American Dream is partly about working to not only make one's own life better

  • Control In The Dystopian Society

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    As it is the power to influence, control is an important concept. Because of this, control directs many things, such as people’s behavior. People can use the power of control for many things. You can control large things, like your future, or just everyday things, like what you’re going to eat for lunch. Control, overall, is a very big concept that is extremely influential as it directs many actions that happen daily. In the dystopian society short stories, “Harrison Bergeron” and “2BRO2B” by Kurt

  • Winnie The Pooh Analysis

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    “So he became a philosopher- someone who does not give up but tirelessly pursues his quest for truth” (Gaarder 68). Throughout the novel, “Winnie-the-Pooh” by Ernest H. Shepard, Pooh strives to solve all of his problems with his ability to reason and think rationally. Pooh is a philosopher as he constantly searches for answers and analyzes situations with his remarkable insight. He can be compared to Socrates, a philosopher who stressed the importance of human reasoning and believed that the right

  • Arguments Against Robert Paul's The Defense Of Anarchism

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    Name- Abel Kebede Date- 12/02/2017 Course-Philosophy The Defense of Anarchism Anarchism believes in autonomy, self-governance. It regards a state has no right in imposing rules and regulations on individual’s free choice and actions and argue that the individuals have a right to govern themselves. Prominent philosophers who have supported this view are Benjamin Tucker and Henery Thoreau, however, in this essay, I will be arguing against Robert Paul’s the defense of anarchism. Robert Paul's argument

  • Personal Narrative: My Argumentative Essay

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    Persuasive Paper Hello, and welcome to my store! I will shape and carve all of your black metals into usable everyday household items such as: weapons, armor, tools, and hardware. I use these objects called anvils to shape the iron and steel. I remember the first time when I arrived in America and my parents sent me to apprentice a blacksmith. I had such great memories of my childhood until the King started to tax us. When I started this business, the Navigation Acts wrecked it. I have to pay England

  • Canadian Citizenship

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    his life in its defense and its conscious that he gains protection while he gives it" (1767-1845). A citizen is known to be a Native, or an individual who is legally entitled to a country. A citizenship is a piece of documentation that identifies whether a person is entitled to a country or not. A citizenship allows subjects to be vested with the rights, privileges, and duties as a citizen, in a nation. “Under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, non-citizens are guaranteed most of the same

  • Aristotle's Citizenship

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    Debate surrounding the question of citizenship, and the ensuing ideals about what makes a good life, has existed for as long as citizenship itself – providing many contrasting views and interpretations about the peak of human flourishing. Aristotle himself recognizes this fact, stating that “…there is often dispute about the citizen…since not everyone agrees that the same person is a citizen” (Politics 65). This is indicative, then, of the fact that there will be many different interpretations of

  • Familial Citizenship

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    Sociology 462: First Response Paper “The Making of Familial Citizenship” by Sirman vs. “The Sexual Citizen” by Weeks In “The making of the familial citizen” and “The Sexual Citizen”, Sirman and Weeks (respectively) discuss what it means to be a citizen through specific lenses. The arguments presented in each of these articles as they search to define citizen can be summarized by three different categories: transformations in the public and private spheres; the transition from traditional values

  • Kjellberg Citizenship

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    Citizenship “Citizenship is a status bestowed on those who care equal with respect to the rights and duties with which the status is endowed” (Marshall 1950). According to a common view, three elements are included in citizenship (Marshall 1950; Kjellbert 2002; Morris 2005; Kjellberg and Hemmingsson 2013). Civil rights is based on the idea that each human being is equal before the law. It comprises personal integrity, freedom of speech, religious liberty, freedom of thought and the right to own property

  • Cost Of Citizenship

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    immigrants do not seek citizenship is that the cost of applying to become a citizen is very expensive, which they cannot afford. Whether you are documented or undocumented immigration, you still have to pay for processing your application to obtain citizenship. Immigrants has to have a legal permanent residency in order to qualify to apply for citizenship and even if they are legal permanent resident, the application fees become barrier from being citizen. The cost of citizenship is so expensive for

  • Essay On British Citizenship

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    UK Citizenship Citizenship for Great Britain is a valued affiliation to any foreign national living and working within the country. British Citizenship, also known as naturalization to the country, is the final step for any immigrant. However, the immigrant ought to be qualified for becoming a British citizen. These are as listed below: • Applicant must possess an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK• Applicant must have spent 3–5 years living and working in Great Britain. The right to work

  • Concept Of Cultural Citizenship

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    Cultural citizenship and cultural rights The concept of cultural citizenship has entered media policy discourse from the latter part of the 20th century and has been succinctly defined by Toby Miller as the right to 'know and speak' (Miller, 2006, pp35). To further elaborate on this, cultural citizenship differs from mono-cultural citizenship in its recognition of the validity of different cultural formations that are encapsulated within state boundaries, and guarantees their legitimacy. Cultural

  • Global Citizenship Thesis

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    Venisse J. Villanueva III-2 BEE Academic Paper: Global Citizenship TITLE “No one is born a good citizen; no nation is born a democracy. Rather, both are processes that continue to evolve over a lifetime. Young people must be included from birth. A society that cuts off from its youth severs its lifeline.” Former U.N. Secretary General and Ghanaian diplomat Kofi Annan. According to Heraclitus of Ephesus, “There is nothing constant in this world except changes.”. The world is constantly