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  • Constitution: The Conctions And Functions Of A Constitution

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    A Constitution is a body of fundamental principles in accordance to which a state or other organisation is governed by. In public law, it is considered the organic and fundamental law of a nation or state, which may be written or unwritten, establishing the character and conception of its government, laying the basic principles to which its internal life is to be conformed, organising the government and regulating, distributing and limiting the functions of its different departments and prescribing

  • Written Constitution Vs Unwritten Constitution

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    Basically, written constitution is a more define and systematic one that can be found in more than one legal documents. A written constitution is rigid and cannot be amended easily. Countries such as the United States Malaysia, India have written constitution. On the other hand, unwritten constitution is less rigid and as it is not enacted in the form of laws instead is a result of historical growth. The constitution in England is an example of an unwritten constitution. Unlike the United Kingdom

  • Uncodified Constitution

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    codified constitution, with no single document defining the fundamental principles upon which the country operates. It is instead composed of Acts of Parliament that have been deemed ‘constitutional statutes’ , judgements of the court, various constitutional conventions that are largely political in nature, influential academic writings, particular international treaties (i.e the European Union) and royal prerogative. Anthony King summarily defines the relationship between a country’s constitution and

  • Constitution Summary: How The Constitution Affects Tyranny

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    Matthew Wong Ms.Yuan History-Duke 12 October 2017 How the Constitution affects tyranny That could happen if the Constitution was not set in place to guard against tyranny. Tyranny occurs when the government has an absolute ruler who rules harshly. The previous constitution, the Articles of Confederation, was not very powerful and lacked many laws needed leading to a decision to forward a new constitution. The Constitution set up different laws to split the power between different powers

  • DBQ Summary: The Constitution Of The Constitution

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    definition of tyranny.” In 1781, the United States’ first constitution, the Articles of Confederation, was approved. The Articles of Confederation gave most of the power to the states but unfortunately failed because there was no leader, no court system, and no power to tax. Because of this, a new constitution had to be made. The Constitution was written in the city of Philadelphia, in May 1787, by 55 delegates from 12 of the 13 states. The Constitution guarded against tyranny through federalism, separation

  • Advantages Of The Uncodified Constitution

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    the few democracies in the world with an uncodified constitution and there has been debate on whether it should become codified. This essay argues that although having a codified constitution increases clarity for the population and limits government power, it is too rigid and unnecessary, and also contradicts the fundamental principles and values of the current constitution. One of the most important reasons for the codification of the constitution is clarity for the citizens of the UK. It is argued

  • Importance Of Indian Constitution

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    The constitution of India speaks of ‘We the people of India… give to ourselves this Constitution’, thereby clarifying beyond doubt that sovereignty under the Political System lies with the people. But, the people need an institution for expressing and exercising their will and power. This gives rise to the idea of a representative democracy. Under the scheme of the Indian Constitution (IC) and its provisions of universal adult franchise, people exercise their sovereign power by casting vote and electing

  • Advantages Of An Unwritten Constitution

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    As we all know, a constitution is an arrangement of rules and laws on how a society governed by a higher law. There are countries that they have a single document as an unwritten constitution, such as the United Kingdom. . The constitution of the UK can be characteristic as an uncodified constitution, that shown some variety of sources and elements of the UK. The main sources are the Statutes such as the Magna Carta of 1215, Bill of Rights 1689, the Act of Settlement of 1701, and Laws and Customs

  • Essay On Unwritten Constitution

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    INTRODUCTION In this paper ,we shall answer the question whether the United Kingdom have a constitution. We shall , consider the term constitution. And establish the bases of constitution practice implementation within the State structure .and also examine the UK’s constitution through the historical development of the state’s statute, common law, constitutional conventions, royal prerogative and the influence of the supra-national power of the European Union. The Magna Carta 1215 settlement established

  • Malaysian Constitution Analysis

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    Constitution of Malaysia is considered as the supreme law in Malaysia. It is really shaped after the Constitution of the Federation of Malaya. The Constitution of the Federation of Malaya is the establishment of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia today. It is drafted by Reid Commission that was headed by Lord William Reid keeping in mind the end goal to define a constitution for the readiness of a completely regulating toward oneself and frees Federation of Malaya. By taking a gander at these peculiarities

