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  • The Bee Gees Influence Dance Music

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    soulful ballad style before switching in the mid-1970s to R&B-influenced dance music, becoming a leading force behind the era's disco phenomenon. Although the Bee Gees were no longer a hit-making force by the early 1980s, they remained dedicated performers, launching a comeback near the end of the decade that sustained them throughout the 1990s. Due to the group's strong associations with disco—a style often dismissed by serious music fans—the Bee Gees never earned strong critical praise, although certain

  • Grease The Movie Essay

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    great musical numbers accompanied with wonderfully executed dance routines and an unforgettable plot. Although there are questionable incidents throughout, it will always be classic. Grease is a romantic-comedy-musical, set in the 50’s, telling the story of two summer sweethearts who met at the beach but are separated by the return of school.

  • Dancing At Lughnasa Analysis

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    How does Brian Friel show the topic of change in” Dancing at Lughnasa” and how well or badly do the characters handle it? ” Dancing at Lughnasa” is a play written by Brian Friel first published in 1990. In the play, Friel tells the story of Ireland as a whole through the story of a family living in Ballybeg, Donegal. The family consists of five sisters and their brother, as well as Michael. Michael is the son of one of the sisters, Christina, but more importantly the narrator of the story. The play

  • Dancing At Lughnasa Analysis

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    Where this strict behavior is in contrast with paganism, the dances and songs of the sisters inside the home, where they can feel more freedom, in the domestic life, the place that women of the time occupied. We can see how this in some cases are liked with various events that were taking place in different places

  • Dance In Indian Culture

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    compared to other religions. In the past, dance and music plays an important aspect in the indian culture. Due to the fact that forms of entertainment was scarce, dance and music seeped into their lives. Dance is a way of expressing oneself when dancing, an art form that consists of sequences which incorporates into a movement series. Dance is not only a form of communication but the opportunities for connections. In the words of Mrs Bhaskar,’ if not for dance, I will not be able to have connections

  • Falling Into Dance Concert Report

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    Falling into dance was a hypnotizing performance that enthralled its audience and stood to make a point. The point that this was not an average high school performance. Within the first act alone, it had sent me through a range of emotions and understandings. I understood love from Audrey and Prudencio and I understood death from Layla and Lindsey. The performance in its entirety left me in awe. By the first half of act 1, I was sold on the dancer 's professionalism and obvious commitment.

  • Analysis Of Aaron Copland's Ballet 'Rodeo'

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    Rodeo originated from the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, with the music composed by Copland and the dance choreography by Agnes de Mille. The Ballet had it 's premiere at the Metropolitan Opera House on October 16, 1942. The ballet 's scene starts at Burnt Ranch where a cowgirl is competing with other visiting "city" girls for the attention of some local cowboys, like the Head Wrangler. Copland used a combination of two square dance tunes called Bonyparte and McLeod 's Reel, to present an uplifting

  • Comparing The Jingle Dress Dance And Powwow Dance

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    Powwows are celebrations that showcase Aboriginal music, dances, dance apparel, food and crafts. Powwow dances are beautiful expressions of indigenous spirituality, history and culture. Two of these dances that are performed both traditionally and competitively at powwows are the Hoop dance and the Jingle Dress dance. These dances have both similarities and differences that I will outline below. Both the Hoop dance and the Jingle Dress dance are performed by the Anishinaabe (Ojibwa origins),

  • Fuego Tropical Concert Report

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    one of the faculty members at MSUM. There were two styles of music performed at this concert, which were Steelband and Salsa. Going into this, I knew some background on the history of steel drums and Trinidad, but not a lot about salsa dancing or the history behind the dance and music. Therefore, I decided to take a closer look at salsa, and find out the history and culture surrounding it. In the late 1950s, Fidel Castro

  • Vaslav Nijinsky: Breaking The Barrier

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    Vaslav Nijinsky, one of the most renowned and admired dancers of the 20th century, was known for his astounding leaps and interpretations and his ability to dance en pointe. Nijinsky forever changed the world of dance, serving as an inspiration for the pioneers of what we now know to be modern dance. He broke down the barrier between dance and emotion by dancing with an entirely new technique that he felt portrayed the essence of his creations, instead of confining himself to the familiarity of

