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  • The Importance Of Educational Psychology

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    Educational psychology (EP) is a branch of psychology which is apprehensive about the logical investigation of human learning. Many psychologists and philosophers came up with theories regarding EP such as; the cognitive development theory of Jean Piaget, the moral developmental theory by Kohlberg and Gilligan and at the same time special focus was given to different teaching methods through this branch of psychology. “Psychology is the science of behavior and cognitive processes” (Baron, 2013, p

  • The Importance Of Educational Psychology

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    and external factors that influence how fast students pick up a new language and the first impression on teacher is one of these factors. 1.1.1. Educational psychology: Educational psychology is the study of how humans learn in educational setting , the effectiveness of educational interventions . the psychology of teaching, and the social psychology of schools as organizations. As a result , educators need to focus on creating environments

  • Importance Of Educational Psychology

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    Psychology The term "psychology" is derived from two Greek words – psyche (soul) and logos (science or study). Thus, literally it means study or science of soul. It is the scientific study of behavior and mental process of organism. Psychology is the study of nature and the science of mind. Early psychologists defined psychology as the science of mind, science of soul and science of consciousness but they became obsolete and wasn’t accepted. Eventually, the meaning of psychology was rephrased by

  • Parental Influence In Educational Psychology

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    CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Parental involvement is considered to be one of the main discussions in educational psychology. Its significance as a motivating influence in children’s education is a world-wide accepted factor. In real life, children have two main educators: (1) parents, their main educator and major influence all throughout their life; (2) and teachers, the one who assists them whenever there is an absence of parents. Previous studies have found that there is no precise pattern that would

  • Personal Statement Essay: My Interest In Educational Psychology

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    The more I don’t know, the more I know. The more I realize I don’t understand, the more I discover my desire to know more about psychology. My interest in educational psychology was triggered by my first experience in changing schools. Having grown up in my old school, Norwegian International School, I had grown reliant on my friends and the easy-going environment there. Changing schools in 2004, I arrived in International Christian School. My first few months at ICS was a complete nightmare

  • Impact Of Pop Culture In Education

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    Philippine Normal University The National Center for Teacher Education College of Teacher Development FACULTY OF EDUCATION SCIENCES Popular Culture in Education A Critical Paper Submitted In partial fulfillment of the course requirements In Prof. Ed. 05 (Development in Education) Submitted by: Jessica D. Pagay II-4 BFE Submitted to: Prof. Gerry Areta February 29, 2015 Globalization is the method of interaction and assimilation among people, nations, trade and investments guided by information

  • Teacher Role In Education

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    assumes special significance Since the teacher is instrumental more than anybody else in helping the younger generation to imbibe the right values, Skills and attitude necessary to cope with the world of tomorrow. The role of the teacher in the educational process is always challenging and dynamic, so he must be fit by body, mind and soul. The success of education process depends much more upon the character and ability of teachers.The Teacher must have the right attitude to impart proper education

  • Student Evaluation

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    Developing the best fitting model for Student Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness (SET) with students of higher education in India: An SEM approach Introduction: Student evaluations of teaching effectiveness or course evaluations (SETs) are used for measuring performance of teachers by asking their students to rate them(Shevlin et . al., 2000). SET is being used as an indicator of teaching quality at most universities and colleges throughout the world, due to which there has been considerable

  • The Testing Effect

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    In an educational settings, tests are usually considered method of assessment. Testing is a powerful means of improving learning and not just assessing it. Students takes test to assess whatever they have learned, tests like SAT, CAT etc. Various type of tests are conducted in order to assess students knowledge. More often the students takes test in class, they will study more and will space their studying throughout the semester rather than concentrating it just before exams. Test has a powerful

  • Essay On Parental Involvement In Secondary Education

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    Parents are the child’s first and most important teacher in their life and it is expected to they play an active role in the school journey. Recent educational developments in many countries have shown a growing importance of the concept of parental involvement. Parental involvement over the past decade, indicates that regardless of family income or background, “students with involved parents are more

