Dance studio Essays

  • Dance Studio Analysis

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    As I walked into the dance studio I realized how small I was compared to the other students in intermediate. I was shorter than the other by a lot, I felt a little awkward around the other girls. I was just glad morgan was there with me and she was short too. The teacher soon showed us our first combination, and it was pretty hard. I was a little scared. I thought to myself Why am I here? Am I ready? I was glad I wasn't the only one who moved up. If I didn't have morgan with me I would feel very

  • Sexuality In Adolescence In 'The House On Mango Street'

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    Sexuality in adolescence     Sexuality is the most notorious and common sign of development in adolescence. “The House on Mango street”, by Sandra Cisneros is a coming of age novel, where Esperanza transitions from a girl into a young teen. In her journey, Esperanza comes across many challenges, she is forced to grow up by life’s adversities. In the short story “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid, a mother advises her daughter and scolds her into becoming a decent woman. In her guidance, the mother is worried

  • Personal Narrative: Becoming A Dancer

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    have prepared me for this moment. I have been a dancer since I was five years old. When I was in the sixth grade, I joined my studio’s performing company and the Louisiana Delta Ballet, and my passion grew. I hardly ever miss a class, even though my studio is an hour away and classes are five times a week. Even on Saturdays, I am rehearsing while all my friends are

  • Descriptive Essay About Dance At School

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    tondus,” “Five six seven eight,” can be heard from my dance teacher on a typical Monday night in advanced ballet. I’m out of breath, nauseous and sweating up a storm, but continue to run for my water to pour the icy cold liquid down my scratchy throat after an intense ballet-conditioning class. The clock ticks and before I know it four hours of dance passes by. If I’m not at school, I can most likely be found at my dance studio, Spotlight Dance Academy. Some people assume that I have been dancing

  • Personal Narrative: Danc Dance

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    realized that I wanted to dance more, and I wanted to dance forever, and I wanted to give ballet everything. I consider myself lucky amongst my peers: not many kids are afforded the opportunity to really and voluntarily sacrifice for the love of something as arbitrary as art. But ballet demands sacrifice, and I wouldn 't be me without it. When my father 's kidneys failed, I danced. When I felt like giving up at school, I danced. When my grandmother died, I danced. To call dance an outlet or an escape

  • Latin Ballet Of America Analysis

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    such an eye drawing color choice different from the other dancers. They style of dance was fast-paced with quick footwork, which fit the beat of the music well.

  • Personal Narrative: My First Dance Experience

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    I was six when I had my first dance recital and I was disappointed that I did not have a bigger role. To be fair, I had just started dancing but was determined to not be a little kid and dance with my friends. After my dance was over my mom came over to me and told me how proud of me she was. I was satisfied. After a time, I started losing interest in dance, it would always interfere with my after school activities, and the dances started to get harder as well. My mom, who loves the arts, convinced

  • My Six Word Memoir

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    have created a six word memoir that describes one of my favorite things, dance. My memoir is, “Hours of sweat, stress, and sparkles”. It describes how I feel when I am at one of my performances. I sweat because I am working hard to achieve my best. I feel stress because I need to execute the dances properly. In the memoir, I say sparkles, that represents the sequins on the costume and that I smile all throughout my several dances. To write this memoir, I reflected on numerous diverse days that I remember

  • Dance In The Wings Thesis

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    In the book Dancing in the Wings, by Debbie Allen,a girl nicknamed Sassy could see dance everywhere. She always wanted to dance in the spotlight as a ballerina,but everyone said her feet were too big. She was too tall for anyone to dance with. When there was an audition for a summer dance festival in Washington D.C.she tried out for it. Unfortunately, the other girls made fun of her, and she ran into the parking lot. Her uncle Redd told her she should go to the audition and do her best. Then after

  • Personal Narrative: Saltillo High Dance Team

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    In the summer of 2012, my sister and I joined the Saltillo High dance team. For Elizabeth and I, our first pair of shoes were ballet slippers, but our fellow team members had little to no knowledge of dance. Elizabeth and I felt a strong responsibility to use our talents to transform fourteen softball players into dancers. We learned very quickly the cost of being a leader- sacrifice. Elizabeth and I found ourselves searching for ways to improve the team, choreographing routines, and privately instructing

