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  • Consumer Behaviour: The Ethical Case In Consumer Behavior

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    Timothy D. | 15N8001 BB-3307 Consumer Behavior | Dr. Nazlinda THE EXCEPTIONAL CASE IN CONSUMER BEHAVIOR: IMPULSE BUYING INTRODUCTION Living in a world heavily influenced by the consumer culture which transcends the differences and individualities of all nations, the market is successful to impact the people, sociologically and psychologically. The desires to be at par with peers and colleagues from the standpoint of product possessions cause to stir the emotions of consumers from buying basic needs

  • Factors Affecting Consumer Purchase Behaviour

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    CONCLUSION After reviewing all the papers, the main factors found that are responsible for the consumer purchase behaviour and satisfaction are- 1. Price- Price play a very important role for many customers while buying a mobile phone. The level of dissonance, satisfaction level and the desired performance level varies according to the price of the phone. People often take more time to purchase a high price phone and experience high level of dissonance as well. 2. Technical factors- Technical features

  • Importance Of Consumer Brand Relationship In Consumer Marketing

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    Consumer brand relationship has got significant important based on its potential to influence consumer behavior in the favor of the firms, which makes consumer relationship marketing an interesting area of research ( Keller 2012). Strong consumer brand relationship has got the significance in the existing global marketplace, because myriad of brands are available in the market with an exceptional value offering, to meet consumer needs and wants. In such scenario researcher have argued that a strong

  • Social Class In Consumer Behaviour

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    Behaviours of consumers differ in making purchase (Howard and Sheth, 1969). This reality of social classes bring downfall in the society. Increase dissatisfaction among people because people from lower class consider that powerful people snatch their rights, which in turn

  • The Importance Of Consumer Perception

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    picture of the world. Consumer perceptions play an important role in determining their buying behavior and product choice. For this reason it has been very important for scholars to gain insight into consumer perception since time immemorial. In simple terms perception is an image that one has in mind about a product or a brand. Companies endeavor to their best to present a favorable perception of their brand in the minds of consumer. Josiassen and Harzing, ( 2008) argued that consumer perception toward

  • Disadvantages Of Consumer Surplus

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    Consumer surplus is the benefit that consumers get if they are willing to pay more for a certain product than the actual market price is. It is also the area under the demand curve and above the market price (1+2+3). Producer surplus, on the other hand, shows us the difference between how much the producer actually receives and the minimum amount they would be willing to accept. In the figure 1 it is represented by the area below the market price and above the supply curve. (4+5+6). We talk about

  • Consumer Product Value

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    ingredient, brand…) and consumers’ ethical awareness of consumers’ purchase behaviors on social responsible cosmetic products. According to a literature review, there are some findings about the relationship between variable and the following hypotheses were constructed based on those findings. Hypothesis 1: consumers’ ethical awareness of CSR has a positive influence on consumer purchase behavior on CSR Hypothesis 2: product value has a negative influence on consumer purchase behavior on CSR

  • Effects Of Consumer Socialization

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    schools, brands and product themselves and their packages are all sources of information namely socialization agents. No other socializing agent attracts more attention than mass media in increasing children consumer socialization. Gender is an important element in explaining the children’s consumer socialization as it has a particular influence on the type of programmes favored by children. Malik Shahzad Shabbir (2016) analysed that child buying behavior

  • Consumer Behavior In The Consumer Process

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    Introduction Consumer behavior is all about satisfying the needs and wants of customers, groups or organizations by selecting, buying, and disposing ideas, goods and services. It refer to the underlined motives of the consumer in the market place. Market expects by gaining the information regarding what customer wants are for the particular goods and services, they can estimate- which product are mostly required in the market. Consumer act’s like an actor in the marketplace. A consumer plays various

  • Consumption Function Of Consumer Consumption

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    household consumer expenditure expressed are broadly classified under (a) Food total and (b) Non-food total. Value of Consumption: Consumption out of purchase is evaluated at the purchase price. Consumption out of home produce is evaluated at ex-factory prices. Value of consumption out of gifts, loans, free collection and goods received in exchange of goods and service is imputed at the rate of average local retail prevailing during the reference period (30 days). Monthly Per Capita Consumer Expenditure

