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  • Poker Hand Nicknames Research Paper

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    Poker Hand Nicknames Intro The game of poker - Texas Hold'em in particular - is exciting and vibrant. One of the things that make it so entertaining is the unique vocabulary developed by its players to describe the 'high' poker hand rankings the game uses. The nicknames for many of the more common hands are used by spectators, and by the players, so knowing the lingo greatly enhances the enjoyment and understanding of the game. We have got you covered with our poker hand chart and guide to many

  • Alvin The Croupier Case Study Summary

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    Introduction Alvin, the Training Director, wants to send 100 croupiers for the wrong training course. And Margaret, the Director of Gaming Operations, is not approving the idea. This assignment is to state the mistake that Alvin made and the recommendations he can follow. The scope of this assignment is to state the mistakes, recommendations and the effective strategies to get Margaret to support the training. 1. In your own analysis, what possible errors were being made by CAC’s Training Director