Ellen Ripley Essays

  • Arrival Scene

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    entrance – a kind of tunnel - is located at the bottom of the ship that is hovering above them. The tunnel appears like an elevator well; they are at its bottom looking up to the top where a bright light is visible. Miraculously the characters are able to walk up the wall. First this is shown as if they were walking on the ground normally. However, when they are near the light source the scene is upside down (Figure 28). The light conditions and the tunnel’s texture create an unfamiliar atmosphere

  • Comparing Emerson And Henry David Thoreau

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    Transcendentalist writers were focused on the belief of the divinity of the individual soul, the inner voice, (Crawford, Kern & Needleman, 1961) to overcome social stereotypes and to avoid conformity. It is highlighted the importance to return to nature to enhance the quality of humans beings by living simply since being apart of common social rules is the only way to be in communion with nature’s wisdom. Those transcendental characteristics could be seen in Emerson’s ¨self-reliance¨ or Thoreau’s

  • The Great Gatsby Rhetorical Analysis

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    This nation was birthed from the hard work of it's pioneers, frontiersmen, and settlers all of who were working towards their vision the American dream. Author F. Scott Fitzgerald takes the pure and noble notion of striving for the American dream and adds a twist. As the characters within Fitzgerald’s novel try and attempt to achieve their version of the American dream, they willingly discard certain parts of their moral code in order to do so. Jay Gatsby was willing to engage in morally dubious

  • Patriarchy In John Kelso's The Fall Of Man

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    A cultural conviction that prevailed throughout different historic eras was of male supremacy and female inferiority. Societies were ruled by men, and they structured the supposedly perfect roles that women should assume. These roles emphasized the importance of female silence, chastity, and obedience to the patriarchy. Men even rationalized their ideas of an ideal woman through Biblical examples and proverbial descriptions of the good wife (Kelso 3). Men imposed all of these characteristics on women

  • Lady Macduff Extract Analysis

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    The extract is from Macbeth written by William Shakespeare in the year 1606. It is from act 4 scene 2. The extract primarily deals with the frustration and anger of lady macduff for her husband who fled away to England and betrayed her and their children. Lady macduff and her son have a serious talk in this scene in which she argues about how will they survive without the main pillar of their family i.e. macduff. The context starts with the conversation between Ross and Lady Macduff. Her tone reflects

  • Obama's Medal Of Freedom Analysis

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    It first began in 1963, with President John F. Kennedy, and it is only given by U.S. Presidents, which is a great honor to have. Some people in the past whom have received this award are Norman Rockwell, Alexander Calder, Andrew Wyeth, Maya Lin, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jasper Johns, nearly half of them were artists, actors or musicians, including singer Bruce Springsteen, actor Robert Redford and “Saturday Night Live” producer Lorne Michaels, but there were also computer engineers and famous architects

  • Bob Lee Swagger Character Analysis

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    Bob Lee Swagger is the chief protagonist in the Bob Lee Swagger series of novels by American author of thriller novels, Stephen Hunter. We first get introduced to Bob Lee Swagger otherwise known as “Bob the Nailer” in the first novel of the series, the 1993 published Point of Impact. Bob Lee Swagger was in the military where he served as a sniper until his retirement, having attained the rank of Marine sergeant. The book series begins immediately after his retirement after a Soviet sniper in Vietnam

  • Compare And Contrast Oprah Winfrey And Ellen Degeneres

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    The Best of The Best Both Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres are strong television women who are known all over the world. They have overcome their challenges and have become very successful women. “Oprah is an American television host, actress, producer, philanthropist and entrepreneur” (Biography Oprah). “Ellen was a stand-up comedian before starring in her own sitcom, Ellen and has been the host of her own award-winning talk show” (Biography Ellen). There are many similarities and differences

  • West Side Story Character Analysis

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    In the musical West Side Story, the portrayal of the “Jets” and the “Sharks” highlight the issues of race and ethnicity that impact the formation of identity. In an article, “On Broadway”, Sylviane Gold argues that “musicals have reflected and perpetuated the racial rifts and injustices of American society” (81). West Side Story brings across the racial and ethnic divide of an America dealing with issues of identity and an influx of immigrants both in terms of its presentation of the character as

  • An Analysis Of Grimm Brother's Rapunzel

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    The Grimm Brother’s “Rapunzel” is arguably the best-known version of the classic story after the Disney version. As fairytales go, Rapunzel does not stray too far from the stereotypical representations of female characters, featuring the good mother, the misrepresented evil witch of a stepmother and the passive princess. Placed into their boxes, and never allowed to change the course of their storyline, these women are denied any form of activity or satisfaction unless their male counterpart allows

