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  • Costa Rica Origin

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    Exploring Costa Rica Origin of Costa Rica Christopher Columbus landed on Costa Rica’s shore on September 15, 1502. He was there for 18 days refitting his ships. When Columbus arrived, four major indigenous tribes were already living there. The Caribs roamed the east coast, while, the Diquis, Chibchas, and Boars roamed the southwest. The natives brought him gold objects which is how it got its name Costa Rica, “Rich Coast”. Spaniards brought smallpox to Costa Rica, which is why many people fled

  • How Did Costa Rica Influence Spanish Culture

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    Costa Rica was first inhabited by its indigenous people sometime between 12,000-11,000 years ago. They were thought to have been nomadic hunters. The first Europeans to arrive were the Spanish in 1502 with the arrival of Christopher Columbus (on his fourth journey) at Puerto Limón. Over 50 years later, in 1561, the Spanish had set up settlements in what is now Cartago in the Central Valley. By the end of the sixteenth century, Costa Rica participated in colonial trade, mostly with foodstuff such

  • The Influence Of Spanish Culture On Costa Rica

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    Costa Rica is a country in Central America. It is bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southwest, the Pacific Ocean to the West, the Caribbean Sea to the East, and Ecuador to the South of Cocos Island. It contains more than 800 miles of coastline. Their population consists of over 4.5 million people. Inhabited by indigenous people ( having a set of specific rights based on their historical ties to a particular territory, and their cultural or historical distinctiveness from other populations

  • Costa Rica-Personal Narrative Essay

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    more than ours. It appears very inch of these abodes and all belongings are taken care of and held with great pride. Surrounding the neighborhood is farmland full of coffee plants by the hundreds and sugar cane by the rows. This is a portrait of Costa Rica. For the first few hours I spent there, it was dark. Riding on a bumpy bus for over an hour, jet lagged, tired, and patiently waiting to arrive at Strong Missions, I could already, in complete darkness, smell a change in the air- no motor or factory

  • Costa Rica Reflection

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    Costa Rica is not only one small yet beautiful country that holds 5% of the world’s biodiversity; its education system also ranked 32nd in world and first in Latin America (Education). From learning about the local flora and fauna to customs such as bambas, education was at the forefront of every one of our activities. Throughout this trip, I grew more confident in my translating skills and realized that a few changes to my teaching practice can result in more effective, student-centered learning

  • Pollution In Costa Rica

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    and in casual conversation, but I never stopped to question my own country’s role in the issue. I had blindly believed that the United States was doing all we could, but my views were reversed when I took a school trip to Costa Rica, a small Central American country. Costa Rica has made incredible environmentally beneficial changes to their electricity production, factories and way of life that the United States defiantly needs to take example from. In the United States, just by looking out your

  • Poverty In Guatemala

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    coffee, sugar, and beef are the most important items of export for Costa Rica, but a variety of industrial and specialized agricultural products have expanded export trade in the past few years. Poverty rates in Costa Rica have remained around 15%-20% for nearly 20 years. Also, the strong social safety net that had been put into place by the government has eroded due to increased financial constraints. Guatemala, Mexico, and Costa Rica all are similar in that a lot of the country’s’ revenue comes from

  • Costa Rica Cultural Artifacts

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    that serve the same purpose, but they have different meanings because of their history. Baskets, weapons, bowls and various other artifacts are good examples of this. Costa Rica is a small country located in Central America. It was a peaceful place until the Spanish arrived around 1522 and started colonizing it (my trans.; Costa Rica Embassy). Many of the American Indian tribes that lived there were almost destroyed, like in many other places. Their heritage though, still lives on to this day as do

  • Costa Rica Volcanoes

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    Costa Rica is beautiful small country. However, it can sometimes be a scary place. Earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides and flooding are all too common for such a small place. Costa Rica lies between the Pacific and Atlantic ocean so one would expect extreme weather such as hurricanes to happen often but that is not the case. Although it rains from May to November, only September and October typically bring the tropical thunderstorms. Considering the extreme weathers and extreme geological location

  • Rainforest In Costa Rica

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    Costa Rica Running as fast as I can branches and vines cutting me up, my heart pounding as I jump over a old log, as I hear my hunter in the distance getting closer with every breath. These areas are known as no man’s land, they are very grueling to the environment. The air feels thick and humid, with a dash of sweet nectar from the trees. Costa Rica as huge rainforest that has small areas that have never been mapped or documented. We know very few animals and plants but know the weather and its

