Committee of Public Safety Essays

  • Robespierre: The Reign Of Terror

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    Maximilien Francois Marie Isidore de Robespierre was elected by the National convention, and was leader of the ‘twelve-man Committee of Public safety’, which governed France at the climax of its revolution. Rapidly, the committee had forced upon its country policies, in hopes of stabilizing the French economy as well as the creation of a stronger and more successful French army. It started a number of counter-revolutionary uprisings, unleashing the Reign of Terror. However, Maximilien Robespierre

  • Robespierre's Despotic Actions During The Terror

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    Comte de Mirabeau claimed that “In times of anarchy one may seem a despot in order to be a saviour.” The National Assembly created the Committee of Public Safety, of which Robespierre was the most notable. The Committee’s abuse of power led to the Terror, which occurred from 1793-1794 and clearly demonstrates a period of anarchy, in which measures were taken to stabilise France. Robespierre’s despotic actions during the Terror agree with Mirabeau’s viewpoint. Robespierre’s despotic actions include;

  • Comparison Of Evil In Lord Of The Flies

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    The term evil can be defined as savage behaviours followed by strong desires. In both Lord of the Flies(LOTF) by William Golding and Jekyll and Hyde(J&H) written by Robert Louis Stevenson, evil is portrayed as cruel and selfish power that can make innocent boys and a well-respected gentleman even commit violence without feeling guilt. As their pursuit for physical satisfaction overweighs moral principles, evil emerges and completely dominates some of these novel’s characters. LOTF portrays how evil

  • Analysis Of The Tyranny Of Maximilien Robespierre

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    The Tyranny of Maximilien Robespierre Beginning in 1793, a one-year period called the Reign of Terror took place in the midst of the French Revolution. The political parties, the Jacobins and the Girondins, conspired in order to overthrow the French monarchy. This period is characterized by the harsh rulers who issued tens of thousands of official death sentences. These rulers were considered tyrants known for their oppressive and selfish rule. One of the most controversial rulers was Maximilien

  • Mariano Azuela's The Underdogs

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    In Mariano Azuela’s novel of the Mexican Revolution, The Underdogs, Azuela writes about character that were influenced by the Mexican Revolution. The main character and protagonist is a man by the name of Demetrio Macias. Macias, his wife, and their young son stayed on a farm until the Federale soldiers came. Macias was forced to abandon his family and meets with a group of rebels along the way of his travel to fight President Huerta. Macias and his men are following the legendary Francisco “Pancho”

  • Terrorism: The Simple Meaning Of Terrorism

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    Terrorism: The simple meaning of terrorism is “The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims” but there is no universally accepted definition of Terrorism. History of Terrorism: The modern terrorism began with the French revolution which started on 5th September 1793 and ended on 28th July 1794 in which the ruling Jacobins employed violence, including mass executions by guillotine, in order to intimidate the regime 's enemies and

  • Foucault's Psychiatric Power

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    In the "Psychiatric power," Foucault has proposed to rethink Philip Pinel’s reform as a precursor of the era of humanism in the 19-century psychiatry, tearing off chains from the mentally ill and putting an end to physical abuse of patients. However, in actual practice, Pinel, and his followers widely used the measures of physical restraint in French hospitals. As a consequence, "it is impossible to link the Pinel's reform with any humanism since all its practices remained riddled with violence,"

  • Theories Of Ethics In Woolworths And Cadbury

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    Ethics are the moral values that are mostly set by society and businesses to represent a certain standard for correct behaviour. A business’s code of ethics or code of conduct reflects and describes the appropriate behaviour that is expected from employees in that organisation. Professionalism is how organisation managers and employees represent and conduct themselves when dealing with the stakeholders of the business. 1. Theories of Ethics: There are different kinds of ethics theories namely: 

  • Emergency Response System Analysis

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    To protect lives, honours and properties of the public is the prime objective of the government. To respond against any emergency and/or disaster to save the lives of public is very crucial due to shortage of time and allocation of optimal resources depending upon the nature of the disaster. In the whole scenario of emergency right information regarding the type of emergency, its location, availability of resources to the closest vicinity of the crises and their optimal deployment and strong communications