  • Storybook Reading Essay In A Second Language

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    There are various ways for children to acquire vocabulary in a second language. One of them is through storybook reading. It is an interesting medium in which it can enhance the children’s interest in reading and at the same time facilitate them in acquiring new words. The purposes of this study are to describe how storybook reading contributes to English vocabulary acquisition among young children (kindergarteners), and to explore whether the pictures in the storybook help children to deal with

  • Quality Of Education In Pakistan

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    education. Teacher education is well-thought-out as the back bone of all the policies to improve the quality of education. In Millennium Development Goals improving the quality of teaching and learning in developing countries is the basic aim. All educational plans and policies would remain

  • My American Dream: An Education

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    and not doing their job. The book carries a call to action to all the people who are involved in the planning the future of American schools. Both authors are professors of education in different boarder points. The text affirms everything the educational system in the United States is leaving to desired when it comes to help fulfill the American Dream of Latinos and other minorities. This source fortifies my argument throughout the essay with the real life experience of students, research and statists

  • Importance Of Aspiration In Education

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    an inner structure known as level of aspiration. Aspiration has been a prominent topic within education and sociology for many years. Aspiration as defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary is “ A strong desire to achieve something” when put in an educational sense , aspiration can be defined as “ A strong desire to achieve academically. Aspiration involves the estimation of his ability for his future performance on the strength of his

  • Mathematics: The Universal Nature Of Mathematics Anxiety

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    Introduction “Since the mathematicians have invaded the theory of relativity I do not understand it myself anymore.” - Albert Einstein. The universal nature of mathematics makes it a necessary academic discipline in all parts of the world. In India too, mathematics plays an important role in the development of technical skills and knowledge of students. However, Indian students have the choice of dropping the subject and its variants while entering into the last two years of their senior secondary

  • Self-Learning Theory

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    fully reflect the seriousness of the problem. The spoilt child usually gets the helping hands from their parents and domestic helpers. Self-care ability is the most basic personal development criteria. It is necessary for them to learn it. Some psychology concepts can explain the incidents. It is suggested that compulsory lesson, talks or activities may give students good training so as to develop as a mature person. According to

  • Habits Of Study Habits

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    is very high and positive relationship between study habits and academic achievement of tenth grade students. 1. INTRODUCTION During the recent years, it has been strongly emphasized that the child is the pivotal point of curriculum and of educational process. No two individual are alike. They differ in respect of their innate powers, interests and aptitudes. To be an efficient student one must be an efficient person and manage other aspects of his life in a sensible fashion. This means planning

  • Importance Of School Counsellor

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    1.0 Introduction School counsellors are an integral part of today’s educational system. In Malaysia, we can find counsellors all over in primary school, secondary school, college and even university. According to Prince Edward Island Department of Education (2005) ,counsellors are intended to facilitate the educational, personal, social, emotional, and career development of students in schools and in the community. As a school counsellor, they need to work with the school management in planning

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology In Education

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    integrated into lessons to help the student, although it can also disrupt their learning if it is overused or inappropriately used. Technology alters the way a child thinks, both in a positive and negative way. An article on “Psychology Today” shows that while (educational) video games help a child multi-task, it also leads to distraction and a decrease in memory. This applies to the majority of pupils as 95% of teenagers (12-17) spend most of their time playing games. Another study shows that children

  • Writing Error In Annotated Bibliography

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    Treatment Berninger, V. W., Vaughan, K. B., Abbott, R. D., Abbott, S. P., Rogan, L. W., Brooks, A., Reed, E., & Graham, S. (1997). Treatment of handwriting problems in beginning writers: Transfer from handwriting to composition. Journal of Educational Psychology, 89(4), 652-666. doi:10.1037/0022-0663.89.4.652 This article discusses the results from a twelve-week project aimed at the treatment of handwriting problems in beginner writers, transiting from handwriting to composition. The researchers use