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  • Aerosmith Pros And Cons

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    signed a record deal with Columbia Records, who thought they were ready to be a Rock ‘N’ Roll band. After that, they released their first debut album called Aerosmith (Schlesinger,2008). After Aerosmith’s first album they already had a fan base and were starting to become popular. They spent a lot of time touring also and when they released their second album they had many fans ready to buy it when it came out (Schlesinger,2008). As their fan base grew so did their

  • A Political Allegory In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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    Rationale Animal Farm is a political allegory that represents the Russian Revolution but instead of people the author, George Orwell, decided to use animals. Also the book emphasizes the communist system at that time but in the story the animals called Animalism. In this written assignment I will create a new character called Tornado who tries to save Boxer after Napoleon lied to the animals and called the Horse Slaughterer to kill Boxer instead of the hospital because he was sick, but Tornado can’t

  • Darkness In A Streetcar Named Desire

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    Darkness can be a comfortable place for anyone. Without having to look at yourself or have people see you, one may not feel as judged or insecure. Light is revealing. In a bright room, you can’t hide tears, blemishes, or emotions. Blanche, from A Streetcar Named Desire, knows the pain of brightness all too well. Blanche flees a failed company and a failed marriage in an attempt to find refuge in her sister’s home. Through her whirlwind of emotions, the reader can see Blanche desires youth and beauty

  • Tragic Flaw In King Lear

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    The Tragic Hero is born into nobility or maintains a high social status. King Lear is the King of Britain so therefore has pre-eminence. King Lear's tragic flaw is his blinded judgement and hubris. King Lear's downfall occurs when he starts going crazy because he gets kicked out of both Goneril and Regan's castle. In the play King Lear, William Shakespeare depicts the main character Cordelia as a tragic hero in this story/play. King Lear is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare. It depicts

  • The False Gems Summary

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    The False Gems was a short story published in 1883, which was a work typical of Guy de Maupassant’s style. The deep and profound social reality reflected in the story is always a highlight of Maupassant’s short novel, and The False Gems is no exception. It was only a 4500-word story, completely show French society’s reality in the 19th century through objective description and meaningful irony, though. As the skillful use of irony in the text really contributes a lot to the expression of the theme

  • Critical Evaluation Essay: The Perils Of Indifference

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    The Perils of Indifference Critical Evaluation Essay In the past, indifference has led to the murder of millions of people. Indifference is when we, the humans race, do not care about those who suffer from the injustice, violence, or oppression on behalf of others (Clare). On 12 April 1992, Elie Wiesel, a holocaust survivor gave a speech regarding human indifference in front of President William J. Clinton and the first lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, at the White House. What was he trying to accomplish

  • Argumentative Essay On Teen Curfews

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    Argumentative III - Teen Curfews A lot of talk has been going around about a teen curfew, mainly a teen curfew that restricts them to be out no later than ten P.M. or later depending on the area. Most are saying that it is unconstitutional and should not be supported because it takes away, teens under the age of eighteen, their rights; while others think that it will lower crime rates and create a safer place for growing teens. But are we really so sure of that? People will learn that giving teens

  • The Lottery Literary Analysis Essay

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    Literacy analysis Authored by Shirley Jackson in June 1948, “The Lottery” is a short story and first in an issue of The New Yorker the same year. At the core of the story is a narration about a small town in the modern day world America in which “the lottery,” which is an annual ritual takes place. In the history of American literature, Shirley Jackson's "the lottery" has continued receiving acknowledgements as one of the most successful and famous short stories. As defined by several commentators

  • Paral Theory: Lawrence Kohlberg's Moral Development Theory

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    Introduction Kohlberg’s moral development theory has been discussed for a very long time. He used the story-telling technique to illustrate stories involving moral dilemmas. His best known story illustrating moral dilemmas is call the Heinz Dilemma. According to this story Lawrence Kohlberg came up with 3 levels of moral development, with 2 stages in each level. And so the story goes as follow. 
 “Heinz’s wife was dying from a particular type of cancer. Doctors said a new drug might save her. The

  • Theme Of Betrayal In Young Goodman Brown

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    According to Merriam-Webster, betrayal is defined by leading astray, delivering to an enemy by treachery, failing or deserting especially in time of need, or revealing unintendedly. All of these defined forms of betrayal are prevalent in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, “Young Goodman Brown”. These acts of betrayal are exhibited on the protagonist by various characters throughout the plot, including the protagonist himself. This theme of betrayal contributes greatly to the protagonist’s character

  • Negative Essay: Is Competition Good Or Bad?