  • Consumer Protection Act 1986

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    The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was enacted to provide for better protection of the interest of the consumers and for the purpose to make provisions for the establishment of Consumer Councils and other authorities in the settlement of consumer disputes and for matters connected therewith. To promote and to protect the rights of consumers such as protection against marketing of goods which are hazardous to life and property, the right to be informed about the quality, quantity, potency, purity,

  • Consumer Behavior Literature Review

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    Chapter Two: Literature Review 2.1 Consumer Behavior Attitude is an immediate determinant of intention to perform a behavior. The study of consumer behavior both embraces “what and why people buy” and the consumer activities, such as “why and how customers use the goods and services”(Blackwell et al. 2006). That modern marketers recognize that consumer behavior is an ongoing process, the study of the process involved individuals, groups, or organization and the process of their use to select, secure

  • 3.3 Consumer Perception Theory

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    3.3: CONSUMER PERCEPTION THEORY Consumer perception is a notion that explains why consumer behaves a certain way and what consumers believes in, in different aspects of life. (Blank, 2015) Identifies consumer perception theory: self-perception, price perception and perception of a benefit to quality of life as three areas of Consumer perception theory. (Hanna/Wozniak, 2013) Explains perception as a process of collecting and interpreting feelings to complete and an understandable concept. And further

  • Role Of Consumer Behaviour In Tourism

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    workforce. All these facts and figures show very clearly that the sector of tourism is the most promising sector in the United Arab Emirates’ economy (Ali et. al, 2015) 2.1 Consumer Behavior The researchers explain the factors of consumer behavior and describes that there are lots of effects, characteristics

  • Consumer Buying Behavior Literature Review

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    foundation and conceptual framework of the study. Foundation for evaluating consumer buying behaviour Consumer buying behaviour can be evaluated with the use of both internal and external factors. Some of the internal factors that can be used are motivation and lifestyle and an external factor is culture. Motivation as an internal factor for evaluating consumer buying behavior In relation to purchase the internal desire of a consumer to buy something is often referred to as motivation by salespersons

  • Advertisement As A Medium Of Communication On Consumer Behavior

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    influencing or suggesting audience for buying decision upon one product or service. Advertisement has created great impact upon the consumers. Brand image, persuasiveness and celebrity endorsement also play a part for advertising and catching the eye of the consumers. Television, radio, internet, magazine and newspapers are the general medium for communicating to consumer for the buying decision upon the product or services. The primary data of the study is collected through questionnaires and secondary

  • Impact Of Cognitive Dissonance On Consumer Behaviour

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    Cognitive Dissonance and Its Impact on Consumer Behaviour Abstract The theory of “cognitive dissonance” is of great importance in consumer behaviours and marketers have lots of interest in analysing the post purchase behaviour of consumers experienced by them. This paper has explored the factors that create cognitive dissonance in consumer buying decision making particularly among the consumer goods purchaser in the city area. Some of these are family status, religious value, customs, belief etc

  • Essay On Impact Of Advertising On Consumer Behaviour

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    among the customers about their brand and products and encourage them to buy their offerings. Advertising has to be very subtle as the consumers get really influenced by it in the preference for a particular brand. Summary of Research Articles: The following summaries of the various research papers explain the impact that advertising has on the minds of the consumers and drives their purchase decision: Through his research paper, the author Naveen Rai tries to find out the impact of advertising not

  • Nestle Consumer Decision

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    Consumer Purchasing Decision for Nestle In marketing, there are two types of buying process an organisation can operate under and theses are: buyer to consumer (B2C) or buyer to business (B2B). B2C is when companies focus on selling to individuals and market their products for personal use. They accomplish this by using attracting packaging option. B2B when companies market their products to business or other organisations for use in production of goods in general business operations or for resale

  • Consumer Avior: Social Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior

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    Consumer Behavior Consumer behavior is the procedure consumers experience when they make buys and it includes components that impact their choice and use. This study is directed to comprehend the consumer's conduct in purchasing the items from a specific huge configuration departmental store by analyzing some details. What impacts a consumer in a buy circumstance? Why did he buy the particular item? Is it accurate to say that it was for cost or quality? Did he approach companions or family for