  • The Traditional And Modern Characteristics Of A Written Constitution And The Unwritten Constitution

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    Introduction Constitution, the essential organizing principle, acts as a mean for a political state to consolidate, regulate and maintain state power through stipulating social institution, principle of national institution, organization of state power and the fundamental rights and duties of citizens, etc (Constitution, 2015). There are some traditional and modern classifications of constitution. One traditional method is to classify constitution into written constitution and unwritten constitution. The

  • Constitution Influence

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    Constitution Influence Essay In 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed and ratified setting America on the fasttrack to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Some documents that encouraged and also followed up on the Declaration was the pamphlet, “Common Sense,” written by Thomas Paine, and also Federalist Paper No. 51 which was written by James Madison. The - now - historical document by Thomas Paine was all about the many reasons why America should unite against Great Britain to

  • Constitution Amendment

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    Amending to the United States Constitution serves to be politically arduous within the contemporary generation today, as the stakes are low regarding which amendment will succeed through the amendment process. The Constitution ratified in the year 1788 serves to be a creed laid out by the Founding Fathers of America in the hope of establishing a country based on independent grounds capable of serving political and social values. The framers established the constitution within the grounds of law and

  • Process Of Constitution Essay

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    Evaluate the process of Constitution making in USA and the Events that led to the making of Constitution from 1775-onwards Introduction: Constitution is the set of basic principles through which a state or other organization is recognized to be ruled. So it's basically a supreme law and it may be in written form or may be in unwritten form. Constitution of any state defines the rules upon which the state is based, the method in which laws are based and by whom. So different sovereign states have

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Constitution

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    States, once said, “The Constitution was not made to fit us like a straight jacket. In its elasticity lies its chief greatness.” In 1787 the delegates from twelve out of thirteen sates attended the Constitutional Convention. They threw away the Articles of Confederation and wrote Constitution of the United States. Many residences were hesitant to the sudden change, but as time went along people came around to the fact that the Constitution was useful. Although the Constitution is viewed as completely

  • Disadvantages Of A Unwritten Constitution

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    An “unwritten” constitution is a problem or a miracle. The constitution is “the set of laws, rules and practices that create the basic institutions of the state”. A historic constitution which in the years has a lot of changes and interventions from outsides powers, separations of three main bodies in the way that it works. We can see here that government is capable to enact laws, using the power of the Crown with the Parliament of course, which no other body can challenge, and the judiciary based

  • Essay On Malaysian Constitution

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    The Federal Constitution of Malaysia is the supreme law in Malaysia and The Federal Constitution is one of the written law. The 1957 Constitution of the federation of Malaya is the basic of this document. After that, it established Malaysia as a Constitution Monarchy having the Yang di-Pertuan Agong as the Malaysia’s Constitution Head of State whose roles are predominantly and ceremonial. There is a doctrine of separation of power dictates in an ideal democracy country there are three organs of the

  • Unwritten Constitution Analysis

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    Normally, a constitution, whether written or unwritten, encompasses principles which exemplify the collective morality of a state. These rules may be complied into single or multiple documentary form, in case of written constitutions, to ease referencing; and may embody the basic and underlying values of the society concerned. Such a complied and documented constitution is known to be written and it may provide for the structure of the administration, by allocating supremacy between the institution;

  • Importance Of Singapore Constitution

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    Behind the Singapore Constitution, the doctrine of separation of powers is one of the underlying values and basic principle that is deemed to be a fundamental aspect of the Constitution. The constitution is made up of a set of rules that regulates how a government operates as well as its formation. After Singapore’s separation from Malaysia, Singapore’s constitution was formed and the Constitution is considered as the supreme law. With the concept of constitutional supremacy where other laws must

  • Constitution Preamble

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    231 years the Constitution of the United States was written. A preamble is a preliminary statement or an introduction. The Preamble of the Constitution outlines what the Constitution has in it. The Constitution of United States established America’s government and laws. The Articles of the Constitution are connected to the Preamble to the Constitution. The Articles of the Constitution and the Preamble are connected through Article One, Two, and Three. The Preamble of the Constitution is connected