Crotalinae Essays

  • Essay On Pit Vipers

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    Pit vipers are fascinating creatures. The scientific name for the pit viper is a Crotalinae. This interesting name originated from Asia and western Europe 24 million years ago. Pit Vipers range in size, they can grow all the way to 12 feet such as the bushmaster and can get as tiny as 2 feet or smaller such as the Mao-Lan pit viper. These creatures are very giant so they can weigh up to 30 pounds, but they can be very tiny as well only weighing 6.6 pounds. The skin of a pit viper makes them stand

  • Story Analysis: Sweat By Delia Jones

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    In the story Sweat by Delia Jones was a women who was married to a man who was abusive and has been cheating on her with a woman named Bertha. During the story Sykes –Delia’s husband-takes all of the matches in the house and brings home a rattle snake to make Delia leave the house but one night the rattle snake was in Delia’s clean clothes basket and when Delia saw the snake she ran out of her house into the barn where she slept for the night. The next morning Sykes finally comes home from a night

  • Red Peter's Little Lady Analysis

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    ‘Red Peter’s Little Lady’ by Ceridwen Dovey and ‘A Report to an Academy’, by Franz Kafka, are literary works that use a variety of techniques to represent the concepts and themes of the ‘Animals, Monsters and Machines’. Over the years, animals have climbed their way into our literature and because of authors’ mastery, readers are able to think about and understand, philosophical concepts and social issues without the offense that is often expressed by audiences when writing about humans. ‘Red Peter’s