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  • Importance Of E-Learning Essay

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    E-LEARNING: EXTENDING THE CLASSROOM Ramesh Abstract This paper describes the need of e-learning in today’s globalised world. In this era of science and technology, it has effected every side of our life. The revolution in the field of information techonoly has connected the world sharply. In today’s time when most of students cannot able to take regular classes , It has extend the classroom according to the need of learner

  • Importance And Importance Of E-Learning

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    revolutionised the way we all used to work before and is now all set to transform environment to the present era. E-Learning, learning technologies in common have become very popular in companies, education and other sectors irrespective of their size or area of business or other sectors. E-learning involves the use of a computer or electronic device in some way to provide training, educational or learning material and many more .The use of any electronic technology to aid in the acquisition and development

  • E-Learning In Malaysia

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    Acceptance Level of e-Learning among Optometry Students In Malaysia. Abstract Electronic learning (E-learning) is the current technology widely used nowadays. e-learning goes beyond digital technologies. New E-learning technology continues to become increasingly accessed and implemented by people of all walks of life. In Malaysia itself, e-learning has been implemented in the educational system, especially in tertiary educations. There have many studies done related to e-learning in tertiary education

  • Pros And Cons Of E Learning

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    E-learning, also commonly referred to as online learning or distance learning, have played an important role in many students’ lifestyle. The way e-learning has help students in their academics is by allowing them to accommodate their daily schedules. The method of e-learning has given students the flexibility, person-centered approach and interests in such an innovative learning environment. Both e-learning and traditional learning has their own set of pros and cons. For example, a student might

  • The Importance Of E-Learning

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    E-Learning is an important techniques and strategies, which Integrate between learning theories and ICT (information and communication technology) for improving teaching and learning. In general, E-Learning is the Internet-based learning systems that provides services for searching, downloading, and delivering learning content to their users in order to enhance learning experiences through a lot of knowledge forms such as text, audio, animation, flash, or video clips (Duan, Hosseini, Ling, & Gay

  • Describe The Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Learning

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    The teaching learning phase had been changed nowadays. Most learners preferred global learning system rather than the physical, rigid learning process which was used till the time. Soft copies of material, projector for audio visual conversations, blogs for knowledge sharing all these method helps students to be more interactively using social networking sites. Computers and advanced appliances make the current teaching methodologies more interesting. E-Learning is one type of technology supported

  • Characteristics Of E-Learning

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    E-learning focuses on the acquisition and distribution of knowledge through electronic media (Rosenberg, 2001). Today, organizations are expanding rapidly, enlisting employees from different cultural backgrounds and varying educational levels. E-learning can be used to ensure that the global training and learning needs of their workforce are addressed in a flexible, accessible and cost effective manner (CLMS, M3 U4). Studies have shown that successful e-learning programs are those that are implemented

  • Advantages Of E-Learning

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    1.1.1 Advantages of e-learning According to Giovann (2012) The faculty members benefit from the e-learning system in different ways, e-learning allows teachers to develop materials using resources from the world wide web, it allows teachers to get access to the resources at anytime and anywhere, allows teachers to communicate information in a more engaging way, in contrast to in traditional education system, it offers variety text, images and diagrams with sound and video. Furthermore, as stated

  • Importance Of E-Learning

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    and public speaking cannot be transfer through e-Learning. However, e-Learning can be a useful companion to traditional education for teaching background and technical information. Students themselves can be a limitation to e-Learning. The flexibility of e-Learning requires a high level of student responsibility. A successful e-Learning student must be well organized, self-motivated, and have good time management skills. What you get out of an e-Learning program is directly related to the amount of

  • The Disadvantages Of E-Learning

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    teaching and learning environment for their learners (Lau et al, 2010). But according to Ng (2008), technology is not only an add-tool in teaching and learning process but more on foster peer learning, so that learners may learn through a holistic approach in an experiential environment. Described under several contributors who make use of e-learning lack of effectiveness in transferring knowledge. 2.2 Disadvantage of e-Learning Here are some other problems associated with the disadvantages of e-learning

