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  • Job Satisfaction: A Conceptual Framework

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    It is a subset of attitude. Job satisfaction influences the skill and energy of an individual. It can be positive or negative. It is expressed in a high or low degree. Job satisfaction is associated with emotional state of human mind. DETERMINANTS OF JOB SATISFACTION Job satisfaction is intangible and multi-variable. A number of factors influence the job satisfaction of employees. They can be classified into three categories. They are organizational factors

  • Job Satisfaction In The Workplace

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    Job satisfaction shows how much an employee likes his work as well as the level of his preoccupation with work. Generally, it can be stated that job satisfaction is a sense of comfort and positive experience that an employee have related to his job. Job satisfaction can affect work behavior, and through that, the organizational performance. For a long time job satisfaction has been viewed as a unique concept, but today it is seen as a very complex cluster of attitudes towards different aspects of

  • Dental Hygienist Case Study

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    Her language, especially when taking age differences into consideration, infantilized Dr. Rose and reflected a lack of concern for the wellbeing of the patient. Chrissy's socio-emotional skills need immediate attention if the practice intends to retain her employment following this incident. Though, it could be argued that the problem began at the level of the receptionist, as well. Dr. Rose carefully listed her allergies on her

  • The Influence Of Job Satisfaction

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    Introduction In these competitive times Human Resource Management is the most valuable asset in any organization. It is reflection of inherent abilities, acquired knowledge and skills represented by the talents and aptitudes of every person in the organization. In order to stay ahead in this time it is imperative for any organization to use Human resources to maximum possible extent. To achieve this goal they have to ensure that employees perform to their best and keep on improving themselves. However

  • Big Five Personality Model

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    Big Five Personality Big Five personality has very important in traits of predict behaviour at work. It has related about the relationship between job performance and personality of dimensions. As author Jopie van Rooyen review that the personality is evidence to show who are dependable, reliable, organized, hardworking, and persistent with achievement to tend a higher performance in all the jobs are given in any occupations. Well, the importance of Big Five personality model is traits for understanding

  • Essay On Executive Function In Education

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    INTRODUCTION Executive functions are a set of processes that all have to do with managing oneself and one's resources in order to achieve a goal. It is an umbrella term for the neurologically-based skills involving mental control and self-regulation. Some of the skills include components of reasoning, attention, planning, inhibition, set-shifting, working memory and the ability to regulate interference (Pennington, Ozonoff, 1996). These sills are necessary for adequate performance in all areas of

  • Occupational Stress Theory

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    performance (Spectr’s, 1997). The ERI model was explained that, the high effort and low reward employees were experiencing the emotional exhaustion and physical symptoms and job dissatisfaction. In other words, when the employees have controlled the reward and effort it means that the efforts (psychological demands) were the powerful predictors for employee’s emotional exhaustion and physical symptoms. Besides that, the reward from the work is the predictors for the job dissatisfaction. Other than that

  • Caring Classroom Reflection

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    The truth is that the name of the course, The Caring Classroom could be truly understood only after you finish the course. Initially, I thought that in this course, we will get tools to create a caring classroom and when I state tools I mean like strategies. Something which can add to our own ways of dealing with a class. However, throughout the course, the most influential insights that I got to discover were actually regarding myself, which truly surprised me. I got to know myself better, and it

  • Essay On Acculturation

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    Running Head: ACCULTURATION, SOCIAL INTEGRATION AND DEPRESSION ACCULTURATION, SOCIAL INTEGRATION AND DEPRESSION ASSIGNMENT TITLE The relations of acculturation, social integration and depression among International University Malaya-Wales university students. MODULE CODE BPC 3034 MODULE NAME Cross-Cultural Psychology STUDENT NAME Serene Muneera Ismail Celestial STUDENT ID HEP140023 LECTURER Ms Chan Li Chuin DUE DATE Week 10 ASSIGNMENT COVER PAGE CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION

  • Reflective Essay On Discourse Community

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    Introduction We use language every day to inform, express, explain or socialize. The language we use in daily life varies since we have various identities in the society. Different word choices are used depending on the target, purpose and situation. Register changes at specific time either, to express the identity of oneself. In this portfolio, I will share my insight and experience gained from the course work. (I) My discourse communities The discourse community I wish to depict first is classmates

