Clueless Essays

  • Mirror Image Short Story

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    In the short story “Mirror Image” by Lena Coakley, “The eyes are the mirror of the soul” symbolizes a greater meaning than what meets the eye. Alice, the first human survivor of a brain transplant attempts to reclaim who she is in a new body. At the core of a media frenzy Alice has troubles gaining self-acceptance, and doubts that her identity is still intact. The short story exemplifies the meaning of identity pertaining to every aspect of it. The quote “The eyes are the mirror of the soul” is used

  • Classic Love Character Analysis

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    A Classic Love Story: How Two Entirely Different Individuals Become Soul Mates How would it feel to forego all sense of conformity within a society to have a relationship with a loved one? Or how is it possible that one could project their feelings towards another as disgust, only later to reveal them as love? In Jane Austen’s love story Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy are portrayed as experiencing this exact struggle. The pair finds a way to challenge specific reputations they

  • Is Wealth In D. H. Lawrence's The Rocking-Horse Winner

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    The world is controlled by the economy. It’s a deathly cycle that never ends. People wake up every day and go to work or to school, anything that leads them to earning money. Money controls the world. Without money we are nothing, for we cannot survive if we cannot buy food or water. Some people, however, want to be wealthy in order to impress other people. For example, the mother in the story, The Rocking-Horse Winner already has a great amount of money, but wishes to be more wealthy. The story

  • Mrs. Linde In A Doll's House

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    Mrs. Linde is a minor character in the play “A Doll’s House”, by Henrik Ibsen, which reflects a down-to-earth woman and possesses a sensible worldview towards life. Nora, on the other hand, has a childish outlook on life. Mrs. Linde plays a very important role in this issue by polishing Nora’s attitude towards society. She seems obliged to be Nora’s teacher and guide on her journey to maturity. At the beginning of the play Nora receives a visit from Kristen Linde; her childhood friend. However

  • Sheila Birling Character Analysis

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    The character is Sheila Birling, daughter of Arthur Birling and Sybil Birling. Even though Sheila Birling seems very playful in the beginning of the play, we know that she has had suspicions about Gerald when she mentions “Yes - except for all last summer when you never came near me.” (Act 1,page 3) Although she has probably never in her life before considered the conditions of the workers, she shows her compassion immediately she hears of her father's treatment of Eva Smith. She feels full of guilt

  • Irony In Guy De Maupassant's The False Gems

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    Monsieur Lantin and his lady had the perfect marriage, falling deeper in love with one another by each passing day. The rising theme of irony, however, proves that appearance can overshadow reality. It creates tension between an intended meaning and a literal statement, used as a form of dry humour to provoke the reader. Throughout his short story, The False Gems, Guy de Maupassant emphasizes several forms of irony to display the universal theme of deviousness. Monsieur Lantin’s lady was thought

  • The False Gems Summary

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    The False Gems was a short story published in 1883, which was a work typical of Guy de Maupassant’s style. The deep and profound social reality reflected in the story is always a highlight of Maupassant’s short novel, and The False Gems is no exception. It was only a 4500-word story, completely show French society’s reality in the 19th century through objective description and meaningful irony, though. As the skillful use of irony in the text really contributes a lot to the expression of the theme

  • Poem Analysis: For My Grandmother Knitting

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    The poem “For my Grandmother Knitting” tells the story of a grandmother facing abandonment as she finds herself fading to irrelevance in the eyes of society and her family. It also explores the grandmothers’ helplessness as she struggles through her pain to try and adapt to changing times. Written with very simple diction, the poet shows the rejection projected by the family onto the grandmothers knitting and how it may affect her, by using stylistic techniques such as juxtaposition and symbolism

  • Columbina Character Analysis

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    Columbina is one of the many loved stock characters of Commedia dell’ Arte. Perhaps the wisest character and undeniably the most rational, she is most times the only one who has her head on straight. Many describe her to be sassy, sexy and sarcastic. With her quick wit and unabashed flirtatious personality, she brings a strong female aura to the mix. She’s smart, sharp, self-educated and oozes confidence; never afraid to keep her fellow male counterparts in check, (even if it means whacking her own

  • The Cemetery Girl Trilogy Analysis

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    The Cemetery Girl trilogy is a series of novels by Christopher Golden and Charlaine Harris two of the most popular fantasy fiction authors in the genre. The first novel in the Cemetery trilogy series was the 2014 published The Pretenders that was Charlaine’s first venture into the world of graphic novel writing. With the first novel in the series garnering considerable after its publication, the two authors decided to make the series a trilogy and published two more titles in the series. Even as