  • College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Dancer

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    knowing she viewed me as her role model. Like this young dancer, I have always adored dance. The first time in the studio - with leotards and tights and my slicked back bun, my tap shoes in one hand, and my ballet shoes in the other - I knew I was ready.  The way each dancer leaves it all out on the stage reveals their obvious commitment to the art of dance. That first day, rather than simply walking into the studio, I ran.  I found my spot in the center of the room and knew immediately that this is

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Rosie Pimental

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    Original person because she has different personalities and she’s not how you would expect to be like. Rosie is also humorous, she’s very goofy and love’s to tell jokes and see smiles on faces. She also like’s to play Basketball, Football, Sing, Act and Dance all in her free time. Rosie is most proud of these three things, reading

  • Stereotypes Of Woman Essay

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    it and surrounded my life with multiple dance classes and different dance teams. In fact by the age of 15 I was one two different elite competition squads, one was my studio, while the other was the varsity high school team. On top of that I was taking around three hours or dance classes each night of the week. I even thought about transferring to an Art School, where I could dance during the class day, and get credit, by learning about the different dance styles. Overall to say the least, I was

  • College Admissions Essay: My Passion For Dance

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    the same dance booklet everyday, practicing the five positions and gracefully positioning my tiny arms and fingers to match the little girl in the illustrations. This opened my heart to the world of dance, which made me embrace the activity at such a young and impressionable age. Because I loved dance so much, my mother enrolled me in Donna Hammond-Phelps Centre for Dance while I was in kindergarten. In the studio, I stood out and had a lot more confidence than I did outside of the studio. My passion

  • College Admissions Essay: Passion Over Pain

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    Over Pain Many little girls have dreams of growing up and becoming a beautiful ballerina. I was no exception to this cliché dream. As I became older, my life revolved around dance. Every waking moment I was thinking about how I could challenge myself and become a better dancer, and an even better performer. I was in the studio every single day for thirty plus hours per week, trying to perfect my technique. My dream was to become an award winning dancer. I wanted to perform on a variety of stages across

  • Competitive Dancer

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    and breathing. -Depending on how many dances you are in, you spend at least 5 hours a week at the dance studio. I used to spend 41 hours a week at my past studio. Even if I would have a practice cancelled I would always practice at home because it was like a built-in routine for me. Every morning when I was getting ready I would stretch and listen to my music for all the dances I had. When competitions start, that’s when you basically give your life to dance. I remember being pulled out of school

  • Descriptive Essay On Maria Mercedes

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    Irma. My sister is married and has a baby girl, named after her. Part of our family is our dog, Shasta, she is a boxer. We like to walk around the town with our dog. My hobbies are to dance, sing, swim, skate, be with my friends, and go to the movie theater with them. I have practiced ballet and folkloric dance

  • The Osage Fire Bird Analysis

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    Betty Marie. She might have chosen to change her last name as well. But Tallchief refused to deny her heritage. Nothing would ever make her change her last name. Body 4: Maria Tallchief became was the first American in a century to dance for the Paris Opera Ballet. In 1953, President Eisenhower named her “Woman of the year.” That same year, the state of Oklahoma declared June 29 “Maria Tallchief’s day.” In her long career, Tallchief’s most famous performance was in The Firebird. As

  • Jennifer Lopez's Life And Accomplishments

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    the best Spanish music. Jennifer Lopez was born on July 24 , 1969, in Bronx, New York. She lived with both of her parents and her two sisters. She went to Preston High School and Baruch College, both schools are top rated in New York. Lopez studied dance from an early age. She got her first taste of the spotlight as a backup dancer on the sketch comedy series in Living Color in the early 1990s. Jennifer Lopez has done so much in her famous life. She has a lot of accomplishment. For example,

  • My Experience Of My Dance Experience

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    My dance experience trails back to when I was a freshman in high school, getting involved in some classes at my local dance studio. Immediately, I fell in love with this art form and knew I wanted to carry it with me beyond high school. I began dancing as a dance major at Mesa College in Fall 2017. While I am only just beginning to delve into my second semester, I can already say that I have expanded my knowledge of dance and dance technique at Mesa. In my dance classes, I have been able to improve