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  • Reflection: Reflections: Music And Dance In Music

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    An event was help on Tuesday, October 24, in the Selina Corban Auditorium at the Lebanese American University, Byblos. “Reflections”, a music and dance performance that includes a variety of music by forgotten female composers. It is mainly directed for the main cause of gender equality. Gender equality is at the very heart of human rights and United Nations values. It was an honor to have Sally Koo play the violin, along with Seba Ali who played the piano. They played 9 pieces by 8 female composers

  • The Importance Of Electronic Dance Music

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    The evolution of music towards modern digitalization has encouraged artists and music enthusiasts to explore a new set of sound called electronic dance music (EDM). Since the late 1980’s until present, EDM is considered as a paradigm shift in music industry and dubbed as the modern-age rock with a huge market potential yet to be discovered in Southeast Asia. “DJ MAG, the world’s leading electronic dance music magazine, brings the best of DJ’s, music, and dance culture from around the world into

  • The Music That Makes Me Dance Analysis

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    I viewed Diahann Carroll’s performance of a heartfelt love song, “The Music That Makes Me Dance” from Funny Girl. The song is written by Jule Styne and Bob Merrill. Carroll’s recording was made in 1968, four years after the role of Fanny Brice had been made famous by Barbra Streisand. I view Carroll as a confident artist for putting this song out into the world after such a groundbreaking, well known performance of it circulated. All of this being said, her performance was spectacular and showed

  • Dancing At Lughnasa Analysis

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    How does Brian Friel show the topic of change in” Dancing at Lughnasa” and how well or badly do the characters handle it? ” Dancing at Lughnasa” is a play written by Brian Friel first published in 1990. In the play, Friel tells the story of Ireland as a whole through the story of a family living in Ballybeg, Donegal. The family consists of five sisters and their brother, as well as Michael. Michael is the son of one of the sisters, Christina, but more importantly the narrator of the story. The play

  • Dancing At Lughnasa Summary

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    Where this strict behavior is in contrast with paganism, the dances and songs of the sisters inside the home, where they can feel more freedom, in the domestic life, the place that women of the time occupied. We can see how this in some cases are liked with various events that were taking place in different places

  • Dance In Indian Culture

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    compared to other religions. In the past, dance and music plays an important aspect in the indian culture. Due to the fact that forms of entertainment was scarce, dance and music seeped into their lives. Dance is a way of expressing oneself when dancing, an art form that consists of sequences which incorporates into a movement series. Dance is not only a form of communication but the opportunities for connections. In the words of Mrs Bhaskar,’ if not for dance, I will not be able to have connections

  • Nightlife Culture In Baguio City

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    guide the clubbers through the tables and to the dance floor. The place is dim but is illuminated by the lights from the stage and the strobe lights at the dance floor and the walls. My first encounter with the clubbing experience dates back to 2004 when a friend from Manila came to Baguio City and wanted to get a feel of how clubbing happens in the city. Being an enthusiast of creating and playing music rather than an interpreter of music through dance, I just sat in a corner seeping my drink and observed

  • Baguio City Nightlife Life

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    The night is chilly but people are sweating. Despite the perspiration and smoke all around the room, people, mostly teens, college students and young professionals, do not seem to mind the movement of time, space and noise. Rather, they are comfortable dancing and exerting their energy by whooping and in a chorus, shouting the expression “CHEERS!”. Sound, smoke and sight are suspended by glass doors and panels from the inside to separate this little social world from the rest of the society. The

  • Number One Spot Video Analysis

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    In the video literally, everything becomes golden – the walls in the room, the carpet, the Afro haircut of Ludacris, his suit, skirts of dancing girls, the party ball, plenty of – way too many – chains rapper wears on his neck. Women in the video dance to the beat while wearing colorful and neon short dresses and having an incredibly big size of boobs which are too big for their bras. The Number One Spot last scene presents the Fat Bastard from Austin Powers, played certainly by Ludacris, and eating

  • My Dance Experience

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    My finger violently shook as I pressed send on my audition video and resume to the dance program at Julliard. I had given my life to dance as I grew up. Never had there been I day when I hadn’t danced. I spent my week nights dancing for hours on end, and the weekends driving to near states to compete. Although I miss some free time and other opportunities, I couldn’t imagine a life without dance. Dance fills me with joy and helps me express any emotion that I feel and can’t convey with words. I

  • The Themes Of Love And Love In 'Flash Dance'

