Emilio Estevez Essays

  • Film Analysis: The Way

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    characters come together to walk the same path. Each character motivates each other to achieve the overall reason of why they wanted to walk The Camino De Santiago. Emilio Estevez’s purpose in creating this film was to show how different types of people with different backgrounds can mesh together and motivate each other. In The Way, Emilio Estevez uses the literary devices such as characterization and conflict to get

  • Film Analysis: The Breakfast Club

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    wonders “What do all of these people have in common?” Detention. The answer is detention. The Breakfast Club written and directed by John Hugh’s stars Anthony Michael Hall as Brian Johnson: the brain, Molly Ringwald as Claire Standish: a beauty, Emilio Estevez as Andrew Clark: the jock, Judd Nelson as John Bender: the rebel, and Ally Sheedy as Allison Reynolds: the recluse. The Breakfast Club only won one award, the MTV Movie Silver Bucket of Excellence Award; however, it is considered a “textbook romantic

  • What Is Multiculturalism In Canada

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    Multiculturalism and its Relationship to Canada’s National Identity Though multiculturalism has been shown to be a wise policy economically and politically, the effects of multiculturalism has unintentionally complicated the Canadian national identity. Though multiculturalism is a significant part of the national identity of Canada, it has brought the population further away from national unity as the country struggles to maintain equality among and respect for all cultures. To derive a national

  • Psychological Themes In The Breakfast Club

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    pregnant. The nature of Bender’s (Judd Nelson) language would have been depicted as vulgar and would have broken the Hayes Code. Even Andrew Clark (Emilio Estevez) talks about how he tapped a student’s butt together. This graphic description of the student’s butt being tapped would also have been classified as vulgar. Therefore, Andrew Clark’s (Emilio Estevez) conversation would have broken the Hayes Code as

  • Stereotypes In John Hughes's Film The Breakfast Club

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    John Hughes’s film The Breakfast Club (1985) resonates with certain modern-day stereotypes of high school students. The film also reflects on how much damage that social status and labels have on people, especially during adolescence. Hughes’s film breaks down the emotional barriers between ordinary high school students of different backgrounds through typecasting. As the actors take on the general roles of students that can be found in most high schools, the narrative of the story begins to drastically

  • 80's Movie Analysis

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    movie. His cast of choice was no less but the most famous young people in Hollywood. To fill his library of trouble makers he looked to the people who were the best of the best. Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Anthony Michael Hall and Emilio Estevez. All young stars that where at the top of their game. Ally plays the basket case, Allison Reynolds. Allison is that girl that never fit in, she isn’t like all the other kids so they avoid her. As for Molly Ringwald her character

  • The Outsiders Movie Review Essay

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    Best Young Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture. Ralph Macchio and Matt Dillon portraying Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston played their roles skillfully. Minor roles were attributed to Patrick Swayze (Darry Curtis), Rob Lowe (Sodapop Curtis), Emilio Estevez (Two-bit) and Tom Cruise (Steve Randle). These young promising boys became famous worldwide actors later on in their lives. The Greasers are well portrayed as rebel group of youngsters living in poor conditions following their own code of behavior

  • The Breakfast Club Film Analysis

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    The Breakfast Club (1985) is a teen movie sensation written and directed by John Hughes. Starring in the movie are Molly Ringwald as Claire, Ally Sheedy as Allison, Emilio Estevez as Andrew, Anthony Michael Hall as Brian and Judd Nelson as Bender. All the characters represent a different clique from an American high school. As part of the different groups they have never got to know each other before. They see each other as a princess, a basket case, an athlete, a brain and a criminal, so does their