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  • Summary Of Cathy Crimmin's 'Where Is My Mango Princess'

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    Canada. He suffered from traumatic brain injury (TBI). Alan was rushed to the hospital in Kingston via a helicopter. While taking him to the hospital Alan was seizing. Alan and his family spend some days at the hospital while Alan was in coma. After Alan recovered from coma, family shifted to the hospital in Philadelphia. His recovery took his wife and child thru a road of so many ups and downs of emotions. “Where is the Mango Princess?” details emotional and frustrations of a caregiver to their patient

  • Argumentative Essay: Life Support And Brain Dead Patients

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    As modern medicine has advanced and the use of life sustaining technology has become more mainstream, a greater number of families and doctors are being faced with an important decision; when to use artificial organs, and when to shut them off. It’s a decision that haunts people long after it is made (Park). The topic of whether or not life support should be used for long periods of time to sustain brain dead patients is heavily debated. Many believe that brain death, a condition in which one loses

  • Personal Narrative: Short Story: Steven Ng Teen Cheong

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    The lads were trapped and they knew pretty well that the old man will not give up so easily. Highly intoxicated, they were not in any mood to compromise their freedom which meant finding a way out of the tight situation they were in, and the only road out of the neighbourhood was blocked by this gutsy old man, Steven Ng Teen Cheong. It was a classic OK Corral showdown again but instead of being the famous Marshal Wyatt Earp of Tombstone, Arizona packing a six shooter firearm it was Steven Ng, the

  • Glasgow Coma Scale Case Study

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    INTRODUCTION Despite the fact that we are now approaching the 44th anniversary of the publication of the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)1, there is still a debate that exists for the indication and yield of neuroimaging for minor head trauma. Head trauma in children is one of the most common reasons for visiting emergency department with more than 95% of these constitute minor head trauma, defined as Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score greater than or equal to 13. Among these patients, less than 10% have traumatic brain

  • Personal Narrative: Medically Induced Coma

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    felt at peace. I prayed to get my Dad back and that he had all of his capacities. I had the feeling the doctors were wrong. He was in a medically induced coma for five days. Every day that passed became increasingly hopeful. Finally, on the fifth day he emerged from his coma. And he was 100% himself. So much so, when he came out of the coma he was yelling that

  • Advantages Of Forensic Imaging

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    Forensic imaging, particularly MRI technology is crucial in determining the cause of death in forensic pathology. There are a few main techniques for forensic imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), post-mortem computed tomography (PMCT), and conventional radiography. The PMCT is generally used for gunshot wounds, detection of gas embolism, trauma cases, and changes in the skeletal system. Some advantages of this technique are that it is fast, easy to handle, good three-dimensional reconstruction

  • Measurable Components Of Consciousness Essay

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    difference between coma, vegetative state, and minimally- conscious state?

  • Anna Garcia Case Study

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    Potential Causes of Death for Anna Garcia Stroke is a potential cause of death for Anna Garcia. Hispanic, thirty-eight year old, Anna Garcia expired due to a stroke. At one point in Anna Garcia's life she was diagnosed with type one diabetes. Due to the potential for high blood glucose levels, diabetes itself is a risk factor for stroke. Anna Garcia’s cardiologist had Anna complete cardiac testing. Anna underwent a treadmill stress test. Drastic increases in blood pressure occurred for the

  • If I Stay Character Analysis

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    It is important to think about the consequences the choice will have on ones self and others once the choice is made. Mia’s family gets into a car crash, and her parents and brother pass away. She is then the only one left from her family, and is a coma because of the accident. Over the course of the novel If I Stay by Gayle Forman, Mia discovers that life is a gift it is important to spend time with your loved ones before it’s to late. Mia is not that concerned about spending time with her family

  • The Afterlife In Eben Alexander's 'Proof Of Heaven'

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    through a near death experience. Eben Alexander’s authority as a neurosurgeon describes his near death experience that will maybe help scientists and their theory of an afterlife. He argues that his shared experiences while he was in his seven day coma was not a form of an illusion. He wants to prove to everyone what he went through was real. I consider the genre of the book to be an autobiography. The academic conversation that the book is contributing is the idea that there is an afterlife from

