Cultural studies Essays

  • Feminist Cultural Study

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    produced as groups make sense of their social existence in the course of everyday experience. Feminist cultural studies can be defined broadly as gender studies focusing on culture, be it in the anthropological sense of the concept or in the sense of culture as manifested in texts, historical or contemporary, or other cultural products. Like Cultural Studies in general, Feminist Cultural Studies focuses on the production of meaning, both in the practices of everyday life and in texts of different

  • Cultural Clash Case Study

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    Assignment 3: Cultural Clash in the Boardroom The representatives in the boardroom consist of both Chinese and German nationals, and both parties bring elements of their culture, such as way of thinking and feeling, into the discussion. In the communication that is taking place here, there are both addressers and addressees. Each culture has a world view of its own, and the two parties are interpreting the messages from their frame of references. In this case, we have both a Western and a non-Western

  • Kendell Geers Cultural Appropriation

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    foreign shore. Culture surrounds us constantly and through its diversity makes life interesting. Cultural appropriation is where by one borrows something from another culture and places them into a different setting and by adding new elements to it gives it a new meaning. Many artists use cultural appropriation to convey messages in their work, an example of this is Kendell Geers. Kendell Geers uses cultural appropriation throughout his artworks relating to South African culture. Kendell Geers is a

  • Compare And Contrast Marxism And Functionalism On Education

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    Marxism Vs Functionalism Inroduction: This essay will discuss the Marxist and Functionalist approaches to education. The essay will likewise examine the two main concepts of sociology and the education system. The way in which Marxists and Functionalists compare education is important within society. The structure and processes of education systems are related to the general process of socialization (Markedbyteachers, 2014). Socialization is how an individual participates in society. All sociologists

  • Voltaire The Rogue Thinker

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    Voltaire: The Rogue Thinker "God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh" (New World Encyclopedia), once said the French Enlightenment writer, Voltaire. Ever since he began to become popular in Europe, Voltaire had an intense dedication to his beliefs. This offset the fact that he never created a philosophy of his own. He was a man of ideas rather than systems, and he used his works to criticize them. Attacking religion because of its systems, Voltaire gathered a great deal of attention

  • Advakian Cultural Identity

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    Cultural identity involves the formation of an individual’s solid qualities that influence on how different the individual reflects on the cultural phenomena and people surrounding him. In addition, cultural identity is the feeling of an individual’s belonging to a group. Indeed, this identity can be inherited or built by the influence of surroundings. Indeed, the question of the cultural identity of the immigrants has been studied by many scholars. Many argued that their identity is fixed and connected

  • Ruth Benedict's Theory Of Normality In Other Culture

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    culture, it would not give us the right to criticize others. Rachels gives the example of the genocide of Jews. German Nazi’s saw that assassinating them was okay but it does not mean that it was okay. It was still a world outrage. He proposes that cultural relativism would manifest three significant consequences. The first is that one society cannot say they are better than another. We would not be allowed to say that a Communist country is inferior to us. The second is that one would be able to decide

  • Four Stages Of The Maturational Theory Of Cognitive Development

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    Theory of Cognitive Development The cognitive theory of development is the human intelligence enhancement of an individual throughout their life-span. There are four stages that are involved in the intellectual development of an individual during his or her life. Complexity and abstraction are evident with increase throughout the cognitive development theory of any normal person. The four stages of the cognitive development theory comprise of sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and

  • Three Main Factors That Contribute To Social Disorganization

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    Differential Association Edwin Sutherland Theory proports that through interaction with others individuals learn values, attitudes, techniques, motives for criminal behaviour. Two different cultures exist, with one being criminal and the other conventional. Normal learning occurs through verbal and non verbal communication that helps to establish whether attitudes of individuals is favorable to law violation through normal learning processes by individuals who are disposed towards breaking the

  • Different Approaches To Counselling Psychology (COP)

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    1. Introduction Counselling Psychology (CoP) is a relatively new profession. CoP finds its roots in counselling and psychology, two disciplines with different approaches. With its roots in the counselling profession CoP indicates a humanistic basis whilst the psychological aspect of CoP indicates a more scientific approach. Since its creation in 1994, CoP has tried to integrate these two approaches in order to present a more coherent and balanced profession/role. A debate arisen from these attempts

