Cultural tourism Essays

  • The Socio-Cultural Impacts Of Tourism Research

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    that tourism impact destinations in developing countries, where the difference in cultural and economic characteristics between local people and, primarily, relatively wealthy western tourists is likely to be greatest (WTO 1981). At the same time in respect it would be considered unfortunate for tourism not to have some socio- cultural consequences on destinations; as a catalyst of development, tourism is usually promoted with the purpose of economic and social betterment. Moreover, tourism is seen

  • Essay On Impact Of Tourism

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    Tourism is the income of people from one place to another place for vacation, but it can also be for business or entertainment. Tourism can either be international or domestic. Tourism has an influence on any country, either it’s for a positive impact or a negative impact. An example one might consider includes that the tourism in that individual country could possibly increase the income and positively improve the economic aspect of the country, but tourism can also negatively impact the environment

  • Social, Social And Economic Benefits Of Tourism

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    Benefits of Tourism Tourism is an important activity that people has undertaken for a very long time in the most countries around the world. In recent time it has been recognized as an important social and economic phenomenon. As well as its direct effect it has indirect effects both on the society and at the individual level. . The interaction between tourists and poor communities can provide a number of intangible and practical benefits. These can range from increased awareness of cultural, environmental

  • Destination Marketing Organization: A Case Study

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    “The role of Destination Marketing Organisations in distributing and marketing the tourism product” Destination management and destination marketing organizations (DMOs) are new phenomena in tourism professional practice and in the tourism literature. However, they have now become recognized as being integral to the success of a tourism destination (Alastair, 2012). Defining DMOs According to a Destination Marketing Organization is an organization whose primary function is to

  • The Importance Of Tourism In Belize

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    decades, tourism has experienced continued growth and deepening ‎diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world.” In Belize, tourism is one of the growing industries that has to a large extent, a great influence on the economy. The tourism industry has demonstrated success and commitment to maintain the authenticity of its attractions fostering attractive platforms for investors looking to cater the growing number experience-Based tourist. Yet tourism is not the

  • Controversy: The Effect Of Tourism On Under Developed Nations

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    The effect of tourism on under developed nations, which was always debatable, has now become more controversial. The substantial influence of tourism has sparked the controversy over the potential impact of this on impoverished nations in recent years. As such, with its advantages come correlative disadvantages too some of which are equally as severe as the upsides. In this essay, I will delineate them all with pertinent arguments and examples before deducing a quintessential conclusion. At the

  • Tourism And Leisure Time

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    1. The Tourism industry and Leisure time The time is a very valuable asset, that anyone can ever posses. The time people spend for something is unconsciously defining what is valuable and valueless for them. Few of the main areas, human beings spend time for are leisure and tourism. (reference, some psychology book and leisure) There are different definitions for leisure time, but in simple terms, leisure is anything on which people spend their free time and income. In order to understand how people

  • Bsbg402b Analysis Of Consumer Behavior

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    for specific markets Assessment Task 2: Project – Consumer behavior analysis A summary of domestic consumer participation in Aboriginal tourism experiences. You should include: Key information about the demographics of domestic consumers participating in Aboriginal tourism experiences, as well as their general attitudes towards participating in Aboriginal tourism experiences. Age: between 10-60 Place of birth: Australian territory Disability: disabilities are allowed to travel but will be considered

  • Monkey Mia Case Study

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    significance of certainty of the wildlife interaction was highlighted by the ranking exercise and is in line with results reported elsewhere (Fredline & Faulkner, 2001; Higginbottom, 2004). Some authors have argued that the basic premise of wildlife-based tourism is the predictable occurrence of wildlife (Higginbottom, 2004; Duffus & Dearden, 1990). In the case of Monkey Mia, this has been achieved through the feeding programme. Our results indicated that the large majority of visitors (85%, n= 205) did not

  • Zayed Grand Mosque Essay

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    it is also a sacred place for worshippers. This Mosque open for Muslims and Non-Muslims as an impressive welcome to the capital city of United Arab Emirates. A visit to this Mosque not only intriguing you with the religious atmosphere, but also a cultural movement where people around the world with background diversity come to visit this wonder place. Architectural Features Its design and construction 'unites the world', using artisans, craftsmen and materials from many countries including Italy

