Crossplay Essays

  • Cosplaying In Popular Culture

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    Everyone likes to use his or her Imagination and creativity. Everyone who is either young or old enjoys the exercise of using his or her own mind and this is a kind of exercise which can be found in what is called "cosplaying". A perfect way for people to improve their imagination is by wearing the costumes of their favorite fictional character at Comic-con or SacAnime(Anime convention in Sacramento). People choose their favorite fictional character by two things an Anime show or a graphic novel

  • Informative Essay About Cosplay

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    When referring to cosplay, most who are unaware of the art or the community see it as a sort of dress up. To the unaware world, it’s odd to see a grown adult dressed up as an anime character, a superhero or a character from a video game. It’s easy to just explain it as getting dressed in a costume and attending events with thousands of others who do the same. But within the community, within the person, cosplay is more than just a costume, it’s an art form, and for some it’s their life. Whether it

  • Cosplay Case Study

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    cosplayer and the character they cosplay. Combined with the community emphasis on creative play, this dynamic finds little use for the gender binary’s prescriptive. As evidenced by above research and case studies, there are a wide variety of cosplays, crossplays, and genderbend cosplays. The cosplay community is very supportive and acknowledges gender to be produced and perceived as pertaining to a wider spectrum which helps cosplayers to produce the best cosplays possible, for example Reika as mentioned