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  • Six Characteristics Of A Discourse Community

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    learning about a discourse community in our English composition class. Everyone belongs in a discourse community no matter how different you feel you are yourself from other people. If you have goals more than likely you share does goals with other people. In a discourse community you can be labeled in a community by the language you converse. This is called a speech community. Discourse community is slight different from a speech community. In the article John swales stated “A speech community typically

  • The Importance Of Discourse Communities

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    most things in life, are improvable. Ideas and theories are always evolving into different ideas or more sophisticated ones. Discourse communities is a term that has been debated over the years. Three of those debaters are James Paul Gee, James P. Porter, and John Swales. In this essay I will analyze what each of these writers see as the definition of a discourse community while comparing specific points that each of them have regarding their personal view on the subject. It is also important to

  • Discourse Community Essay

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    Discourse Community and 12 Episode of the Serial According to the lecture in the UWP 101 class, I have learned that discourse community is a group of people who communicate with one another to achieve a common. In addition, Porter who wrote the article “Intertextuality and the Discourse Community”, states that discourse communities creates its own collective meaning, and shares assumption about what objects are appropriate for examination and discussion. In the other words, discourse community

  • Reflective Essay On Discourse Community

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    used depending on the target, purpose and situation. Register changes at specific time either, to express the identity of oneself. In this portfolio, I will share my insight and experience gained from the course work. (I) My discourse communities The discourse community I wish to depict first is classmates at the same tutorial group with me. We have all tutorial classes together, meeting each other every day. The language we use to communicate is Cantonese, which is our mother tongue. Occasionally

  • Discourse Community

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    Various linguists and/or writers have different opinions in relation to their definitions of a discourse community. Even though it may be different from other authors, I define a discourse community as a group of individuals willing to exchange efforts and some with similar interests with a finality of contributing positively to a given society. For instance, a basketball team, has as focus the conquest of championships, which at the same time will give the fans something to cheer for and will also

  • Tony Mirabelli Learning To Serve Analysis

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    ethnographic study of the service industry. Mirabelli writes on a topic he is quite familiar with, being a waiter. Mirabelli discusses the complexity of being a waiter, although most of these complexities are unknown to people outside of the discourse community. Mirabelli uses his ethnographic study to undermine criticism towards waiters. The main critique Mirabelli rebuts in his writing is that being a waiter does not require skill. Mirabelli uses examples from his own experiences, as well as his

  • Examples Of Discourse Communities

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    A discourse community is a group of people that share a set of values and goals. Members of a discourse community have their own way of communicating within the group and with the public. Although the communities may differ in subject matter and appearance, they do share varying levels of similarities. The three-discourse communities that we will be focusing on are: art, research biology and finance: specifically, the financial service sector. Furthermore, we will be comparing the three-discourse

  • Discourse Community Examples

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    A Discourse Community in Mean Girls What is a discourse community? According to “The Concept of Discourse Community,” it’s a “discourse operates within conversations defined by communities, be they academic disciplines or social groups.” In other words, it is a group that has goals or a purpose and use communication to achieve that goal. In the movie Mean Girls there are many examples of discourse communities but I’m going to focus specifically on The Plastics. The movie Mean Girls is about a sixteen

  • Summary: Discourse Community

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    It is my hope that examining the lab as a discourse community will increase public knowledge about how the biomedical research community functions, and in doing so will dispel any myths about research’s inherent lack of collaboration. Since the Jordan Lab is small, I will also explore how small a group can be while still being considered an active discourse community, and how size can affect a discourse community’s functioning. Finally, I will examine the role assimilation

  • Discourse Community Definition

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    My definition of a discourse community is a community of people who have the same interests and they share the same goals with each other. This definition, I think it gives a good understanding of how a discourse community possibly begins. A discourse community takes place all over the world and plays a key role in communication. I believe that each and every person in the world is involved in at least one discourse community in their life, it is important to understand the definition of this term