  • The Importance Of MICE In Travel And Tourism

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    The expression "MICE" in travel and Tourism is for Meetings, Motivators, Conferences and Exhibitions. It alludes to a specific tourism devoted to arranging, booking and encouraging meetings, workshops and different occasions. Some of the time the gatherings or occasions industry, MICE travel includes a number of parts. They incorporate corporate gatherings and tradition divisions of lodgings, nourishment and drink administrators; meeting focuses or voyage ships; coordinations firms;

  • Hospitality Industry Essay

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    home away from home. It is the pure relation between the guest and host. The field work include the management of hotels, restaurants & other tourist attractions comprising of the hospitality industry facets of hospitality management includes – TOURISM MANAGEMENT, HOTEL MANAGEMENT, EVENT MANAGEMENT, RESORT MANAGEMENT, etc.. Introduction Evolved to be the fastest growing sector, today. It is a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Provide a huge network of business also increases employability. Characteristics

  • Quintana Roo Mexico Research Paper

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    3246804 Cancun Quintana Roo Mexico Cancun and Mexican city best known as tourist place due to its comfort ability and landscape. Its located on the north east coastline of Yucatan Peninsula in the city of Quintana Roo. Cancun is situated just north of Mexican Caribbean coastline. The scenery of Cancun inspires the growth of various colorful flowers, such as splendors and charming wildlife, like the prehistoric-looking iguanas. Owing to its close perfect climate, natural beauty and easy approachability

  • Dubai Sightseeing Essay

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    Dubai Sightseeing: Not To Miss Experiences for Any Traveller The United Arab Emirates is famous for many things and the popularly known for the tall tower, man-made islands, modern architecture, luxury lifestyle, and shopping is the city of Dubai. On one side if you have the glittering wonderful city then on the other side dessert to explore during your vacation. In fact, Dubai is the hot spot for all the travellers and back packers for the iconic skylines, revolutionary hotels which are transformed

  • Pros And Cons Of Coastal Management

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    are used • The pros and cons of the types of coastal management Word limit is 2500 including references. Why is it important to defend the coast? Coastlines today, tend to be very heavily populated areas that are of high economic value due to tourism as well as key access point to ocean fisheries resources and sea transport routes. However, coastlines are particularly prone to flooding, whereby these fragile ecosystems take a long time to recover if they are degraded or destroyed. What is Coastal

  • Process Essay On Summer Vacation

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    Summer vacations are so popular that more families and couples are interested in taking one. When choosing your desired summer vacation destination, there are actually many factors and options you need to consider first. Summer vacations are so popular that each year a large number of families or/and couples would be interested to take one. There are actually numerous ways to help you to make your reservations for that fabulous summer vacation. Before packing for your summer vacation, you should

  • The Night Time Economy

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    diverse populations come together for excitement and spontaneity. The evening and the night time economy are particularly important to cities, having a variety of leisure and cultural offer can play an important factor for the reason why workers and students choose to move to cities (Manchester City Council, 2014). Tourism, leisure and business within our cities have grown between the hours of 5pm to 6am, with an array of entertainment and activities on offer including themed pubs, designer clubs

  • Travel Persuasive Essay

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    travelling in Victoria and general can engage with the destination in ways that can make positive impacts towards the ongoing social, environmental and/or economic care, well-being and sustainability of the place being visited. Citizen science tourism has quite a few projects that tourists can get involved during their holidays in Victoria, for instance, you have the Fluke Post project and many more others that tourist can get involved in. A little detail about Melbourne it’s the second biggest

  • The Importance Of Unplanned Events

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    INTRODUCTION “Festivals and events are special times in people’s lives, they give us the opportunity to go outside normal experiences for a cultural, social or leisure experience.” – Daves and Brown (2000). Events are a special part of life and most individuals would have had the opportunity to experience an event or some sort, and in the process, enhance their cultural, social and leisure experience. So what exactly is an event? Originally derived from the Latin word “eventus” which means “outcome, result

  • Liability Of Foreignness

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    1. Introduction 1.1 Background Resulting from the globalisation and economic integration, an increasing number of individuals started to migrate to other countries and among of those people, a great number of people choose to engage in entrepreneurship after they have relocated and settled in the host country (Decker, A 2015). The Netherlands, among all the western countries, has become one of the most attractive countries for immigrants. According to Vermeulen & Penninx, (2000), immigration exceeded