Concert band Essays

  • Essay On A Band Concert

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    WOW, who knew that band concerts could be so nerve racking. Once you get through one you want to do it again to get things right and to do the things you already do right. I believe that this band concert was very successful. I was not playing do to an injury that is now getting better. I will be reflecting on my last rehearsal I think I did very well at my last rehearsal was very successful. I believe I was successful in articulation. To succeed in articulation you half to pay attention to the

  • Reflective Essay: Marching And Concert Band Performance

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    had memorable experiences during marching and concert season, one goal I have is taking my playing abilities into college. I started playing clarinet in the sixth grade and spent that year learning as much as I could in a public school with 43 beginning clarinets. That summer going into seventh grade I started lessons which got me playing more often and into my middle school’s second band, symphonic, keeping high chairs. There were three combined band in my middle school-awhile I was there. My final

  • Band Concert Review Essay

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    participated in the Final Band Concert of the year. Throughout the year, all band students continually practice pieces and the Final Band Concert is the only concert to have every band student in it from fifth grade all the way up to twelfth. This concert is always very special because it is both the first large concert for the fifth graders and the last for many students. The concert started from the Fifth Grade Band, then to the Junior 6th Grade, Advanced 7th and 8th Grade band, and finally to the High

  • Triumph Of The Will Analysis

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    Alan Sennett gives more interesting insight about the power of imagery in his journal article, Film Propaganda: Triumph of the Will as a Case Study: Of particular significance and artistic merit is the aforementioned opening sequence that constructs Hitler as a god-like figure descending from the heavens through the clouds over Nuremberg to visit his adoring worshippers. The powerful religious imagery of the first part of the film surely could not have been achieved simply through competent montage

  • The Concert Band Analysis

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    Omar Gonzalez One of the most beautiful sounds a human being will ever hear is that of a finely tuned concert band. The lovely sounds that come out of instruments played by fifty or so musicians who are precisely in tune and have practiced their part can be appreciated by even the mechanical engineer or the trash collector who somehow manages to split your trash can in half or leave it rolling half a mile down the street. Although it seems obvious that to reach that level of artistry one must

  • Marching Band Concert Review

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    Concert Review 3 On October 17th, my girlfriend brought me to the Kansas Band Association’s marching band championship. Her dad’s friend was one of the band directors, so that’s why we ended up going. She grew up around matching band. I on the other hand only went to my high school football games, so I only saw my school’s marching band then. I will say though, that I liked our band when I was in school. I went to high school at Seaman High School here in Topeka, so it was kind of cool to see a

  • Army Field Band Concert Report

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    I saw the US Army Field Band perform at J H Rose High School. It was at November 14, 7:00 PM and over 1,000 people attend. The concert lasted about 1 hour and 30 minutes and they played 12 pieces total. There were many guests that join them in that concert, one conductor and 8 artists, who join them only for one piece. Overall I really enjoy the concert that the Field Band performed. The Army Field Band plays with amazing articulation, tone, tempo and the pulse of the music is very easy to hear

  • Summary Of The Concert Band 'Emperata Overture'

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    Concert Band Emperata Overture by Claude T. Smith (March 14, 1932 – December 13, 1987) Claude T. Smith is a well known name in the wind band world. He has composed over 112 wind band works, Emperata Overture being his first and, arguably, best known work. This overture is in ABA form and features many soloists. Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral by Richard Wagner (22 May 1813 – 13 February 1883) arr. Cailliet Though Richard Wagner is primarily known for his orchestral works, many of his piece

  • Summary Of The Greg Billings Band: Concert Critique

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    Concert Critique – Greg Billings Band The performers are Greg Billings: Lead vocals, Tom King: Bass guitar, George Harris: Guitar and vocals, Rob Stoney: Keyboards, vocals and harmonica, Mark Busto: Drums and vocals. Kyle Ashley: Guitar. The band today includes Greg and Tom from the original band Stranger. Greg is a friend of mine as well as a colleague. He has since left the company to pursue music full time. I have seen Greg and Tom perform as Stranger and The Greg Billings Band. Greg is a very

