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  • Vampires Never Die Analysis

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    The first thesis is “It is not merely people of other persecuted races who can become victims in a racial war, but also those we would least expect-the persecuting race itself. (Ayad, par.1) The second thesis is” Unlike hand-made art, which in its very purpose begs to be viewed through various interpretations

  • Analysis Of Vampires Never Die

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    Danijela Akrapovic ENGL 1104-70 John Berke Chapter 8 questions 2/2/2018 Vampires Never Die Questions on Meaning 1. “With “The vampire” Polidori gave birth to the two main branches of vampiric fiction: the vampire as romantic hero, and the vampire as undead monster (Del Toro and Hogan, par.4). I believe, del Toro and Hogan wrote this essay because they wanted to give details of how vampires are made and analyze the motivation behind why they never die. Their purpose was also to draw comparisons