  • Costa Rica Essay

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    1. How did Costa Rica earn its independence? -Costa Rica earned its independence like the rest of Central america. They never fought for their independence from Spain. Costa Rica then becomes part of the Independent Mexican Empire. On September 15, 1821, after the final Spanish defeat in the Mexican War of Independence which lasted through 1810–1821. Soon the authorities in Guatemala declared the independence of all of Central America including Costa Rica. 2. How does Costa Rica’s government system

  • Costa Rican Music In Costa Rica

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    Costa Rica is such a diverse country. With an array of different ecosystems and a mixture of people with roots from all over, it is no surprise that the music has just as much diversity. Costa Rica has plenty of influences on their music: Indigenous, European, African, Western, and other Latin American countries. Therefore, music in Costa Rica stems from various genres because of the many influences from other cultures. Traditional Costa Rican music relies heavily on the indigenous, European, and

  • Visual Arts In Costa Rica

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    Theater defines Costa Rica when it comes to performing. Theater has changed many people's lives. Dance is a way of showing emotion through the body. Art is something people use to express themselves, and their lives on paper. Although literature may not be meaningful, it shows (in depth) what life is like in Costa Rica. The fine arts transform Costa Rica into something beautiful. Visual arts, performing arts, and literature affect life in Costa Rica. Visual Arts affect Costa Rica in many ways

  • Confetti Girl Summary

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    parents do. And they become more rebellious. In the stories Confetti Girl Diana Lopez and Tortilla Sun by Jennifer cervantes, the daughters don't see eye to eye with their parent. Izzy, the girl in Tortilla Sun doesn't want her mother to leave for Costa Rica and her to be alone with her Nana. And the girl in Confetti Girl doesn't enjoy literature as much as her father does and feels like her father cares about books more than her. In the realistic fiction stories Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez and Tortilla

  • Confetti Girl

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    heartbreaking message for her. “‘It 's strange actually. I wasn 't expecting it, but then at the last minute the funding came through.’ She folded her arms across her waist. ‘I 'm going to Costa Rica to finish my research.’... ‘I 'll be gone for most of the summer. I leave Tuesday.’” The mother was going to Costa Rica in order to finish her work. This seemed as a big opportunity for her as she was willing to not see her daughter for all of summer. The girl however did not take this well. She seemed aghast

  • Universal Healthcare In Costa Rica

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    By almost any prevailing tacit, Costa Rica has of one of the best healthcare in Latin America. Health care is constantly being upgraded with new innovations and accesses that provide great quality of life. Costa Rica is a country in Central America, that is “one of the least impoverished countries in the Third World, it provides its residents universal healthcare which has led to the highest life-expectancy averages and the lowest infant mortality rates in Central and South America” (Lherisson 2014)

  • Informative Speech On Costa Rica

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    Costa Rica Have you been to costa rica or learned anything about costa?Well today i will be talking about costa rica and the things I will be talking is Geography,languages,foods,customs,produce and import,and government. Costa rica has a coastlines on the caribbean sea and the pacific oceanThere is volcanos,tropical coastal plains rise mountainsMost of costa rica is mostly dominated by sierra madre and are literally fractured into valleys and ranges by violent volcanosTheir sand is white and

  • Descriptive Essay About Stanley Hotel

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    Have you ever heard of the Stanley Hotel? It is 142 room hotel that was built to resemble the colonial revival era. The hotel was built by Freelan Oscar Stanley after he was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1905. He was told he wasn't going to have a lot of time left to live and needed fresh air. What better place to build a hotel for everyone to enjoy the fresh mountain air than Estes Park, Colorado. This story tells the time I visited this beautiful, mysterious, haunted hotel. Last year my family

  • Costa Rica Spanish Customs

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    In frontier times, Costa Rica was exceedingly affected by Spanish customs. Since Spain was a Catholic country the Catholic religion had an overwhelming impact over customs. Truth be told, numerous present day customs in Costa Rica for the most part originate from the Catholic religion. A significant number of the real conventions identified with religion include: Holy Week, Christmas, August second, immersions, first fellowships, affirmation, engagement gatherings, weddings and funerals. These sorts

  • Costa Rica Rural Development

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    How developed is Costa Rica? My research question is “How developed is Costa Rica and how much does the level of development vary between the two different regions; North Pacific and Central Valley?” This research question relates to the concept of resources because they are often the cause of the variations in the level of development between regions. For example one region can be more developed because of resources such as fertile soil, reliable weather, raw materials etc. This research question