Constipation Essays

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome Case Studies

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    certain foods or are under stress. There are four types of IBS. These may be determined based on the consistency of your stool: • IBS with diarrhea. • IBS with constipation. • Mixed IBS. • Unsubtyped

  • Prenatal Care Observation Paper

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    A. The student will integrate caring behaviors in practicing the art and science of nursing within a diverse population. The mother I took care of this week came to Providence on 2/20/17 and gave birth to a baby boy vaginally at 0418. The patient is a 31-year-old female who is married and has four other children. The children range in ages from 9,5,4, and 2. The patient and her husband had planned this pregnancy. After giving birth the patient had already decided to get a tubal done, so her newborn

  • Medication: A Case Study

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    receiving the medication to assess if the desired effects of the medication are effective and to assess for adverse effects. Tylenol #3 Docusate Adverse effects Respiratory depressions with apnea, orthostatic hypotension, nausea, vomiting, constipation, light headedness, dizziness, anxiety (Karch, 2013). Diarrhea, abdominal cramping, nausea. Dizziness, headache, fatigue, weakness, loss of fluid, electrolyte

  • Essay On Constipation

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    The elderly are at more risk of suffering from constipation compared to others because of poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, poor bowel habits and side effects of taking certain medications. Also, some elderly people are worried about their bowel movements and they are imagining that they are suffering from constipation itself. Another factor that can contribute to this problem is that some are not really interested in eating especially when they are by themselves hence there is not enough nutrients

  • Constipation Research Paper

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    INTRODUCTION Constipation is a significant chronic health problem all over the world (Denmark, 2010). It’s a gastrointestinal disorder which affects persons of all ages, different cultures, both sexes. But it is commonly prevalent in women, elderly patients and patients with concurrent psychiatric illness(Wing, Liu, & Frcpc, 2011). Constipation has an impact on quality of life (QoL), social functioning, working productivity and compromises the ability to perform daily activities. (Columbia, 2011)

  • Innova Dog Foods Case Study

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    Innova dog food is manufactured by Natura Pets Products that was founded in 1992 by John Rademakers, Ann Rademakers and Peter Atkins. The company was founded to manufacture pet food without the use of dangerous ingredients. Over time, the company has earned itself an outstanding reputation with its Innova dog food earning a four star rating. Currently, the Innova dog food product line is composed of eleven kibbles; five of which are meant for adult maintenance, four of which meet nutrient profiles

  • Biggels Clean Aid: Company Analysis

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    For this assignment assume that I work for a company which manufactures a multi-purpose washing detergent. The name of my company is called Biggels Clean Aid and in this assignment I shall apply the speech to demonstrate as my presentation mode to the visiting Saudi Arabians Biggels Clean Aid was established 3 years ago with the purpose of making an affordable, effective and environment friendly product. Since its inception Biggels Clean Aid has registered 80% growth selling a minimum of 1,000

  • Constipation Research Paper

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    CONSTIPATION DURING PREGNANCY: A condition in which there is difficulty in emptying bowel for less than 3 times a week associated with dry and hardened stool. About 50% of pregnant women suffer from constipation during any their pregnancy period predominantly in 1st and 3rd trimesters. SYMPTOMS AND SIGNS: • Dry and hardened stool • Few bowel movements • Abdominal pain and swollen abdomen • Vomiting • Straining (trouble in passing feaces.) WHAT CAUSES CONSTIPATION DURING PREGNANCY: • PROGESTERONE

  • Constipation In Elderly Population Essay

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    loss of function in elderly population.1 Although constipation is not considered as direct consequence of ageing, it is more common in elderly as compared to young population.2,3 Constipation may affect up to 60% individuals late in life.1 Limited mobility, medications, underlying diseases, and rectal sensory motor dysfunction may be contributing factors in increased prevalence of constipation in older adults.2,4 Prevalence of chronic constipation is 20% in general population with significant negative

  • Baby Constipation Research Paper

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    Children suffer constipation from more than three to five years. Such is the problem child for a few months and a few days after the toilet closed. About one third of children, regardless of age, are subject to occasional constipation. What is baby constipation? When the baby 's fecal matter is hard, solid and sometimes in the form of pellets is called constipation. Constipation usually causes discomfort in the baby and for this reason crying. The child can shout pain. The fact that the child is

