Douhua Essays

  • Siomai Case Study

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    According to an article by Salazar (2017), the Philippines is now one of the fastest growing meat eaters in the world. It incorporates the statistics on the top 10 of the quickest growing meat consuming nations, and Philippines is one of the highest growing rates. Compound manual growth rate from 2011 to 2012 was predicted to be over 30 percent a year for pork, chicken and beef. Per person the consumption of meat decreased to 15 kilograms per person per year. Now it is 35 kilograms per person per

  • Bubble Tea Case Study

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    Bubble tea is a brought into the world in the early 1980s in Taiwan. The name covers a wide variety of refreshing flavored fruit and milk teas, served with tapioca balls as a finishing topping. In Chinese, these characteristic balls are referred to as "pearls". Likely because the recent term is spoken similar to the English word "bubble", the drink has come to be known as "bubble tea". The tapioca balls is a starch-based product made out of cassava. They are served in different flavors in the bubble