  • The Gibson Girl Analysis

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    In the twenty first century there are numerous amounts of women who try to dress and act like celebrities they look up to; this was similar to the early twentieth century fad of the Gibson Girl. Charles Dana Gibson, a gifted artist, created the public image for what he thought should be the standard woman of the upcoming twentieth century. Charles Gibson began drawing silhouettes as a child and later created the Gibson Girl in the 1890s (The Gibson Girl). The new image for women altered as well as

  • Feminism In The Time Of The Butterflies

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    Throughout history, women have made a name for themselves. By rising up and fighting for something that they believed in, the Mirabal sisters made a name for themselves in the Dominican Republic and in Julia Alvarez’s novel In the Time of the Butterflies. By applying a theory to a novel, readers can relate the book to the world they are living in today (Davidson). Feminism can be defined as a dynamic philosophy and social movement that advocates for human rights and gender equality (“Feminism”).

  • Outline For Pride And Prejudice Essay

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    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Explanation Pride and Prejudice is the title because there is a lot of judging and arrogance recurring through this novel. Characters from different classes think they are better than the rest and also develop many assumptions. Setting Hertfordshire, England Longbourn: The Bennet family estate, Netherfield: Bingley's estate, Meryton: Town near Longbourn, Rosings: Lady Catherine De Bourgh's estate, Pemberley: Mr. Darcy's estate in Derbyshire Regency Period (1811

  • Scientia Potentia Est Analysis

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    The division between the mind and the body is all over “Scientia Potentia Est,” one of the strongest episodes of The Crown yet. Elizabeth may lead a life of physical luxury, but it’s becoming more and more apparent to her just how much her limited education is holding her back. She’s keenly aware that while the great men around her earned their positions with their intelligence, she earned hers solely through virtue of her birth. But those great men have their own problems too. For all their education

  • Voltaire's Candide: Mistreatment Of Women

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    Eula Biss reasons that people need to act collectively in order to truly inoculate themselves from their fears. “If vaccination can be conscripted into acts of war, it can still be instrumental in works of love.”, she says as she realizes that people are delineating the good from the bad of vaccinations. Connections between these two are inevitable, and it is when people register them do they begin to act collectively. One example, in Voltaire’s Candide, he exposes the mistreatment of women through

  • The Foils In Jane Austen's Emma

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    In her writing, Jane Austen used literary techniques to display her character’s integrity, poise, grace and charm, or lack thereof. Throughout most of Austen’s works, a common theme is women and their behavior. In Emma, Jane Austen weaves a story between the differences of society through the actions of a young woman, Emma Woodhouse. The strongest literary technique in Jane Austen’s Emma is the use of a foil. According to, a foil is a character who embodies the qualities that

  • Emma In The Movie 'Clueless'

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    "Clueless" is a smart and funny movie, and the main characters Cher, who lives in a mansion and She is one of the most totally self-absorbed characters in a movie since the heroes of "Wayne's World," and yet she isn't a victim, and we get the idea she will grow up tough and clever, like her dad. He's a big-time lawyer, a person who is always working on big cases. He knows everything that's going on, cares for his daughter, is protective of her, for an example, tells a kid taking his daughter out

  • Clueless Movie Analysis

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    Amy Heckerling, director of Clueless, makes a decent attempt of displaying cleverness and individuality in her adaptation of Emma by Jane Austen. Although the film is not an identical replica of Austen’s novel, especially because there is a lot of ground to cover in Emma, it does closely follow the novel in terms of characters, plot, and themes. Parallels between the characters in Clueless and the characters in Emma are very straightforward. It is evident that Emma is portrayed by Cher; Frank by

  • Clueless: Movie Analysis

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    Introduction: Twenty years after the release of the ultra-famous movie Clueless, teenagers and young adults still relate to this movie’s magical and adorable plot line. Clueless was based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma. Both stories consist of a young girl who plays matchmaker, but ultimately puts her own happiness and romance in danger. For example, in the beginning scene Cher (Alicia Silverstone) is seen shopping at Ralph Lauren and driving in her brand new white, four-door Jeep. She makes it well

  • Emma And Clueless Analysis

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    How do the connections between Emma and clueless illuminate how the key values, and concerns have endured over time and/ or have been transformed or reshaped? Amy Heckerling director of clueless reflects values of the American version of Emma by Jane Austen. The values in Emma and clueless are relevant and recurring through the society the difference is the change in cultural perspectives. (Emma Ch. 1 and clueless first scenes), and (Emma Ch. 39 clueless sequence 13) both present similar connections