  • The Pros And Cons Of E-Learning

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    Today e-learning is mostly delivered though the internet, although in the past it was delivered using a blend of computer-based methods like CD-ROM. E-learning provides the learners with the ability to fit learning around their lifestyles, effectively allowing even the busiest person to further a career and gain new qualifications. Overall, traditional learning is expensive, takes a long time and the results can vary. E-learning offers an alternative that is faster, cheaper and potentially better

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of E Learning

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    Tools and equipments of E-learning : E-mails: • Every instructor ought to have an email account • Communicate with his students • Students can submit tasks and assignments • Sending attachments (files – images – diagrams –etc..) • Create a paperless environment • Simple yet viable and effective • Efficient and cost effectively Chats: • Synchronous specialized and communication tool • Easy way to communicate with the students • More students can take an interest and participate

  • Intrinsic Factors Of E-Learning

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    out in China, the use of e-learning in higher education institution are considerably low as many of the instructors do not believe in E-learning (Wang, 2009). Moreover, E-learning sometimes leads isolation of students from others. Therefore, E-learning is only successful if students are properly motivated to use E-learning. It is difficult to attract and preserve the learners’ interest in learning because learners will not perform self regulated and self-directed E-learning unless they are motivated

  • Importance Of E-Learning In Education

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    “The essential purpose of education is to bring the pupil face to face with something great, so that he experiences first awe and then curiosity.”- Dante Learning is a never ending process. Education and learning has been an integral part of growing up since the ancient times. Its aim, according to Herbert Spencer is the 'training for completeness of life ' and the moulding of character of men and women for the battle of life. The mode of education has seen a drastic shift, more so in the recent

  • The Importance Of E-Learning In Nursing

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    professional development )point . Learning can be divided into two parts which are informal and formal. This two parts able to promote continuous development and improvement in knowledge and skills. Even thought we know the benefits of continuous education but it was challenging for all the health care organization in clinical environment. Over past few years, in this 20 century with highly digital world, electronic learning (e-Learning) has emerged as a practical solution for learning and have expanded the

  • Advantages Of E-Based Learning

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    where they can find what they need to know when they need to know it.” Herein lies the need for e-learning, online education which can satisfy our unquenchable thirst for knowledge. After all, we are the people of 21st century, an age of scientific revolution where people need to know each and everything. And it is only internet which has made this happen. E-Learning or in other words, Web –based learning has revolutionised and transformed the sphere of Education, it has not only upgraded it but taken

  • Positive Effects Of E-Learning

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    enjoyment significantly affects the intention to use the e-learning among students as proved by Davis et al. (1992). From Internet context, the perceived enjoyment have brought positive effects in terms of usage activities. In similar vein, e-learning exposed students to a new dimension to learn. It enable student to learn on

  • E-Learning In Learning And Education In Education And Modern Education

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    Presently, e-learning has been playing a vital role in enhancing the learning and teaching abilities. E-Learning is the modern learning method which uses multimedia technology and the internet which improves the quality of learning by facilitating access to resources and services as well as remote exchanges and collaboration, it is a new learning method which has the potential to enhance and support the traditional learning system and it is becoming an integral part of the learning methods used

  • E-Learning Security Management Assignment

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    shooting guides, produce documents that effectively and efficiently communicate information needed by the reader, train the E-learning users as is the important part of service management, support services than one who has not been adequately trained.  E-learning security management: Future research in this area will help deal with security management in E-learning projects, achieve confidentiality, availability and integrity in the organization’s information resources. The management of information

  • Importance Of Student Learning Based On E-Learning

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    STUDENT MODELLING BASED ON E-LEARNING K.karthik1, Abhay Kumar2, Dheeraj Kumar3, and Krishna Kumar4 1 Department of computer science engineering, 2,3Final year IT 4Final year CSE Aarupadai Veedu Institute of Technology Chennai Abstract. We utilize the student assessment module to evaluate the student performance through profession and their skill means to form student model and realize personalized learning using the model. The study presents a student assessment and modeling system