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  • Tourism And Cultural Tourism

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    are seeking authentic experiences. This is when most will turn to cultural tourism. Cultural Tourism is “the traveling to experience the places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present.” This practice has a long history, with its roots in the Grand Tour era. Cultural Tourism emphasizes on the education, and communicative experience on the authenticity of such travel. Cultural Tourism has always been associated positively with the promotion of one’s

  • Cultural Tourism In China

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    Introduction Tourism is a social, cultural and economic phenomenon. It’s the movement of people to countries or places outside their usual environment for personal, business or professional purposes. They are called visitors (which may be either tourists or excursionists; residents or non-residents) and tourism has to do with their activities, many of which involve tourism expenditure (UNWTO, 2014). Tourism affects the environment, economy and the local people. So, it’s mandatory to have a proper

  • Importance Of Cultural Tourism

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    Cultural tourism is related to the tourism of the given country, wherein cultural values are quite high. People are attracted to visit these places, since it is of high importance from the cultural perspective. However, it includes everything, the lifestyles of the people, the geographical history, the cultural values and principles, the religions followed by the respective people of that nation, their art and architecture, and several other elements, which increase the cultural importance of the

  • Cultural Heritage Tourism

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    section{Cultural Heritage Tourism} label{key:slearn} Cultural heritage tourism is the travelling activities of tourists to the cultural places away from their usual environment with the intention to obtain new experiences to satisfy their cultural needs, including landscapes, the visual and performing arts, and special (local) lifestyles, values, traditions, events as well as other ways of creative and inter-cultural exchange processes. According to cite{hinsberg03}, Cultural tourism is important

  • Socio Cultural Impacts Of Tourism

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    Socio Cultural Impacts of Tourism Since the massive growth of tourism to destination, numerous studies have been conducted on the impacts of tourism. Sharma (2013) study looked at the socio cultural impacts of tourism at Jaisalmer. His study reveals that “tourism carries impacts that are mostly positive on the socio cultural environment.” However, the definition for socio cultural was not clearly defined, before mention was made about the types of impacts tourism has on the environment and how the

  • Cultural Impact Of Tourism Essay

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    Impact of tourism on culture perspective Löfgren takes us on a tour of the Western holiday world and shows how two centuries of "learning to be a tourist" have shaped our own ways of vacationing. It shows how fashion in destination has changed through the years; with popular images (written, painted, and later photographed) teaching the tourist what to look for and how to experience it. In this case a good example is Goa. From the late 60’s to the early 80’s when the hippy culture was at its height

  • Cultural Impacts Of Tourism Essay

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    Positive Socio-Cultural Impacts of Tourism Since the massive growth of tourism to destination, numerous studies have being conducted on the impacts of tourism. Sharma, S. (2013), “Study looked at the Socio-Cultural impacts of tourism. His study reveals that there are both positive and negative socio cultural impacts of tourism.” However, he did not state clearly what the impacts were and how they have affected or benefited the community. Ivana, I. et al (2015), and Aref, F. (2011), “Says the positive

  • The Importance Of Tourism In Cultural Tourism

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    as “becoming physically (or virtually) a part of the experience itself” (Pine and Gilmore,1999) Different experiences thought as entertainment by the customer for example going to a show involves customer’s participation in a passive manner. For tourism and hospitality marketers, however, the key to this realm may be to apply it more holistically, i.e. to incorporate entertainment into areas outside

  • Cultural Heritage Tourism In America

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    On the contrary, the United States has the benefit of its diverse cultures, which leads its tourism more sustainable. The United States does not practice the cultural heritage tourism because it does not have the museums and monuments as much as France does. However, there are different features in each tourist city of the United States, which attract tourists to stay longer. For example, the feature of the West Coast is about sunshine and beaches, and therefore some famous attractions in San Francisco

  • The Importance Of Cultural/Heritage Tourism

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    Nowadays tourism has become one of the major social and economic phenomena that spread around the world and became part of our daily routine. Millions of people travel every day, internationally and domestically, with different intentions and motives. In 1987, Chadwick provided a simplified categorisation of travelling motivations that included three main headings: pleasure, professional and other purposes (Mason, 2015). The seeking for pleasure is one of the most prevalent motivation in contemporary

