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  • Technology In Classroom

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    sides that either agree or disagree if incorporating technology in the classroom is beneficial or distracting. Some people might argue that kids are becoming tethered to screens at school and are easily distracted. Instead of paying attention to the teacher’s lesson, kids are figuring out how easy it is to access games on technological devices. Another side argues that the use of computers and other technologies in the classroom can create an increase in the information students can learn because the

  • Kindergarten Classroom Observation

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    A kindergarten teacher and a classroom environment set the atmosphere for a child 's first impression of the school. If the classroom is warm and welcoming to the timidest children, it will be a success. Observing Mrs. Kenny’s classroom is a little different. There are twenty-four students in the classroom, however, based on the number of students she does not have enough space for students to sit and be comfortable. Most of the students squeeze in and punch each other out of their space, which creates

  • Reflection On Classroom Management

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    Making time is the key though, eating lunch with students, playing with them at recess (like kickball), having classroom meetings, and making little moments in between transitions. I believe in building up our students, for example, I gave them positive feedback on a final writing piece. Classroom management is important skills to have a teacher, but each class you have will have respond to different techniques better. I believe that my management skills

  • Childroom Observation In The Classroom

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    through of classrooms and playgrounds was conducted. In the infant building all classrooms were empty as children were outside on the nature trail or under the pavilion. Outside in the pavilion was a class of six 2 years old children with two caregiver Regan Manny and Briana Ledbetter. The preschool building was empty of children also as they were outside also. The Early Head Start building there were six classrooms with four being occupied during the walk through as other two classrooms were outside

  • Classroom Observation Essay

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    When it came to the environment of the classroom, I felt very at home, comfortable, and safe, but when I thought about it a little more deeply, I realized that a lot of the things in the classroom are familiar to me and that is why I feel this way. My cooperating teacher does a good job incorporating family into the classroom by displaying the children’s family photos, but I think more could be done, especially for the children who are not from America. I talked to my cooperating teacher about maybe

  • Adhd Classroom Observation

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    usually, they are bouncing off of the walls, cannot focus, and don 't listen to directions well. They were all on task and did everything that she asked them to; this showed me how much that they respected her. Mrs. Seeley’s method of instruction, classroom management, environment, and communication were all fantastic, relatable, and well-rounded in every way. First off, methods of instruction. All of her methods of instructing were lectured or written and varied throughout each class. The variation

  • Technology In The Classroom Analysis

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    at home and in most schools. Most schools are very technologically advanced, for example, they allow their students to use their devices in the classroom, and for some reason, the student does not have a device the school will provide a Chromebook for them. These schools also have online textbooks and assign classwork and homework through Google Classroom, which the students can access in class and do not have to wait until they get home to start their work and can do it while still at school. With

  • Essay On Classroom Rearranging

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    Research as has shown the classroom environment including seating arrangement influences learning success. In Mrs. Rushton’s fourth grade classroom, the room is arranged to accommodate various learning activities and structures. “The conditions within the classroom are diverse and unique. As such, it is important to analyze and explore which perceptions teachers may have about how classroom seating arrangements will impact students’ classroom learning” (Fernandes, Huang, & Rinaldo, 2011, p. 75)

  • Participatory Classroom Assignment

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    In my first participatory classroom assignment, I assigned myself two overarching goals to complete this semester. These goals, based on attendance and classroom participation, were accomplished to the best of my ability. My second participatory classroom assignment is a detailed analysis of this and the extent of my learning in Joe’s class. After assessing my completion of my previously stated goals and depth of learning, I believe that I have earned an A/A- as my participation mark. This mark

  • Cassie's Observation In The Classroom

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    homework. I later saw them together in Mr. Bearak’s class, where Cassie was tutoring this newcomer EL student who had just joined Mr. Bearak’s classroom. Students who tutor others have been shown to gain confidence in their own abilities, according to a study described in Children Teaching for Learning: What happens when children teach others in the classroom. “Then analysis found clear benefits in terms of tutor achievement, as 33 of 38 studies found a significant effect” (p. 2). Cassie’s kindhearted

