Employment Essays

  • Supported Employment Summary

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    Dr. David Biegel discusses his research on supported employment for individuals with co-occurring substance use disorder along with mental health illness and mental health illness. According to Dr. Biegel’s discussion, supported employment is nationwide evidence based practice assist individual to obtain and maintain employment, and has been proven to be effective. Strength of the supported employment is that any person who has a mental health disorder and wants to work, qualifies for the program

  • The Employment-At-Will Doctrine

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    Summarize the employment-at-will doctrine discussed in the text and then evaluate three (3) of the six (6) scenarios described. The employment-at-will doctrine is a legal rule that allows employers to fire employees for any or no reason at all. According to the text this legal rule developed in the nineteenth, providing theoretic support for employment-at-will doctrine. The economic philosophy is mainly based on the legal foundation of freedom of contract. The philosophy is based on the idea

  • Equal Employment Essay

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    To begin, equal employment opportunity is the notion of everyone having the same chance for employment with all other factors being equal and with no prejudice based on skin color, gender, age, religion, and so forth. It is the idea that barriers should be removed in the workplace and it specifically deals with several aspects of employment in relation to management, hiring, selecting, and supervising employees. With equal employment opportunity, organizations are incentivized in ensuring compliance

  • Equal Employment Law

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    5–8 how specifically,do equal employment laws apply to recruiting activities? Equal employment laws apply to you in such a way that can be instrumental to the recruiting process. It is the company's duty to provide equal opportunity for more diverse workforce emanating eliminating barriers and Setting policies and procedures to create a more hospitable environment. HR must abide by all malls and make the minimum accommodations for anyone with disability or handicap. 5–9 what are the five main

  • Triangular Employment Relationship

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    Traditional employment relationships consists of two parties, namely the employer and employee. In contrast three parties are involved in triangular employment relationships, namely the agency supplying the workers; the client enterprise who uses the services of the workers and the workers themselves. One of the key features of this type of employment relationship is that the usual role of an employer, is split between the agency and the client enterprise. For example, the agency supplying the workers

  • Full Employment In Canada

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    Canadian Economic Goal of Full Employment Canada’s government and the Canadian economic system are currently doing a poor job of addressing the values of Canadian citizens when it comes to their inputs concerning Canada’s employment rate. The goal of every country is to have every individual working a steady job, and earning an income. This is known as full employment. Before the Canadian recession around 2009, the country was very close to full employment, but the economics decline caused

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Employment Agreements

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    What Is an Employment Agreement/Contract Employment? An employment agreement, or employment contract, is a binding contract between an employer and employee. It is usually a written, rather than an oral, contract. Employment agreements generally address important aspects of the employment such as wages, benefits, termination procedures, covenants not to compete, and the duties and responsibilities of employer and employee. What Are the Advantages of Employment Agreements? One of the main advantages

  • 5.1a Employment Tribunal

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    Unit 5 1a) Employment Tribunal procedures both before and after the hearing Even though you have received a notification letter that a former employee has made a claim for unfair dismissal, I would suggest sending a letter to the employee, offering conciliation through ACAS. Conciliation can help resolve a dispute without the need of a tribunal hearing. An agreement called COT3 reached with the assistance of ACAS to resolve a tribunal claim is legally binding on the parties and removes the claimants

  • Labor Employment Case Study

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    Labor Employment Chapters three and four discusses the political , industrial , social , and economics areas among other factors that contributed to the history of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). Those chapters also explained the role played by each labor employment relations laws such as Wagner Act, Taft-Hartley , and Landrum-Griffin- and the importance in today’s law labor. It was not until I read the chapters that I realized the history behind today’s labor relations , the evolution

  • The Pros And Cons Of Employment Screening

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    Employment screening means, essentially, checking out a job candidate's background. Is the person who he or she claims to be, with the qualifications stated in the resume or job application? Does the candidate have any criminal convictions or other disqualifying qualities or issues? It's easy to get employment screening done nowadays - a few mouse clicks will get you an online report on just about anybody via one of the hundreds of Web-based employment screening companies out there. But, frankly