  • What Is Cultural Tourism

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    Chapter 2: Cultural Tourism and Economic Development 2.1 Introduction The term ‘cultural tourism’ will be one of the focuses in this research paper. This chapter will define the term based of several sources to later draw a conclusion of the definition that will be used throughout this paper. This chapter will also describe the extent of ‘economic development’ that will be affected by tourism. 2.2 Cultural Tourism The definition of cultural tourism varies based on several resources. As Mckercher

  • Influence Of Cultural Tourism

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    The landscape of the cultural tourism industry is becoming increasingly competitive as there is a growing number of companies offering similar cultural travel experiences. O’Leary and Deegan(2003) defines cultural tourism as “a destination’s tangible and intangible heritage”, this includes “historical places” and “traditional richness”(as cited in Katsoni, 2014). Understanding and taking advantage of the trends in the cultural tourism industry and consumer behavior are more vital than ever for travel

  • Effects Of Cultural Tourism

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    Introduction Tourism is defined as travelling for leisure, business, religious, family or recreational purposes for a limited time span. Culture is defined as the society’s art, literature, and way of life, their value systems, traditions and beliefs. Culture can be seen through things like the language of the society, the way they react to certain situations and also through their way of thinking. Cultural tourism happens when an individual travels in order to learn about culture of a country

  • Tourism: The Social And Cultural Impact Of Tourism

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    1.0 Introduction Tourism can be defined as a social, cultural and economic phenomenon which entails the movement of people to countries or places outside their usual environment for personal or business/professional purposes (UNTWO n.d). Therefore, thanks to this activity two distinct communities with different values, interact. The way they influence each other through direct indirect contact is called the socio and cultural impact of tourism (Woodson 2013). Depending on how the interactions are

  • Disadvantages Of Cultural Tourism

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    Cultural tourism is deemed as one of the most important forms in the tourism industry and UNWTO predicts that it will become one of its main forms of focus by 2020 (Niemczyk, 2013). The council of Europe has actively developed cultural tourism to support culture. The record of protected monuments in the European Union (EU) and that of buildings of historical interest in European Commission indicated that the development of cultural tourisms underscore the increasing critical position of culture and

  • Essay On Cultural Tourism

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    Controversial issues Even in culture tourism, the authenticity of a culture is often compromised. A situation known as “staged authenticity” is frequently an issue. This terms refers to cultural experiences experienced by tourists to be fake, and staged for the tourists. An example would be the sacred, religious dances in Bali. Originally a dance for religious purposes, they are now changed, commoditized, and promoted as a tourism product to entice tourists. The initial purposes of the dances is

  • Cultural Tourism In Bhaktapur Case Study

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    State of Cultural Tourism in Bhaktapur Introduction Cultural tourism is a common concern in global phenomenon as people are curious to learn more about different types of culture exiting in different part of the world which are totally unique factor of attractions.Nepal is regarded as one of the best tourist destination in the world. Each district of the country possess unique cultural activities and cultural attractions. Among them Bhaktapur is one of the destination for the tourist. Since this

  • Importance Of Cultural Tourism Essay

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    Tourism is one of the largest and dynamically developing sectors of external economic activities. Its rapid growth and development rates, considerable volumes of foreign currency inflows, infrastructure development, introduction of new management and educational experience actively affect distinct sectors of economy that positively contribute to the social and economic development of the country. Cultural tourism is defined as the enhancement of interaction between different cultures. The travellers

  • The Importance Of Cultural Heritage Tourism

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    fact. Since its establishment as a tourism hotspot, Jamaica is flaunted as one of the Caribbean region’s most beautiful and unique getaways. This reputation has been solidified through its many grand resorts and hotels that put an emphasis on the typical offerings of “sun, sea and sand” as mentioned by Janice Francis-Lindsay (2009) in her article comparing the cases of Japan and Jamaica regarding their cultural heritage potential. In the past,

  • Importance Of Cultural Tourism In Korea

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    1. Introduction It is a common perception that tourism has been growing to become one of the fastest growing industry in the world. According to the recent report of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), “from 1950 to 2005, the international tourism arrivals expanded at an annual rate of 6.5%, growing from 25 million to 806 million travelers. And worldwide arrivals reached 842 million in 2006, representing a 4.6% year on year growth.” 842 million international travelers amount to