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Paper

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    For example, someone with a Glasgow coma score of three is likely to be in a deep coma whereas someone with a score of fifteen in the Glasgow coma score is fully alert. Traumatic brain injuries usually fall under these scores on the Glasgow coma scale, "Thirteen to fifteen Mild TBI, nine to twelve moderate TBI, and one to eight severe TBI" (Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury, 2013.) There are three states of consciousness: Minimally-conscious, semi-coma, and coma. These stages become more severe as

  • Failed Sonnet For My Father Analysis

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    on the bed is actually in coma because of this line “I hold onto you like an unopened present”. I get this kind of image in my mind because every time you get a present you are always eager to open it you just can not wait, so this other person who is there holding into the one who is in coma is just waiting for the time where that person is going to open his eyes and wake up. In the last line I can say that it has been quite a long time since the person has been in coma just waiting to come

  • Symbolism In 'The Cask Of Amontillado'

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    even still expecting it while he is chained and being locked in as shown by, “yes, the Amontillado. But is it not getting late (1131)?” Which, without knowledge of history and how the sick were,could possibly be how those that did die or go into a coma may have been, expecting a cure for whatever they had, only to never get that cure. This greatly contributes to that dark theme of the story and how it refers to the general world at the

  • Explain The Destruction Of The Physical Body After Death

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    3.2—The Destruction of the Physical Body after Death Death was once defined as the cessation of the heartbeat and of breathing, but breathing and heartbeat can sometimes be restarted through CPR and life support devices such as pace makers. "Brain death" or "biological death" are used today to define a person as being dead. The empirical evidence of death is that breathing brain activity but resuscitation is still possible. This is clinical death. Brain death is when the person no longer

  • Personal Narrative: Losing My Mother

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    mom had been through so much with her health for year 's but, one day she had a bad asthma attack at home and ended up going to the hospital where they admitted her and shortly after being admitted my mother had a massive heart attack and fell into a coma while

  • The Role Of Anti-Depressant In Today's Society

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    closet. Apparently the thief had fell into a coma right after taking all of the pills. When awoken this unfortunate man won a front row seat on the prison bus. Before the incident is was shown that he was addicted to heroin which shows that drugs can lead you into the path of crime (Gordon Deegan). In the Brave New World Linda; the mother of john the savage, took soma to get very high but ended up taking way too much which drove her to falling into a “soma coma” The doctor gave Linda as much as 20 grammes

  • Argumentative Essay On Bullying And Assisted Suicide

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    didn 't tell anybody about the bullying issue she had and everyday it got worse. Until one point that Jessica had enough and decided to drink some pills and try to commit suicide. She was taken to the hospital and was in a coma for 2 weeks and then luckily she woke up from that coma. There has been a lot of people commiting suicide because people are bullying them and making them feel bad so they think that they should just take away their lives instead of just getting embarrassed and getting called

  • Drinking Age To 18 Persuasive Speech

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    including your heart or liver. Problems managing diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions. The drinking causes many problems you must go the hospital. While you drink too much you might a state that you can’t move and can mean that you are in a coma through drinking and it might take a long time. If you

  • Severe Brain Trauma

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    care of Metropolitan Hospital she remained in a coma for 12 days. She suffered from severe hypothermia, severe brain damage, hemorrhagic shock, and loss of 75–80 per cent of her blood from five deep stab wounds and a gash on one of her thighs, and internal bleeding. Her skull had been fractured so badly that her left eye was removed. Her eye socket had been fractured in 21 places, and she had other facial fractures as well.

  • Cause And Effect Essay On Texting And Driving

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    texting while driving. It can cause the diver to lose control of the wheel and cause a serious car crash or a person death. Although being in a car crash or accident can also cause serious injuries like being paralyzed from the waist down or in a deathly coma. Therefore, texting and driving has affected the safety of drivers because of many distractions, car crashes, and injuries. ​First, texting and driving has affected the safety of drivers because of many distractions. Texting messaging while driving