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    Is competition good or bad? While most students in schools think it is good, I disagree with them. I believe competition is bad. Many students around the world are overly competitive. This can have many negative effects on them and the other students they are competing against. Competition is bad whether it is academic or extracurricular, like in sports or clubs. Even though there are a few reasons it is good, the reasons it is bad outweigh the good reasons. I believe competition is bad because

  • Social Strain Theory

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    Why some people cannot escape from criminal activities while others never have any problems has been examined for decades. The study of criminology targets why individuals commit crimes and why criminals behave in certain situations. This criminology research helps to break down a true story on the film “Blow” which tells the story of George Jung, one of the most significant drug traffickers in the United States in the 1970’s. The film depicts several criminal theories on why George lived his life

  • Theme Of Religion In The Handmaid's Tale

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    The Handmaid’s Tale is a novel written by Margaret Atwood in the 1980’s. It is about a main character named Offred who is a Handmaid, the narrative follows through her life in Gilead. It regularly goes back in time to before being a Handmaid. There are very strict rules that a Handmaid has to follow. They have very little rights, if they even have any. This is further illustrated in the role of religion and how it plays out in the novel. Margaret Atwood used many references to religion as a whole

  • Kali Jo Arnzen Analysis

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    On the 29th of December in 2011 Kali Jo Arnzen, a regular high school going 17 year old teenage girl was ice skating in the area between Ritter and the bank when she heard ice break. The manner in which this young girl reacted to the situation at hand is what would classify her as a true hero. In this essay the circumstances of the heroic act that won Kali Jo Arnzen an award by the Carnegie Hero Fund then will be described. Following this reasons why she possibly could have helped and what made her

  • Censure In A Doll's House

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    “ Free, to be free, absolutely free. To spend time playing with the children. To have a clean, beautiful house, the way Torvald likes it ” (page 23). This is a quote extracted from Henrik Ibsen’s play, A Doll’s House, which was said by the protagonist of the story, Nora, to her childhood friend, Mrs. Linde. This play was written in 1879 and it was first acted out in Stockholm, Sweden in 1880. It gave Ibsen international fame due to the way it provoked the world. There were many strong responses to

  • Descriptive Essay On Fortnite

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    As I scream and dance to celebrate a win in Fortnite, I realize that it is much more than an Xbox game. Fortnite is a battle royale style game. The goal of the game is to find as much equipment as possible, and to be the last team standing. In terms of style, Fortnite is similar to The Hunger Games. All other players in the game have one similar goal: to win. The stakes are always high and tensions steadily rise. As less and less players remain in the game, anxiety and the appetite for victory surges

  • Essay About A Trip To Disney

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    An experience that was meaningful to me was the time that my entire family and I went to Disney from July 1st,2010 to July 14th,2010 it was such a great experience. Jumping with excitement the first time that I found out (Participle). It was going to be my first big trip with my mom’s boyfriend who is now my dad. This was a trip that was holding such a big surprise at the end of it. I full of excitement (Absolute), got to packing as soon as I found out. We got there by driving I believe my parents

  • Reflective Essay For Reflective Writing

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    ESSAY 2 Reflective writing In this region of the Middle East, Kuwait, It is not easy to find such a wonderful weather; September 2014 with the warm sunshine, fresh air that rarely so good and a clear sky; it is Saturday and I have to start anew challenge. It’s my first day in a post graduate program in diabetes care, education and management, I have no idea about what will happen, but I have some expectations and imaginations; one week earlier, I have tried to discover the module through the

  • Analysis Of Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken

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    It all started when I was about seven or eight years old. My mother use to read me the beloved Frost classic, "The Road Not Taken" (Frost, The Road Not Taken 131)every night before bed. Even today I can still picture the universe that was created with every sentence she read. That poem was my life, I made it my lifework to take that so called "road not taken" and it helped me become the person I am today. "I took the road less traveled and that made all the difference." (Frost, The Road Not Taken

  • Tranquility In The Movie Chocolat

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    Chocolat is a great movie. Where people acts with a ton of humor and sentimentality. There are a lot of terms I can use to appreciate or cherish that film, such as forgiveness, Humility, community, tranquility. This film has a lot of ideas about chocolat. How tranquility is a good term for the people who live in that village. The chocolat film is French movie that was about a woman name Vianne who travelled from town to town with her daughter. One day she arrived in a French village of Lansquenet