Debating Essays

  • Personal Narrative: Joining The Douglas Debate Team

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    S. Robson Walton once said, “I learned from my dad that change and experimentation are constants and important. You have to keep trying new things.” During my freshman year of high school, I decided to join the Douglas Debate team. At first, I didn’t want to be a member of the team in the slightest. It didn’t seem like something I would be too interested in. During the Denver tournament I realized I was starting to like it. Exploring Denver was one of the best times I have ever had with the team

  • Debating His Father's Delay In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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    The two sides of Hamlet’s delay seems to be based around his resolution to kill his stepfather. First, Hamlet’s delays seem justified as due process in proving his stepfather’s guilt. Hamlet uses the play to expose his stepfather’s guilt by showing him the exact way he committed the murder. While effectively proving the certainty of Claudius’s guilt, the play seems to be a gratuitous form of proving this. Second, Hamlet’s delaying may simply be his lack of resolution in killing his father. Throughout

  • Essay On The Great Debater

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    “The Great Debater” directed by Denzel Washington, presents an aspiring film on educational and emotional beliefs. The story involving the Wisley College debate team included four intelligent students, and one amazing professor. Mr. Melvin Tolson portrayed a character of a strong educator, and a social activist. The students who made up the debate team are known as Samantha Booke, who is young, beautiful, and the first female to make the team that is aspiring to be a lawyer. Then there is James Farmer

  • A Lesson Before Dying Redemption Analysis

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    Rotting in a cell. Counting down the days. Trying to learn how to be a man before the big day. In the book “A Lesson Before Dying” by Ernest J. Gaines: Grant Wiggins a school teacher tries to help a falsely convicted black man named Jefferson. During this time Grant release what can do to not only change Jefferson but change himself as well and he achieves redemption. In the novel A Lesson Before Dying” by Ernest J. Gaines Grant finds redemption by helping Jefferson, Standing up for what he believes

  • Character Analysis: Don 'T Call Me Ishmael'

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    sequence of important events in chronological order. Ishmael has low self-image and low self-esteem and it gets worse as the bullying continues and the debating commences. After the debating events conclud Ishmael’s self-image and self-esteem has risen conserdeberly. First of all the problem was his name then it was bullying then it was debating. He hates his name Ishamel, ‘A WUSSY-CRAP NAME, (Page 17’); He gets bullied at school by Barry Bagsley who said “He’s lying, Miss. It’s Le-sewer.

  • Presidential Candidates Essay

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    Politics and Debating There are 7,463,973,000 people,237 countries, and 237 national leaders in the world. Since not all countries elect their leaders in a democratic way, there are much fewer presidents in the world. These chosen, special leaders of the nations must have great abilities that can lead to the nation’s wealth and world peace, and presidential candidates often show these abilities to the voters through presidential debates. However, some people argue that having great debating ability doesn’t

  • The Great Debaters Analysis

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    meted out to them, along with it the hardships endured by the black community. As the name suggests, the movie shows the story of the Wiley College debate team who went on to become the best debating team in the 30’s. Wiley college predominantly a black college was clearly an outlier when it came to debating, as they were the only black college who were defeating other black as well as white colleges. An unbeatable streak of 11 to nothing is nothing short of extraordinary especially given the social

  • Senate Filibusters

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    There are a few methods or committees that play a part in the lawmaking process; a senate filibuster, House Rules Committee, the Conference Committee, oversight on federal bureaucracy, and casework. Each of these play an integral role in the lawmaking process for a variety of reasons. A senate filibuster allows a senator to prevent or delay action on a bill or other business. The House Rules Committee schedules or manages the flow of legislation, making it easier or more difficult to pass a bill

  • Don T Call Me Ishmael Character Analysis

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    How does the author Michael Gerard Bauer show growth in character Ishmael Leseur? The novel “Don’t Call Me Ishmael” by Michael Gerard Bauer looks at the development of an awkward teenage boy, Ishmael Leseur. The novel shows how he learns to live through his extreme shyness and bully Barry Bagsley. As the story progresses Bauer clearly shows Ishmael’s struggles and how he develops himself because of certain experiences and influences that come into his life. When we are first introduced to protagonist