  • Discourse Community Activism

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    the community as well as how to coordinate events within the community. Members of the association also know the requirements that are necessary to maintain the community. In turn, newcomers in the community, the new property owners, would gain experience through meetings with other members of the association to discuss the guidelines of the association. Discourse communities also contain “participatory mechanisms which are mechanisms used to take the uptake of informational opportunities such as

  • Essay On Discourse Community

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    Discourse communities are a way of the world, everything and every person belongs to some sort of discourse community. The many forms of discourse communities are made up of anything from churches, to the part of the world that a person is from. America is a great example of a discourse community and how they work, for example Americans are classified from the view of everyone else in the world as Americans, however American is such a vague and non-descriptive term; It could literally describe almost

  • 'Intertextuality And The Discourse Community'

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    Nowadays, it’s a little more difficult to speak your mind without your words being plagiarized. James Porter in “Intersexuality and the discourse community” from Writing about Writing, argues “that these common ideas about authorship, originality and plagiarism don’t account for how texts actually work and how writers actually write.” What this is basically saying is that if a writer borrows ideas from other writing without acknowledging that borrowing, that is considered plagiarizing. My question

  • The Importance Of Discourse Community

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    four years at UMass Dartmouth. After joining a local sorority at my school, I was able to make new friends and feel comfortable. This is where I felt I fit in this community. Discourse communities consist of a group of people who link up in order to pursue the same objectives and goals. There are many different examples of these discourse

  • Discourse Community In Nursing

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    Discourse Communities: A Nursing and Medical Perspective Importance of Nursing Multiple definitions of discourse communities exist, and therefore many questions arise. Where exactly is the line between a discourse community and a speech community drawn? “How [does] a particular discourse community use its discoursal conventions to initiate new members or how [does] the discourse of another reifies particular values or beliefs” (SWALES)? Some may consider musicians as part of a discourse community

  • Examples Of Discourse Community

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    CMDS EEP Community Discourse community is a group of people who sharing a common and district mode of communication or discourse, especially within a domain of intellectual or social activity. The Christ Methodist Day School (CMDS) Early Education Program (EEP) is devoted exceptional Christian elementary education for boys and girls through spiritual development, academic excellence, social responsibility and personal integrity. CMDS is a positive discourse community, because their goals, the people

  • Discourse Community Reflection

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    For this analysis I’m going to be reflecting on how you can gain authority in a new discourse community. The discourse community that I am going to be looking at today is a high school tennis team. I was interested in reflecting on this topic because when I first started playing tennis on my high school team I didn’t have any authority. Then suddenly after one match I was one of the most authoritative players on the team and continued to be so for the rest of the season and the next year. This genuinely

  • Minimalism In A Discourse Community

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    A discourse community is a group of people that have a common goal who use lexis, genres and other forms of communication to achieve this goal. Within in the community there are members of hierocracy that can provide expertise. Clubs, teams, organizations and even your friends and family can be consider as a discourse community. I personally didn’t want to choose a team or a club because I am not involved or interested in any at the moment. Something that I am interested is minimalism. It’s something

  • Examples Of Discourse Community Ethnography

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    Students Name Professors Name Course Date Discourse Community Ethnography The introduction of the notion of communicative competence has been positive in the sense that communication is now conceived as a result of the successful application of not only grammatical but also pragmatic knowledge and skills. Nevertheless, this has not changed the perspective many instructors had of language, because pragmatic information has usually been presented as an auxiliary component which is to be used only

  • Mike Rose In A Discourse Community

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    Recently, there has been a lot of interest in discourse communities. According to James Porter, "a discourse community is a group of people bound by a common interest who communicate through channels and discourse is regulated (Couzelis, Isip, Adkins 12 and Porter 38-39).  John Swales, however, states that a community can only be a true discourse community if they meet six requirements: they have to share clearly stated goals; they have to use a mechanism of communication; they offer feedback and