  • Essay About Broken Family

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    Significance of the Study The purpose of the paper is to prove that even if a student belongs to a broken family, they will still be able to perform well in their academics and this struggle is not a hindrance from them, so as to further intensify the program. This study can show that a broken family doesn’t always result to negativity because sometimes, it is a way for a student to be motivated and succeed in life. Rationale A broken family creates an inspiration to study hard because these students

  • Whiplash Movie Analysis

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    Whiplash is an inspiring movie, from one side, Andrew wants to fulfill a lifetime fantasy, and the desire to become the best drummer there is. On the other side, Andrew is willing to risk it all, to bear everything and anything in order to achieve that dream. To accomplish it, he applies to one of the best music schools and is admitted into it, he is now part of one of the most prestigious schools of music there is, Shaffer Conservatory of Music School. He practices every day to achieve perfection

  • Father Son Relationship In Master Harold

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    A seventeen-year-old boy’s superficial discontent towards his disabled father’s return from the hospital draws attention towards what is supposed to be the strongest bond: a father-son relationship. Throughout Athol Fugard’s play “Master Harold” … and the boys, Hally tries to suppress his mixed feelings after each call from his mother, who intends to bring his father home. Athol captures Hally’s true sentiments towards his father through two phone calls, initially provoking irrational anger and uncontrollable

  • The Secret Life Of Bees Character Analysis

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    Love is an involuntary factor that many people have come across in life. In the novel The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd, the main character Lily, has an internal conflict with her mother which affects how open she is to love. Lily grew up with her father and the culpability of her mother's death.(more info) She was raised with a harsh understanding of love due to the lack of love given to her all throughout her life, for she was more open to love because she hasn't doted as a child.However

  • Willy Loman And Walter Lee Younger Character Analysis

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    Willy Loman and Walter Lee Younger are two different people, in two different worlds with almost the same type of problems. The struggles between the Younger and Lomans is quite a twist for some people, but if given a chance can be unraveled to see how much love and care is actually put into the meaning of family. First is Willy and how his life is being changed by his memory and struggle to keep up with payments. Second is Walter struggling with his drinking problem and trying to keep his temper

  • Life's First Feelings Character Analysis

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    “Put yourself in their shoes” is a phrase commonly used, but what does it mean? It encompasses the capacity to which one can empathise with another’s situation or emotional state. Empathy can be defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. There are many contributing factors that influence an individual’s capability to feel empathy. In addition, this ability is developed, refined, and influenced throughout the lifespan. Many of the topics we discussed throughout the semester

  • Four Domains Of Emotional Intelligence

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    (2004) defined emotional intelligence in Indian contest as it include, intra-personal awareness (Knowing about own emotions), inter-personal awareness (Knowing about other emotions), intra-personal management (Managing one‟s own emotions) and inter-personal management (Managing others emotions).From the above definitions it is clear that Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself of others and of groups.There are four domains of emotional intelligence

  • Zimbardo Good Vs Evil Essay

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    The book addresses, as evident by its title, how good people turn evil, but it goes beyond this simple statement. Further than just turning evil, Zimbardo suggests the line between good and evil is more blurred than many believe, and that good people do not necessarily fully become evil, but rather often perform evil deeds when their situation so allows. The major example given in the book of how people become evil, is Zimbardo’s own infamous Stanford Prison Experiment. He uses this to demonstrate

  • Ecological Approach In Social Work Essay

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    Social workers are dedicated to helping others, and overall improving a communities well-being. Through this profession various approaches are articulated and practiced to uplift, and improve the most vulnerable populations. The most popular perspectives are the strengths perspective, Feminist, and Ecological. Through these perspectives they all give unique insight towards the same issue. Social workers exercise all perspectives, as one may work better than another in diverse circumstances. Through

  • Spearman's Multi-Factor Theory Essay

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    Intelligence is a mental energy of an individual who enables him to cope with his environment in terms of adaptation and dealing with novel situations in an effective manner. The factor theories of intelligence try to throw light on the structure of intelligence by indicating the number of factors or constituents, e.g. the unitary theory holds that intelligence consists of only one factor, i.e.. a fund of intellectual competence. Quite contrary to this, the multi-factor theory considers intelligence