  • Compare And Contrast Winfrey And Ellen Degeneres

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    Entertainment show Hundreds of viewers every afternoon tune into the two most controversial daytime entertainment TV shows hosted by Ellen Degeneres, with her humorous presentation & Oprah Winfrey 's talk show on a more serious note . Oprah, known for being a host, actress and philanthropist as well as one of the richest African American women, while Ellen is known for being a hilarious standup comedian & actress also being one of the most richest lesbians, both show a different point of entertainment

  • Who Is Ellen A Dynamic Character In Finding My Voice

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    in a parent/child relationship. ‘Ellen Sung’ is a dynamic character. Many events lead to Ellen’s understanding of her personality and help her meet her goals. Ellen faces many problems as she struggles to accept changes in her life. Ellen the most assimilated person in the Sung family. She is in cultural dualism and an identity crisis. She is

  • Descriptive Essay: A Haunted Halloween

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    A Haunted Halloween In the town of Hull stone, on a Halloween night, four kids met up at Joe’s house to have a sleepover. Bob, Claire and Emily showed up at his house with their candy baskets. They left the house to go trick or treating in Joe’s neighborhood. The evening passed quickly as they had collected a lot of candy and they were returning to Joe’s house to begin their sleepover. On the ride back home, all was well until Bob suddenly stumbled upon a rock while riding his bike. Claire got

  • The Protagonists In Ellen Foster And A Separate Peace

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    In the books Ellen Foster and A Separate Peace the protagonists both go through turmoil and develop who they are as individuals. The narrator, Ellen, from Ellen Foster shows herself as a strong individual that has some baggage that she doesn't let stop her from achieving her ultimate goal, happiness. In A Separate Peace, the protagonist, Gene, was jealous of his friend and did something regrettable that changes Gene’s life and his friend’s forever. How these characters interact with others in the

  • Clown Fish Facts

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    The Story Behind Clown Fish Facts If you have ever seen the movie of 'finding Nemo', you must be known that Clown Fish Facts is very amazing. People, especially kids are started to love this kind of animal. Clownfish has more than 20 species. The length of between two to five inches long, and the most famous species of it is like no, although crown fish has maroon, yellow, and more colors. Habitat and Clown Fish Friends Clown fish live on the ocean floor and they need warm water to stay alive.

  • Galileo's Argument Essay: Choosing To Learn

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    what to do she knew the kids were ready but the teaching wouldn 't come. The resources just weren 't there for them. Because of the 13 year old 's story $100 thousand was donated from the Ellen show. “The Ellen degeneres show” donated $100,000 worth of new technology to the school and others around it. The Ellen show noticed the kids were wanting to learn. So they brought in what the kids needed. In conclusion this boy went out on his own and ended up raising over a $million to

  • Finding Nemo: Sea Life

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    accident took away his wife and hundreds of other children. The father and a blue tang called Dory become a dynamic duo and form an awkward friendship on the journey to reacquire his only son Nemo. Finding Nemo is the best animated marine movie ever. Ellen DeGeneres 's and Barry Humphries ' voice acting was phenomenal, the set design is amazing, and Andrew Stanton 's directing was spectacular. Diving into the ocean, the set designers and animators of this film worked hard creating a realistic portrayal

  • Analyzing The Movie 'Finding Nemo'

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    many of the actors have won different awards for this movie and other movies they were in. Also have reviews on how good the movie was. As a rule, a great movie has good actors and directors. Stars in the movie were people such as, Albert Brooks, Ellen Degeneres, and Alexander Gould. The original story was by Andrew Stanton. Having good actors and directors proves to make a very successful movie, just like “Finding Nemo” was, and many famous companies took interest in the movie and gave great reviews

  • Pablo Neruda's Ode To A Large Tuna In The Market

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    The ode is a poetic form meant to praise or exult a certain individual, usually in regards to their athletic ability. Historically, there have been odes to Olympians, leaders, and even Grecian urns, but in Pablo Neruda’s poem “Ode to a Large Tuna in the Market,” he is commending a dead fish amidst a sea of spoiling vegetation. He praises the tuna for being the premier fish in the sea, and how even the dead fish is magnificent in comparison to the surrounding prosaic goods; Neruda insists it is a

  • Didactic Values In A Monster Call

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    The Didactic Values from ‘A Monster Calls’ In ‘A Monster Call’, a fantasy film directed by J.A. Bayona, I can say that there are a lot of didactic values contained in this film. Interestingly, this film explained its lesson in many ways and it made me think that every part of this film are valuable. One of the didactic value that I can see is by understanding Conor character in this film. Conor O’ Malley describes as a boy who is very brave to face so many problems in his life; his mother is ill