  • Informative Essay: Understanding Popular Music Culture

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    “popular music culture refers to the ways of making, dissemination, and consuming music; the economic and technological practices associated with these processes; and discourse created by these practices.”Pg 2 (Understanding Popular Music Culture) Music unlocks your mentality to new speculations. It Influences your appearance, the way you dance, your speech and so much more. My senior year of high school for Halloween I remember this girl dressed as Miley Cyrus in her Wrecking ball music video. Now

  • Personal Narrative: Mats In High School

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    area where we can set our bags down. We set them down in one of their gyms. And in the gym, they have fourteen mats places for teams to practice on. Every team goes to these mats do a quick warm up, go over tumbling, and stunting, and along with the dance. Then you hear loudly the director say "Performing, on deck, or in the hole." Each team gets a number, and the number that is given to the team they will be performing. So we got our number. Couch and the girl go to into the main gym where

  • Pas Deux Of The Sugarplum Fairy Analysis

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    The “Pas De Deux of the Sugarplum Fairy” is a classic piece from The Nutcracker created by contemporary ballet choreographer, George Balanchine. The Nutcracker, comprised of two acts, is about a young girl waking up to a fairytale journey involving many characters like the Mouse King, the Sugarplum Fairy and her Cavailer, and the Nutcracker who turns into the Prince. The “Pas De Deux of the Sugarplum Fairy”, a piece from the second act, specifically revolves around the Sugarplum Fairy and Cavailer

  • San Diego Dance History

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    The San Diego Ballet performed Romeo and Juliet at the Old Town Temecula Theatre on October the 25th. This dance company uses music from a famous composer Sergei Prokofiev and the choreography was done by Javier Velasco. Velasco explains that his focus was centered on the two young people in love, Romeo and Juliet. He wanted to give the audience a glimpse of the first sensation of one’s true love. It was decided by Javier Velasco to select a smaller cast of colorful characters that would help bring

  • Flash Dance Analysis

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    ‘Flash Dance’(1983) dir. Adrian Lynn follows the story of Alex Owens, a young 18 year old welder who dreams of one day being able to join an elite group of ballet dancers. In comparison to, ‘West Side Story’ the narrative of ‘Flash Dance’ is one that concentrates on the women and how they control their bodies, the plot focuses on the passion and lustfulness in a relationship compared to previously mentioned filmed which concentrates on the love aspect of romance. ‘Flash Dance’ challenges the patriarchal

  • Rwanda Dance Therapy

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    Rebuilding Rwanda through Dance Therapy Children were orphaned, people were left without homes and without families.More than 800,000 people were murdered. This devastating event, the genocide of 1994, left Rwanda traumatized, and in terrible condition. Rwanda, has since done many things to try to rebuild and retire after the genocide (Adekunle 20-22). One of the thing they greatly focused on to help the people of Rwanda was dance therapy. Although dance as therapy might not be for everyone, Rwandans

  • Latin American Dance Research Paper

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    Dance is one of the oldest activities ever done dating back to pre-historic time periods. Dance is a performance art form consisting of human movement. These movement has an aesthetic and symbolic value, and is acknowledged by performers and observers within a different cultures. Each culture interprets dance in their own way. Dance can be categorized and described by its choreography, or by its historical period or place of origin. An important distinction is to be drawn between the contexts of

  • Famous Dancer Essay

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    Archeologists delivered some traces of dance from prehistoric times such as nearly 9,000-year-old Bhimbetka rock shelters paintings in India and the Egyptian tomb paintings depicting dancing figures from c. 3300 BC. Benefits Of Dancing Dancing isn’t just an activity that provides a way of dealing with your emotions. It’s also a way of improving your health and meeting new people who share the same interest with you. The number of people taking part in dance classes all around the world is increasing

  • Apollo Musagete Analysis

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    Dance Analysis Apollo ( Apollo Musagete) Choreographed by: George Balanchine January 22, 1904 - April 30, 1983 “Movement must be self explanatory. If it isn’t, it has failed” 1. BIOGRAPHY • A Russian dancer, choreographer and teacher named “ the father of American Ballet”. • George Balanchine’s real name was Georgi Melitonovitch Balanchivadze. • He was born on 22 January 1904 in St. Petersburg, Russia. • The son of a composer, Balanchine studied piano from the age of five and had a robust

  • Mikhail Baryshnikov's Influence On Performing Art

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    about a new way of expressing feelings and telling stories as a part of performing arts and has been the foundation for many other dance styles. Ballet originated in Europe during the Renaissance and has influenced performing arts throughout generations. It has evolved into a highly complex art form over the past 500 years. It has been a starting point for many other dance styles. From the early times,