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  • Essay On Computer Network Topology

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    Computer network topology is the way different parts of a network (like hubs, connections, peripherals, and so on) are arranged. System topologies characterize the format, virtual shape or structure of network, physically as well as logically. The path in which distinctive frameworks and hubs are associated and communicate with one another is dictated by topology of the network. Topology can be physical or logical. Physical Topology is the physical format of hubs, workstations and cables in the

  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Screenshot Examples

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    establish a network connection to another company’s DNS. I also found out that each Physical address is uniquely made for each user. 1) Use the ipconfig/all command on your computer. What is the IP address, subnet mask, IP address of default gateway, and MAC of your computer? My IP address is 2601:140:8001:3239:3c47:3b50:b65f:88d2. My subnet mask is My IP address of default gateway is fe80::1286:8cff:feec:de7a%15. My MAC address is BA-EE-65-33-85-BB. 2) Why does every computer on the internet

  • Network Management Case Study: Kudler Fine Foods

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    Kudler Fine Foods is a fast growing company with a network infrastructure that is quickly reaching its point of obsolescence. Kudler has currently outgrown their existing network framework, and their administration has distinguished a few areas of concern identified with their current system infrastructure, including information speeds, dependability of the system, and the absence of between organization electronic interchanges. Kudler Fine Food right now has three physical store locations, all

  • Switch Technology Research Paper

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    in the packet. In some cases, the switch itself also can determined the packets according to internal information. The switch technology can be applied to both local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN). LAN Switch can be used to transfer packets

  • Cisco Differentiation Strategy

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    The company that I’ve decided to research is Cisco. The name Cisco comes from San Francisco from where the company has originated. Cisco produces network based products which enhance the usage of internet such as routers and programs for virtual communication. Cisco has taken over more than 120 different companies in order to offer new technological products. By using Michael Porter’s (1980) 3 generic business strategies, I was able to identify that Cisco uses a differentiated strategy. The differentiation

  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Data Analysis

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    half-duplex systems, if more than one emits a transmission at the same time, a collision will occurs and messages will be lost. The messages sent by nodes are corrupted. The receiving nodes receive random data. In half-duplex networks, the node transmitting must make sure that the network is quiet prior to transmitting, and in addition there is usually some mechanism for transmitting nodes to detect overlapping transmissions. 10BASE5 coaxial cable is the transmission technology used in the classic Ethernet

  • Nt1310 Unit 1 Gdp

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    “alive” response from the server. Using either method, the phone will continue to transmit UDP data to the server as long as it continues to receive “alive” messages from the server. If an “alive” message is not received, (e.g. the phone is off-network, the user is on a voice call, the server is down), then the phone begins buffering location data until the next “alive” message is

  • Virginia Beach Research Paper

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    A Closer Look at Internet Providers in Virginia Beach, Virginia Virginia Beach is home to military bases, universities, and major corporations. Yet, it 's also home to the longest pleasure beach in the world and the Chesapeake Bay is right on its domain. These main attractions bring many people into the neighborhoods. When it 's time to get settled in, it 's important to make the right choice out of all the internet providers Virginia Beach. For many people, high speed internet Virginia Beach is

  • Internet Case: Public Employee Retirement System

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    8–1. Internet Case—CalPERS. While the examples in this chapter have focused on a single-employer plan, many states operate statewide plans, referred to as Public Employee Retirement Systems (PERS), to which multiple employers contribute. One of the largest PERS plans in the nation is operated in the State of California. Required to answer the following questions use the Web site found at The answers to the questions can be found in CalPERS’s annual report or in the general information

  • Visual Culture And Privacy

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    Introduction Visual culture entails the study of cultural aspects relying on visual images. The visual images may be represented on videos, pictures, comics and traditional artworks as well as modern art (Chris, 2008). Therefore, contemporary visual culture may be described as an interdisciplinary study that focuses on how culture relying on visual images, affects or influences people in this time and age. Contemporary visual culture contributes greatly to the formation of social environments as