  • Example Of Classroom Observation

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    I observed classroom 4 on March 15, 2016. I also observed classroom 4 on May 12, 2016. Inside the classroom they have a lot of different activities for the children to learn and play. There is an area for children to read. The teachers also have a bookshelf for the children to choose a book and the children can read. The teachers have a tank full of fish in their classroom. They have a few pretend babies they can play with inside. The teachers also have beds to put the babies in if the children

  • Four Classroom Agreements

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    particularly useful when it came to interacting with my peers and I looked forward to overcoming and facing some of the agreements that aren’t always easy to face. In this paper I will share five examples of how I expirenced each of these agreements in the classroom, and how they will be useful in the future. The first agreement, which is staying engaged means that one remains morally, emotionally, intellectually, and socially involved. A specific example in where I used

  • My Classroom Observation

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    I chose to go to Kidz place childcare to do my classroom observation. The staff was very friendly when I walked in and the children was already comfortable. I sat in the back of the classroom and every now and then the children would have a conversation with me while they was active and they included me in their group time sing along. They were not too distracted by me being there, they interacted with me but they were still focused on their activities. They did many activities from group time, to

  • What Is Technology In The Classroom Essay

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    Miller Tech Savvy Students Technology in the classroom used to be a very uncommon thing, but now more and more classrooms are becoming technology based. Technology has allowed children to learn in ways that never before would have been possible. For History, they can figuratively go back in time. For Science, they can view accurate 3D representations of an atom. It also keeps them more focused and involved in their learning. Technology in the classroom allows children to learn quicker and more effectively

  • Reflection On An Effective Classroom Environment

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    1. The classroom setting that I observed was a high school chemistry class. This encompassed mostly 10th and 11th graders. There were two 12th graders. The demographics were about sixty percent male and forty percent female. The race demographics included about fifty percent Caucasian and fifty percent other races. This included African American, Indian American, and Asian American. The teacher that I observed had a laboratory room that had benches the students sat at. The class was 30 students and

  • Observation In Mrs. Terrett's Classroom

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    1) One of the most important things that I noticed in Mrs. Terrett’s classroom that demonstrates an environment of respect and rapport is that she expresses high expectations for learning. The students exhibited respect for their teacher by quietly listening and following her instructions, and Mrs. Terrett checked on each student with care and attention. To assist the students who needed help or those who were making noise, Mrs. Terrett would simply talk to them quietly at their desk to show them

  • Summary Of Classroom Observation

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    I will observe students in the Leo Goodwin Sr. Residence Hall study rooms. I will be reviewing student 's work habits, workflow, computer usage, student 's uses of paper, and time spent on activities in testing for evidence that supports my claim of digitally literate students having an academic advantage over digitally illiterate students. My role as the researcher is to gain full comprehension of different student 's work habits on and off the computer. I want to understand the practices of digitally

  • Early Childhood Classroom Observation

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    and took a seat at one of the empty desks, I noticed how organized her room was. Her classroom was small and colorful. She had twenty students in her classroom. She divide them into four group of five. Students' backpacks and jackets were placed on the back their decks. She put ten pencils and ten eraser on each groups, two for each students. This method allowed Ms. Henriquez easy access to walk around the classroom while teaching without any interruptions. I noticed that she had a behavior chart with

  • How To Write A Classroom Observation

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    observed a sixth grade math co-taught classroom taught by Mr. Deiminick and Mr. Whitzel. This classroom is set up a little different from the normal hybrid by having desks more in rows with a couple of small groups of desks in the back. The students from this class are coming straight from lunch so, they are required to line up outside the classroom in a straight line and be silent before they are allowed to enter the classroom. When the students entered the classroom, they had new seats so the new chart

  • Special Education Classroom Observation

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    paperwork at small desk. The classroom atmosphere seemed to be warm and accepting with several seating options for students, along with