  • Full Employment In The United States

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    Just because the economy is at full employment, this does not necessarily mean that the unemployment rate is at zero percent. Full employment is when there is no cyclical unemployment in the economy. The economy is generally at full employment during times of expansion, where cyclical unemployment decreases (McEachern). Full employment does not mean zero employment, but rather low employment – usually around 4 to 6 percent according to economists. However, this won’t result in a zero unemployment

  • Lack Of Employment Contract

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    With an employment contract, it is the responsibility of the employer to treat all employees fairly and terminate them only for a "good or just cause". Therefore, before an employer fires an employee, there is a need to check whether there is an employment contract (Mordsley & Wall,1983) The definition of a good or just cause is having a valid reason for discharging the employee

  • Pros And Cons Of At-Will-Employment Law

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    The At-Will-Employment law was written in 1877 to counteract and sabotage the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation, or the freeing of the slaves; the At-Will-Law was implemented to entrapment uneducated slaves back into slavery.Sadly, much of the nation still recognizes the antiquated law Consequently, the deceptive and cruel practice hasn't changed. Recent studies established that the At-Will-Employment Law is highly abused in the corporate world. Similar, the law endorses oppression, promotes division

  • Employment Law Case Study

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    and selection and in employment. Fixed Term Contracts - Employment Act 2002. Work eligibility. Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (regulated activities adult/children). Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (employing ex-offenders). Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 Principles of discrimination law Direct Indirect By association Equality Act 2010 Direct discrimination performs when someone is treated less favourably than another individual. Employment Rights Act 1996 Indirect

  • Equal Employment Ethical Dilemmas

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    I interned with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of Raleigh. Confidentiality is one of the most important issue that is a must. One such day as I went along my business I called an employee of a company to find if there was any correlation between discrimination and termination. The survey went along until I asked a question and they exclaimed they wanted the person who filed the claim against the company. This situation is an ethical dilemma. An ethical dilemma is an issue that it involves

  • Regent Park Employment Plan Essay

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    will increase employment rates and possibly remove a percentage of the citizens from the poverty line. The Regent Park Employment Plan and TCHC provide connections to jobs available through Regent Park revitalization, city-wide initiatives, and wider labour market opportunities. Revitalized Regent Park creates a wider job market, furthermore being more economically

  • Employment Law: Redundancy In The Workplace

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    Employment law is fraught with complex legislative frameworks and the area of redundancy is no different. Employers are entitled to make an employees position redundant. This may effect a single employee, a collective group or even a firms entire workforce should a full closure of business arise. Usually a savvy employer will offer the opportunity of voluntary redundancy in the first instance followed by a compulsory approach if needed (Cox et al,2009). So what legal protections are afforded to employees

  • Saskatchewan Employment Act Case Study

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    According to the Saskatchewan Employment Act (2013) Part III Section 3-1 (1) (j), the employer is defined as “a person, firm, association or body that has, in connection with the operation of a place of employment, one or more workers in the service of the person, firm, association or body” (page 67). The general duties of the employer are generally being met in both worksites. Although, it is ultimately up to the employer to ensure that employee’s safety and welfare is top priority. In the manufacturing

  • The Importance Of Employment Discrimination

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    Are older people entitled to protection from employment discrimination as a class? How might a law protecting older people from discrimination work? According to Wikipedia, Discrimination is treating people differently. Employment discrimination is treating one person better than another because of their age, gender, race, religion or other protected class status. Age discrimination refers to the actions taken to deny or limit opportunities to people on the basis of age. These are usually

  • Uniformed Service Employment

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    The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) is a federal law, passed in 1994, that protects military service members and veterans from employment discrimination on the foundation of their service, and allows them to reclaim their civilian jobs following a period of uniformed service. USERRA applies to members of the Armed Forces, Reserves, National Guard, and other “Uniformed Services” (including the National Disaster Medical System and the Commissioned Corps of the Public