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  • Ethnographic Observation: Merrill Elementary School Children

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    different cultures and their practices. This examination of ethnography helped us implement cultural understanding and appreciation in our Lighted Schoolhouse lessons with elementary school kids. In this paper I will analyze and reflect on my ethnographic observations at Merrill Elementary School. My first visit to Merrill Elementary School was on February 23rd. Though this was just an observational visit, I was really nervous about interacting with the kids. I have had little to no prior experience with

  • Elementary School Reading

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    always dark and the walls were bare. I would sit down in front of the screen and listen to all my friends do well on their quiz while I did poorly. Reading became more and more strenuous so I decided to avoid it. After finishing elementary school and moving on to middle school I realized reading was almost impossible to avoid. Every day after lunch we would have literacy hour. We would head to our classrooms and they would become completely quiet and I would sit in boredom reading the silly posters

  • Elementary School Summary

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    Ms. Smith, a teacher from from Sample Elementary School, has been teaching elementary education for ten years and teaching the fourth grade at her current school for four years. In Smith’s opinion, Sample School has a special education program that is compliant and effective. Each year she has students with both Individualized Education Programs (IEP) and 504 plans. During an interview with Smith, she explains the process students must go through prior to being evaluated for special education. In

  • Elementary School Narrative

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    Elementary school is an environment where we start off as juvenile, inventive kids and leave as awkward procrastination prone teenagers. We morph into these people and stay that way for a while until high school the place where we can find our roadway in which we will continue for the rest of our lives. On September 5th, 2006, I began my very first day of elementary school, like many of the other kids starting their first day of school, I was nervous and I didn’t want to leave my parents side but

  • Sports In Elementary Schools

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    Why are sports offered in middle and high school, but not elementary school? One may think that sports in elementary school sports would be pointless, but when examined in depth, there are many benefits to introducing sports earlier in a child’s life. School sports should be introduced in elementary school because they can prevent obesity, build social skills, and provide a positive use of time. First and foremost, participation in school sports can help to prevent obesity. When one participates

  • Elementary School Observation

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    North Hollywood called Arminta Elementary school. Arminta Elementary school is directed by Principal Ramirez. It is a public school and part of the Los Angeles Unified school district. The school goes from Pre-kinder all the way to fifth grade. There are twenty-one teachers in this school. All trying their hardest to educate and encourage the students to a better future. The school requires the students to have their paperwork and medical shots to attend school. The school does have children with special

  • ADHD In Elementary School

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    Throughout elementary school, my teacher gave the class a spelling test every Friday. We would have to write our spelling words five times each and make sentences with the words. The homework seemed to help everyone but me. Everyone who did the homework excelled while I fell behind. My mom and I would sit at the kitchen table every day for at least thirty minutes, occasionally more, and work on my spelling words for the week. At times, my mom would even contact my teacher to ask if she could

  • Essay On Recess In Elementary School

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    In class today, two groups spoke concerning the topic of Recess in elementary schools. The first group was the News group and we interviewed 30 individuals to understand different viewpoints and aspects of each individual as to what they felt was beneficial to childhood recess and activity. Every person that was interviewed had recess or a form of organized play during the school day which is a clear sign that activity is regularly seen throughout the community and back in the early 2000’s. One question

  • Elementary School Lunches Research Paper

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    Imagine a school cafeteria with delicious food, healthy lunches, and all on a small budget. Now imagine that same cafeteria but with not delicious, not nutritious food, and tons of money wasted. Which would you choose? Unfortunately, prairie elementary school’s cafeteria is much like the latter. Both the taste and nutritional value of this food is very bad. Also, too much money is spent on these half eaten lunches. This really needs to change. First of all, the nutrition of the food in this cafeteria

  • Clarkview Elementary School Case Study

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    Joey, a second grader at Clarkview Elementary school, is an at-risk student who is displaying undesirable behavior resulting in injury to his peers. Karen, Joey’s teacher, is concerned that school’s newly implemented zero tolerance policy will have an ineffective and detrimental effect on Joey. Moreover, the new policy would require the implementation of a three-day suspension; thus, exposing Joey to a greater risk of abuse from his mother and stepfather. In addition to exposing Joey to physical