  • Hemorrhoids Essay

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    that may flare into a fully fledged infection. Hemorrhoids is most commonly found in middle aged and older people, and people who experience constipation very regularly. The straining caused during constipation is one of the primary causes of piles. Causes of Piles: • Untreated gastric conditions like dysentery, • Weight of the increasing uterus and constipation during pregnancy, • Sedentary lifestyle, • Obesity, and • Genetic constitution Symptoms of Piles: • Bleeding on defecation - During or after

  • Prune Belly Syndrome Case Study

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    the patient's renal system. Generally, there's a bad prognosis of patients that are diagnosed with Prune Belly syndrome. The harshness of constipation can fluctuate greatly. Because the intensity of the syndrome varies, the indications and symptoms might vary from child to child. 1 thing which you must realize is that if it has to do with symptoms of constipation, the speed at which someone has a bowel movement is not an indicator of whether they have it.1. A number of these diseases might be

  • Loneliness In Sheila Goldstein's Short Story 'Sunday Night'

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    to what the theme is or meaning of this story is, loneliness. A seventy- two-year-old woman named Mrs. Sheila Goldstein (whose husband slept and never woke up) always came into the emergency room every Sunday evening at 8 p.m. complaining about constipation and loneliness that accrues from eating left over pot roast day after day. One Sunday night at 8 p.m., she came in the emergency room stating that she is dying and that the pain is eleven clutching her belly in and waddling. “An imposing four-foot

  • Irritable Bowl Syndrome Research Paper

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    Irritable bowl syndrome can make daily activities unbearable. Patients usually experience chronic diarrhea or chronic constipation. Fortunately, sticking to an IBS diet plan can relief the symptoms of IBS. Doctors can prescribe medications to treat IBS, but starting a new nutrition plan has been proven to relive symptoms for many people dealing with IBS. Increase Soluble Fiber and Avoid Insoluble Fiber Fiber is an important part of a healthy diet, but eating too much insoluble fiber can cause digestion

  • Informative Essay On Hemorrhoids

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    If you suspect there is a drug that is the reason you should consult with the doctor who wrote the prescription. Together you will have to weigh the symptoms of constipation against the benefit the drug can do. Sometimes the doctor may change the dose, or suggest a different drug that might give less discomfort of constipation. How is it diagnosed If you notice bleeding from the rectum, can be the cause of the hemorrhoid. For example, to get a little bright red blood on the paper when you wipe

  • Opioids In Children

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    opioids include nausea, vomiting, sedation, pruritus, respiratory depression, and constipation (West Midlands Pedatric Macmillion Team 2005). Constipation is the most common adverse reaction. It affects quality of life and causes additional stress in children already suffering from serious illnesses. Although children over time get used to the other effects of opioids, such as drowsiness, they never adapt to constipation. This condition causes pain with defecation. Along with painful bowel movements

  • Tegaserod Case Study

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    In 2002, the drug was initially approved for women with IBS whose predominant symptom was constipation. In 2004, the use of tegaserod was approved for men and women under 65 to treat chronic idiopathic constipation. Initial studies of the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of the drug demonstrated promising results. Tegaserod was shown to provide rapid, predictable, and consistent relief of chronic constipation.1 Additionally, only 1 percent of patients experienced significant adverse events but none

  • Hirschsprung's Disease Research Paper

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    colon. This disease occurs in 1 out of every 5,000 live births. It affects newborns, babies and toddlers because it can show late symptoms during a child’s toddler’s years. Many parents believe Hirschsprung is just a fancy word for constipation. But it is not, constipation is a condition in which there is difficulty in emptying the bowel. Due to the lack of water, without water the feces can’t pass easily and hardens. With hirschsprung’s the large intestine is missing the nerve cells that

  • Rhubarb Research Paper

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    Traditionally, the Chinese Rhubarb has been used as a laxative in order to relieve constipation and purgative due to its astringent properties. Through the history of rhubarb it has been taken internally for the treatment of chronic constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and menstrual problems. Externally the roots of the plant would be used to treat burns as well. The root has also been used to treat internal pinworms

  • Olive Oil Benefits

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    by lubricating the digestive tract, making the hair easier to pass into and through the intestinal tract. Constipation Routine consumption may offer health benefits, but can cat 's eat olive oil as a natural medication? When they are constipated they can. If your feline friend hasn 't left you any presents in the litter box for a day or two, he is probably constipated. Fixing constipation in cats is important since the condition sometimes becomes chronic and is