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    ‘Flash Dance’(1983) dir. Adrian Lynn follows the story of Alex Owens, a young 18 year old welder who dreams of one day being able to join an elite group of ballet dancers. In comparison to, ‘West Side Story’ the narrative of ‘Flash Dance’ is one that concentrates on the women and how they control their bodies, the plot focuses on the passion and lustfulness in a relationship compared to previously mentioned filmed which concentrates on the love aspect of romance. ‘Flash Dance’ challenges the patriarchal

  • Essay On Bhangra

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    Courtney, David. "BHANGRA: MUSIC AND DANCE FROM THE PUNJAB." Bhangra: Music and Dance from the Punjab. N.p., 13 Apr. 2015. Web. 01 Dec. 2015. When someone talks about Bhangra, there could be many different types of dance form we can refer too. With Bhangra itself being a main dance form, there are several sub categories of dancing style available. Some of the major dance forms of Bhangra are Giddha, Jhumar, Kikli, Luddi and Dhamal. Out of all these dance forms, Giddha is one of the form which

  • Vaslav Nijinsky: Breaking The Barrier Analysis

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    Vaslav Nijinsky, one of the most renowned and admired dancers of the 20th century, was known for his astounding leaps and interpretations and his ability to dance en pointe. Nijinsky forever changed the world of dance, serving as an inspiration for the pioneers of what we now know to be modern dance. He broke down the barrier between dance and emotion by dancing with an entirely new technique that he felt portrayed the essence of his creations, instead of confining himself to the familiarity of

  • Famous Dancer Essay

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    Archeologists delivered some traces of dance from prehistoric times such as nearly 9,000-year-old Bhimbetka rock shelters paintings in India and the Egyptian tomb paintings depicting dancing figures from c. 3300 BC. Benefits Of Dancing Dancing isn’t just an activity that provides a way of dealing with your emotions. It’s also a way of improving your health and meeting new people who share the same interest with you. The number of people taking part in dance classes all around the world is increasing

  • A Comparison Of The Caribbean Dance In Mambo Girl And Shall We Dansu?

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    intimate journey into the world of ballroom dance. Both Mambo Girl and Shall We Dansu? emphasize the close relationship between intimacy and Latin dance by linking Kailing and Mr. Sugiyama’s manners of dancing Latin to the emotional connection each has with other characters. For Kailing, the presence and absence of physical contact with others while dancing signals the degree of intimacy she has with those around her, whereas, for Mr. Sugiyama, ballroom dance serves as a gateway to intimacy. Ultimately

  • Essay About My Dance

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    through dancing. My race is Malay and the traditional Malay dance that I love is called Joget. It gives a lot more emphasize on the hips and feet compared to the hands. Most of the time the feet determines the movement while the hands just compliment the steps. It starts slow, following the beat of the song that is accompanied by traditional musical instruments such as gong, gendang and rebana, which is a Malay tambourine and when the music gradually builds up to a faster beat, the feet movement gets

  • Apollo Musagete Analysis

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    Dance Analysis Apollo ( Apollo Musagete) Choreographed by: George Balanchine January 22, 1904 - April 30, 1983 “Movement must be self explanatory. If it isn’t, it has failed” 1. BIOGRAPHY • A Russian dancer, choreographer and teacher named “ the father of American Ballet”. • George Balanchine’s real name was Georgi Melitonovitch Balanchivadze. • He was born on 22 January 1904 in St. Petersburg, Russia. • The son of a composer, Balanchine studied piano from the age of five and had a robust

  • Dance Career Opportunities

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    People underestimate the number of careers there are in the world relating to dance. Most people assume that there is only one – a dancer. This, however, is not the case. I strongly believe that there are many opportunities to take dance to the next level, whether it includes actual performing, choreographing, designing or even strengthening other dancers. Taking up a career in dance is usually assumed to be a bad decision by many people. Numbers of dancers don’t get to live their dreams because

  • Personal Narrative Essay On Competitions

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    guards name and the name of their show, and the whole stadium went silent with anticipation of the next show. The music starts and the guard begins to dance around the floor, moving to pick up their flags or rifles. The music begins to build and everybody is leaning forward, on the edge of their seat. The tension rising as they spin faster, preparing for their first hit. As the music hits it peak the flags are tossed into the air, spinning in near perfect unison and float back down into the hands

  • Dance And Dance In Petrushka

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    Known as one of the most popular of the Ballet Russes, the production Petrushka, choreographed by Michel Fokine with music composed by Igor Stravinsky, presents an unconventional approach to ballet in the early 1900’s. Fokine combined his ballet experience and knowledge of the dramatic arts to design a highly stimulating production that’s influence has allowed many dance academies to continually perform. The four scene ballet tells the story of love and jealousy between three puppets at a fair in