  • Motorcycle Helmet Law Case Study

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    Evaluation of Motorcycle Injuries after the Implementation of Motorcycle Helmet Law in Quezon City Maria Veronica E. Datinguinoo, MD, FPCEM, MMHOA East Avenue Medical Center East Avenue Quezon City Abstract Motorcycle is the most cost-effective, convenient means of transportation in Metro Manila. Wearing a prescribed motorcycle helmet can offer head protection to bikers, and motorcyclists who don't wear helmets or bikers who used makeshift helmet are more likely to die in a vehicular accident than

  • Essay On Emergency Emergency

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    1.Introduction In massive events like a football match, emergency situations may occur at any moment. Because of this emergency services should work along security to establish a safe and healthy event. Emergency services should design a plan to create a safe environment after and before the emergency. In the football match, athletic injuries can happen unexpectedly yet they are very common in such event Therefore, emergency services should prepare an emergency program and medical coverage to insure

  • Preparedness Operational Plan

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    sharing information with vulnerable residents of the community during routine and emergency incidents. This plan is a part of the community’s emergency operations plan. Scope: The targeted audiences for this plan include government at all levels, the public, the vulnerable population, businesses and corporations, nonprofits organizations and associations and the media. Goals and Objectives: Primary goals and objectives of this plan will be to discuss how communication is changing and the need to adapt

  • Emergency Operations Plan

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    or real disaster. This paper explains the role of this support function in using 24-hour Radio, Telephone, or the Internet to give instructions and guidance on disaster relief to local law enforcement, firefighters, search and rescue crews and the public in the recovery phases of a disaster. Harris County, Emergency Operations Plan Annex C Communications I. PURPOSE This annex describes the Harris County communications systems and the available communications sources, rules and policies

  • Swot Analysis Of Perdana Petroleum

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    PETRONAS chemical group BHD is the leading integrated chemicals producer In Malaysia and one of the largest company in south East Asia. The primarily function of the company is manufacturing, marketing and selling diverse kinds of chemical products including Fertilizers, polymers, and methanol. Their main general existence is to maximize value from Malaysia’s natural gas resources. The company begun its operations in 1985 with production of ammonia and urea, later on they have expand their operations

  • Motorola Six Sigma Analysis

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    Motorola six sigma technique and approach and a revisit to the golden days of Motorola’s pioneering six sigma method. Abstract: This essay attempts to show how Motorola adopted six sigma methods in their organizational search for total quality management. A revisit in time allows us to have a historical perspective on how six sigma was integrated into Motorola quality programme and its transformational approach to quality management philosophy. Finally, there is an obvious need to understand why

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cockpit Automation

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    COCKPIT AUTOMATION A Good Servant but a Bad Master Introduction 1. With the advent of modern technology, the use of computers has become inevitable in the completion and performance of a particular task. While automation has proven to improve the speed of completion of a job, it drastically affects the "operator" whose task shifts from being the "performer" to being the "observer". This is where the issue of "complacency" sets in. With this major revolution, one may ask if the introduction of

  • Importance Of Communication In Disaster Management

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    Communication is an important part of every aspect of life and particularly important for disaster management to give the right message to the public. Knowing what, when, who and how to say it can go a long way. Timely disaster alerts could have saved many lives in the recent Chennai floods. "Act of God" or “Folly of Man" While the "El Nino" talks took place in Paris, Tamil Nadu capital Chennai had witnessed its worst floods in 104 years. Life for 5 million people came to a sudden halt, at least

  • Essay On Community Resilience

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    KEY CHARACTERISTICS OF A DISASTER RESILIENT COMMUNITY There are many definitions related to community resilience in disaster. Chandra et al. (2014) define community resilience as : “Community resilience entails the ongoing and developing capacity of the community to account for its vulnerabilities and develop capabilities that aid that community in (1) preventing, withstanding, and mitigating the stress of a health incident; (2) recovering in a way that restores the community to a state of self-sufficiency

  • Hawaii King Annexation

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    right the wrong that had been done to her and the Hawaiian people (Pitzer). The overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom was not justified because a man by the name of John Stevens acted without the consent of the United States government, the Committee of Public Safety had actually been plotting against the queen, and Hawaii’s independence as a nation and its land was taken away.

  • Causes Of The French Revolution

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    French Revolution was political and social movement that occurred in France between 1787 and 1799. It was the most violent revolution in the 18th century. The revolution had three slogans “Liberty, equality, and fraternity.” Liberty represented freedom from cruelty of government. Equality meant social equality and fraternity brotherhood as the citizens are tied with solidarity. The wars exhausted monarchy and the years of bed harvest led up to the revolution that started in 1789. The revolution