  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Network Security

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    the main risk for network security. Most of the security attacks occur due to the limited knowledge of users. Such mistakes or scenarios can be stopped with proper training and education on significant threats and vulnerabilities. End users usually do not follow best practices and security guidelines. Much attention is not paid to spam emails, malwares, viruses and even phishing emails. Users need to be educated on the significance of protecting they’re data on vulnerable networks and administrators

  • Nt1310 Unit 6 Team Work

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    I participate in team of FTTX meeting.Engineer and technicians speak about faulty modems and card failures .The team leader has made the work sharing..In addition;I learned some concepts such as Xdsl,ADSL,DSLAM.Some information about DSL; Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL, is a technology for bringing high-bandwidth connectivity to homes and small businesses over ordinary copper telephone lines. xDSL refers to the family of digital subscriber linetechnologies, such as ADSL, HDSL, and RADSL. Connection

  • Nt1310 Unit 5 Simulation Report

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    simulation results, we would like to have a glimpse of the assumptions and major parameters: 1) OPNET simulator[31] is used to generate 100 sensor nodes for a CR-WMSNs. Initially, the connectivity of the CR-WMSNs is kept as 0.7. The capacity of the network links is assumed to be Poisson distribution with mean 100 kbps. Every sensor is assumed to

  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 3

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    Figure1 a network I configured in Cisco Packet Tracer. In RIP a hop is counted as a metric from router to router. So if the source in this example is “PC-Jemine1” with the destination being “PC-Jemine2” RIP would use a hop count of 5. This would be: ➢ Source =PC-Jemine1 ➢ Router 0 to Router 1 = Hop Count 1 ➢ Router 1 to Router 3 = Hop Count 2 ➢ Router 3 to Router 5 = Hop Count 3 ➢ Router 5 to Router 8 = Hop Count 4 ➢ Router 8 to Router 7 = Hop Count 5 ➢ Destination = PC-Jemine2 The network I have

  • Summary Of The Danger Of Internet By Parrikh Rahul

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    Parikh Rahul begins his essay by explaining why he thinks dangers for teens online are exaggerated. Parikh Rahul believes, the internet is a place that helps kids mature, “providing them a platform for self-expression, connecting with others, and social and political activism.” He explains that kids, who are on the internet, connect with people they know, rather than total stranger. Rahul is a physician who works with kids, teens and adolescent. His opinion on this article is important because he

  • Nt1330 Unit 3 Lab 1

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    of goals that expose us to important areas of system administration in this type of environment. The lab first introduces us to installation and configuration of an edge routing device meant to handle all internal network traffic between devices, and allow access out to an external network, in our case the Internet. The lab then introduces installation of an enterprise Linux distribution, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, which will be used as the main Linux based server in our enterprise environment. We

  • Assignment 1.1 Describe Common Physical Network Topologies

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    Understand physical and logical network topologies 1.1 Describe common physical network topologies There are 7 most common topologies that most people will use. The first one is a ring topology this works with 2 or more of the host in a circle by passing a token around the token never stops moving it will grad the data that need to be attached and take it to that giving computer mac addressee. The second one is a Mesh topology. This topology works by ensuring that every host is connected to

  • Nt1330 Unit 1 Review Paper

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    Network monitoring now is limited because of the number of servers it takes to deal with the large influx of router data. Router manufacturers have been attempting to combat this by adding counters to the routers that report on the number of data packets a router has processed during some time interval, but adding counters for every special task would be impractical and put more stress on servers since they would need thousands more to process the flood of data coming in. To combat this a system

  • Nonblocking Multicast Communication

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    Abstract – A main requirement in high performance networks is multicast communication, which involves transmitting information from a single source node to multiple destination nodes. A multicast assignment is a mapping from a set of network nodes called as source nodes, to a maximum set of network nodes called destination nodes with no overlapping allowed among the destination nodes of different source nodes A network is said to be nonblocking for multicast assignments, if for any legitimate multicast

  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Dental Services

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    Dental Services (SDS) has an existing Token ring infrastructural that uses IEEE 802.5 standard, meaning that it is a local area network in which all computers are liked in ring or start topology. A token (special bit pattern that travels around the circle, computer catches token to send a message, after attaching massage token is then continues traveling around the network) design is used to prevent collision of date between messages that were send at the same time. In the token ring infrastructure