  • Ethical Principles In Medical Research Practice

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    ethical standards, which endorses respect to all the human subjects. It is advised in the declaration for the researchers to take sufficient precautions in protecting the privacy, confidentiality of patient’s personal data, in reducing the impact of the study on the physical, social and mental integrity of the subjects. The healthcare professional is allowed to combine medical research with medical care only to the extent that the research done is potential enough to prevent, diagnose and treat the medical

  • Cultural Sensitivity Analysis

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    Introduction The article, "Why Cultural Sensitivity Training Is Ineffective and Insensitive” by Susana Rinderle states that Cultural sensitivity includes more than simply being mindful of different societies, ethnic gatherings, and traditions. It includes more than simply being tolerant of varying ways of life. It includes more than simply suspending your judgments. Being culturally subtle means having the ability to work successfully in different societies.Cultural sensitivity training is often

  • Gratifications Theory Of Social Media

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    acquired the status of social institutions in their own right" (Bolin, 2014, p. 177). It shows that media influence social spheres at the same time from the inside and outside, but are never truly separated as they are developed in a preexisting cultural framework. The case

  • Patient Centered Care Essay

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    Patient centered care is an approach of forming a therapeutic relationship between care providers, older people and families, mainly focusing on the values and respect (lenus). Care of which is respectful to an individual’s needs, values, social circumstances, lifestyles and family situations by putting them at the centre of care is a priority. This is a way of thinking and doing things in a way of using health and social services as partners. Meeting the needs of the older person include personalising

  • Cultural Factors Influencing Mental Health Nursing

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    they believe in and also their culture. This assignment will be discussing about the cultural factors influencing mental healthcare nursing practice, the stigma associated with mental illness and types of stigma, advantages and disadvantages of using traditional healers in mental illness and the challenges faced by mental healthcare users in terms of occupational and social functioning.   Cultural factors influencing mental health nursing practice Culture has been termed in many different

  • Pat Mora Legal Alien Analysis

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    People act a certain way and dress a certain way because of their culture also. Someone's culture has a significant impact on the way they view themselves and others because cultural identity shapes not only how we make sense of our own experiences, but of our worldview as well. One indicator of the strength of a person's cultural identity is how certain, or uncertain, they are about their culture. In Legal Alien, the author, Pat Mora, is Mexican-American, but she isn't sure with which culture she identifies

  • Multicultural Competence Frontline Human Service Providers

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    definitions provided by ninety nine different human service providers who are on the frontline serving in the helping capacity. All information they have in counseling was gain from firsthand experience. Color blindness, client focused, acknowledgement of cultural differences, textbook consistent, resources driven, skills-based, and self-integrated, are used throughout the article as terms that are frequently used to define multicultural. The

  • Dorothea Orem's Self-Care Theory In Nursing Practice

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    Nursing practice mostly is based on nursing theories which makes the nursing discipline a profession. The nursing theories have differentiates focus of nursing from other profession. Nursing theories provide direction and guidance for structuring professional nursing practice, education and research. Besides, nursing theories serve to guide on assessment, intervention and evaluation of nursing care in order to provide effective decision making and implementation quality of nursing care. Hence, I

  • Culture Crash And Cultural Capital Analysis

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    Compare the different approaches that Timberg in Culture Crash and Hewison’s Cultural Capital take to a single aspect of the contemporary culture industry. In this essay I will discuss the different approaches that Timberg and Hewison used in their respective books Culture Crash and Cultural Capital. Scott Timberg discusses the ever growing threat to the creative class. Which he defines as “anyone who helps create or disseminate culture,” this includes musicians, librarians, artists,architects

  • Definition Essay: The American Dream

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    Chalmers, Shakira English 096 Prof. Lisa Helrich 8th December, 2016 American Dream People say that they want the American Dream but what exactly is the “American Dream”? The American Dream means the idea that every U.S citizen should have equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work determination and initiative. It’s a term used for the “way of life”. The question now is that “. Is this dream attainable”? That still varies, people have different ways of viewing the American