  • Why Students Fail In Elementary School

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    In my opinion, students in elementary school advancing to the next grade even though they have not successfully completed the lower grade, is not right. In my mind children, that fail should be required to learn the curriculum that all of the others did. It is not right for the child that failed to move on when all the other students have worked hard to get good grades so that they can move on and advance to the next grade. Keeping a child back will teach him/her some responsibility to work harder

  • Gender Stereotypes In Elementary Schools Essay

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    In the first study about Math gender stereotypes in elementary school, the authors Cvencek et al. discuss the findings of the study. According to Cvencek et al. (2011), 121 boys and 126 girls completed implicit association tests and explicit self-report measures assessing the link between; Me with male (gender identity) Male with math (math-gender stereotype) Me with math (math self-concept) The research results showed that as early as second grade, children showed the stereotype that math is for

  • Bugbee Elementary School: A Short Story

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    The cold breeze on Monday morning fogged the freezing cars. It was already 20 degrees at 8 a.m. A few teachers stood outside amongst the arriving students in the lot. Many people biked to school, but biking on this day wasn’t smart, but I made it. Bugbee Elementary School, where I got my first glimpse of education, started me off on a good path to success. I walked through the doors that morning, excited for the day ahead. But, this story is not about how I was educated. Its actually about

  • Elementary School Teachers Research Paper

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    Elementary School Teacher: Molding Young Children’s Minds Miss Koehn, Miss Teacher, Teacher, Miss. There are so many names for just one person, especially if your a teacher. As a teacher, an individual is now a role model and influence in their students lives. Teachers are responsible for students learning and intellectual development. It may seem like a heavy responsibility, but to me it would be so worth it. They are shaping a child’s mind and subsequently molding them into the person they

  • Case Study Elementary School Recess

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    Case Study: Elementary Recess The need for scheduled recess in elementary school has been a constant debate amongst parents, teachers, and administration. Currently in Pinellas County Schools, there is no mandate requiring schools to provide scheduled recess for students. According to a Change.org petition “Pinellas County School's Administration Guidelines for Wellness, Physical Activity, and Nutrition says that schools should "investigate" providing 20 minutes of recess [each day]” Recently

  • Adams Elementary School Case Study

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    Adams elementary school is in the Boise Independent School District. It is located at 1725 East Warm Spring Avenue. Warm Springs Avenue is a documented historical district and residential area which serves as reference point for Boise’s history. In 1890, Warm Springs Avenue was an undeveloped road to a hot springs, east of Boise’s downtown. A hot water well was excavated in this area and through the innovation and invention was developed into geothermal power to be used both commercially and in homes

  • The Pros And Cons Of Elementary And Middle School

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    thing that they could receive. But in middle school, many students are failing those tests, getting bad grades. The only difference between elementary school and middle school is more individual topics and recess. Recess is an enormass change that happens between elementary and middle school. Recess has a purpose, that middle school should not be able to take away. Getting better grades, calming aspects, and exercise are all reasons why middle schools should get recess. First, getting good grades

  • Personal Narrative-Compliments In Elementary School

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    I was walking through the halls of my elementary school watching as the other girls and boys reluctantly walked to their classes. I nervously walked to my classroom, and sat in my alphabetical seat next to the same boy I was always forced to sit next to, I waited to hear my name as the teacher started to call attendance. It was finally my turn, but my name was never said, however the name I did hear was my sister’s. At this point the name mix up was a regular occurrence, but every year I still hoped

  • Reflection: My Observation At Wilson Elementary School

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    Ashlee Harper Professor Oswald Reflection November 19, 2014 Observation Paper For my field experience that took place on two different days at two different schools in Oskaloosa, several observations took place in two different environments. My first observation took place at Wilson Elementary with first graders. I observed Mr. O’Brien’s class and his students, the environment of his class was very energetic and set up well for the first graders, and there was about 11 students in his class total

  • Glennon Height Elementary School: Case Study

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    Safety should be a schools most important priority. Student who feel safe can excel at learning instead of worrying. Parents who feel their children are safe will worry less and work better. Every school should have a safety protocols and crisis management protocol. Glennon Height Elementary School has a great safety protocol and crisis management plan. After speaking to Bill Stidham the principal of Glennon Heights I did a walk through the grounds and school. Using the safety checklist, I was