  • Narrative History James West Analysis

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    historians should left behind the question of how many indigenous people were living in the American continent before Columbus arrival, after all professionals on the subject are not able to reach an agreement after “more than a century debating the question” debating; according to The unfinished Nation document. This not because to know the populations number is not important, but because there are many other interesting question were they can focus their attention. For example if they can study the

  • The Unbelievers Analysis

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    physicist and author of A Universe from Nothing. The second subject of the film is Dr. Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and author of The God Delusion. The movie then takes the viewer through the travels in which Krauss and Dawkins are seen debating, or discussing the ability to question the topic of religion. Finally, the viewer is given the chance to witness speeches by the two men and others at the Reason Rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., touted as the largest rally of its kind

  • What Is Denzel Washington's Role In The Great Debaters

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    to no recognition at all. This team consisted of four talented and intelligent characters who played some very aspirational roles throughout the film. Nate Parker, Jermaine Williams, Jurnee Smollett, and Denzel Whitaker where Wiley College elite debating squad that led an undefeated run to

  • Tom Brady Writing Style

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    quarterbacks, but both articles having different conclusions on what the reader and the writer thinks. Comparatively, both suggest that the reader could form their own opinion by debating more on the topic with others. Nevertheless, The Inquirer’s author states that once the reader is finished reading they can still continue debating, but the writer still thinks Brady is the best. As an example, “Does that make Brady the greatest quarterback ever? Well he has, at age 39, swung my vote. He 's a man engaged

  • Voting Argument Essay

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    succes in the USA, It been around ever since 1948. Voting is choosing between many things rather you like then in your own opinion or you dont. Every year the vote population grows in America. You could be debating rather you would like your favor food to be surve in your school, you cold be debating rather you would want to drive in the agre of 17. But when it comes to real voting it takes alot of responsibilty. In this passage i would be arguing to keep the voting age at 18. A the age of 18 it feels

  • Pipeline Reflection

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    oil. Evaluating the debate was helpful in allowing me to understand what I should focus more on. I should contribute more in general by speaking more and actually debating. For Research I should be finding anecdotal evidence instead of just data. But it also helped me realize that at least I’m a good listener during debates. Debating as a whole was extremely challenging for me but at least it cannot get any

  • Purpose Of Group Debate Essay

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    group debates occur, each debater counters the points of the other debaters by stating their position and argument about the matter. Typically, once opinions, views, and different ideas are presented, other’s thoughts can be influenced, but when debating, it is important for the speakers to stay true to their position and influence the opposing side and the audience. Group debates can be very valuable to communication because people are

  • Barbara Charline Jordan's Contribution To The United States

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    elected to the United States House of Representatives. Everything she did was dedicated for all the black people. Jordan was hardworking in many areas, thriving for important roles and influential to the black. In high school, she showed her talent for debating. She became active in politics and strived for many years to become a member of the United States House of Representatives. Jordan dies at age 59 on January 17, 1996. Jordan was a very smart child. She did not have a good relationship with

  • Not Your Incoubator Analysis

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    “Not Your Incubator” illustrates conflict theory by showing how the macroaggression of systemic misogyny relates to the governments regulation of a women’s sexual and reproductive health, as well as the objectifying nature of debating the legality of a woman’s physical autonomy. “Not Your Incubator” is a political illustration that uses contrasting themes of objectification and ownership. It is inspired by “Riot Grrrl” feminism, a subset of third wave feminism. It invites the audience to use sociological

  • Personal Narrative: My First Roller Coaster

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    Imagine gazing at dozens of people riding a roller coaster, and debating whether or not you should take a ride. Imagine stepping into the line that leads to the first roller coaster you’ve ever ridden. Today was the day, that I would ride my first roller coaster ever. On a bright sunny day in June, I was at Adventureland with my aunt and uncle. The smells of sugar and dough filled my nose as we strolled past the food carts. I had been debating whether or not I wanted to ride the rickety, red colored,

  • Argumentative Essay: The Right To Bear Arms

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    that the 2nd amendment should be banned. The right to bear arms wasn’t just so people could carry a weapon at any time it was made so people had protection, not only for themselves but for their state ( such as a national guard ). Now people are debating that only that the state militia should have guns, but others say that guns provide protection and defense for