  • West Bay Community Band Concert Review

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    Concert Review 6 This year’s West Bay Community Band concert on December 17th was an excellent concert based on the theme of Christmas music. The performance took place at Mills High School in their own theater and had the new staging previously used in their Winter Concert. The Band, Saxtet, Euphonium Quintet, and the Flute Trio had some individuals with the Holiday spirit. The band seemed pretty relaxed and were at ease when playing their selections regarding A Christmas Festival. Winter Wonderland

  • Personal Narrative: Quitting The Marching Band

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    for yourself. One of the hardest challenges for me was switching instruments the end of the eighth grade year for the marching band that next fall. My eighth grade year I decided to switch from flute to trombone. I played flute for four years before I decided I didn't want to march flute that year and since we had one trombones in the band and need more. I ask my band director if I could switch he said no. With a lot of going back and forth, finally he said yes, but I had to meet after school on

  • Personal Narrative: My Relationship With A Concert Band

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    refusing to try again. This saying comes to mind whenever I think of concert band. My relationship with concert band is a complicated one. Half the time I love playing my alto saxophone, but the other half I just want to throw it at a wall. Why, you ask? This feelings only comes around when there is a new honor band or it’s chair placement time. My failure is never challenging myself enough in band in order to get better. Concert band has been a long rode for me throughout the seven years I’ve been

  • Music Class Analysis

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    of the most enjoyable class i’ve taken this year. It was a happy environment where you can be yourself, and have fun. I took a lot of things away from this course, and made a lot of memories. At the end of the course we had to perform in two concerts at a local church. A couple weeks in advance we would go to the church during chorus class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I really enjoyed taking the bus and getting to leave the school for about a hour. The first day we went to the church I was kind

  • African Night Analysis

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    African Night was truly an Amazing Experience and I commend The African Student Union for providing us with authentic African culture. Africa Night took place March 3rd in the Fine arts building. The audience was mainly college students on the Friday night's show, I attribute this to the lower prices on Friday, as appose to Saturday. For most of the performance the audience listened and watched in awe, but in some portions of the performance I noticed the audience shouting and dancing to some of

  • Characteristics Of National Honor Society

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    An ideal member of the National Honor Society must demonstrate the following characteristics: Leadership, Service, and Character. To qualify for such a prestigious organization, one must qualify with a GPA of at least 3.5. Academically, I have been able to do so, maintaining a cumulative GPA of 4.11 and yet to receive an overall grade below A- in these past three semesters of High School. Moreover, I have been taking two languages, Malay and French, as well as juggling advanced classes such as Integrated

  • Military Band Narrative

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    The Northeast Missouri All-District Band was one of the most memorable events from my freshmen year. With the number of kids who make either the first band (All-District) or second band (Honorable Mention), several people were unfortunate on making either band. Many people from Troy made both of the bands and I was very lucky to be the only freshmen in the All-District band. The day started out with my usual stressed self; whenever auditions are held, I turn into a super-stressed person

  • Narrative Essay On Banda El Recodo

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    I began to get ready to go to my very first concert on a Saturday afternoon in which I was going to see my favorite Mexican band, Banda el Recodo. As I was picking out my clothes I was not sure what to wear and had to change about three times, but then I received a phone call from one of my friends named Tony, who was supposed to give me a ride. When I picked up the phone I answered, “Hey Tony, whats up? You ready?” “Hey Edgar, something in my family has come up and I can’t make it, you’re going

  • Personal Narrative-The Rapper

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    The time I was perfectly happy, was when I saw Chance the Rapper. It was amazing! Going to this concert was my first concert since I moved here to Dallas. It was different from what I was used to.The venue was smaller than the ones I usually go to in Las Vegas. The venue I went to was the Bomb factory. It was really nice. Okay, so back to the concert. The night went a little like this around six thirty I start getting ready. The doors opened at nine so I planned to leave at seven fifteen. I do

  • Orchestra Instrument

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    The double base plays in the orchestra as well as in concert bands. The bass can be used in many different genres of music such as rock and roll. A person whom plays this instrument is called a bassist or bass player - The Harp is one of the oldest stringed instrument. The range of the instrument is determined

  • How Did Rock And Roll Influence Society

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    Through Elvis Presley's efforts, he was named one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century because he helped create the Rock and Roll era and was named “king” of Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll influenced society in many different ways through history. It influenced many Americans to act many different ways and Rock and Roll still effects our lives today. Rock and Roll all started in the early 1950s. This new genre of music came from a combination between African American Blues and