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  • Classroom Assessment Report

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    Introduction Classroom assessment practices conducted by teachers is one of the integral parts of teaching and learning .Teachers may not know if students are learning or progressing without assessment. Lloyd (2011) explained that these classroom assessment standards comprise a set of criteria and related guidelines accepted by professional organizations as indicative accurate classroom assessment practices. At the heart of assessment system is a clear understanding and connecting to the knowledge

  • Acid Titration Lab Report

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    Thus, about 0.002 moles, or 0.4 g, of KHPh is needed. At the endpoint, the number of moles of NaOH equals the number of moles of KHPh used: MNaOH = moles KHPh Eq. 2 VNaOH in liters or MNaOH = g, KHPh x 1000 mL/L Eq. 3 204.23 g/mole mL, NaOH Once the NaOH solution has been standardized, it can be used to determine the

  • Coker Bb Case Study

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    On 1/7, the Alky started to only process FCCU BB and no longer process Coker BB. Alkylation chemistry, neither likes contaminants nor diluents. Contaminants are direct acid consumers. The more contaminants in the feed, the more often the unit will be at an acid constraint. Diluents do not react in alkylation chemistry, but they take up space and decrease the effective area for isobutane and olefin to contact. With less contact, side reactions like polymerization are more likely to occur; polymerization

  • Justice And Injustice In John Rawls A Theory Of Justice

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    John Rawls’ uses his work, A Theory of Justice, to define justice and injustice. Rawls’ general concept of justice follows that all social goods are to be equally distributed unless there can be a situation in which unequal distribution is the the benefit of everyone. The primary social goods he discusses are income, wealth, liberty, opportunity, and the bases of self-respect. Iris Young criticizes Rawls’ conception of justice in her work Justice and the Politics of Difference. Young claims that

  • Ondansetron Case Study

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    dose of medication. A physician followed up with the patients after oral rehydration therapy and a decision to start intravenous therapy was made. The primary endpoint of the study was the proportion of pediatric patients who vomited while receiving oral rehydration therapy among those who received ondansetron or placebo. Secondary endpoints included the number of vomiting episodes during oral rehydration and the rates of intravenous hydration among each group. It was found that the proportion of

  • Acupuncture Research Paper

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    questionequestions patientsd about their feelings and symptoms as well as on documents detailed information regarding their illness by the investigatorcourse of disease. In the ROSETTA-trial theThe main endpoint is of the trial is improvement of QOL QoL and reduction of fatigue. Secondary endpoints are reduction of RT-related side effects such as headache, nausea, and pain. Results: The ROSETTA trial is currently recruiting. Initial results from 30 patients (verum acupuncture n=15; sham acupuncture

  • Randomized Controlled Trials

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    interventions. RCT’s have predefined study samples built out of the target population and randomly assigned to different groups (placebo vs. new treatment). The observed effects of investigational treatments at defined time points constitute predefined endpoints. Pharmaceutical companies must meet this standard when working out levels of efficacy and safety that can be achieved by an experimental drug. It is important in a clinical trial to have randomization to prevent the results from being skewed. If

  • Acetic Acid Concentration

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    The process reaches an endpoint when the two solutions completely and exactly neutralized each other. However, in determining the neutralization time by speculating the change in color, one must be critical and careful enough to get accurate and precise data. In conducting this

  • Wadi El-Neel Hospital Case Study

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    Study design and study population: It was a prospective, single arm, open label study that included 99 cases admitted to the catheterization laboratory in Wadi El-Neel hospital between September 2012 and September 2014 and diagnosed as having ischemic heart disease with significant coronary artery stenosis necessitating PCI. We included full history, clinical evaluation, Standard 12-leads surface ECG, Echocardiography, ischemia driven non-invasive testing for controversy patients with chest pain

  • Equicentration: How Tomine The Titration Of Lemon Juice

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    concentration and is produced at a pH of 7. The indicator used in this experiment was Phenolphthalein which determined the end point, which was shown as a form of colour change. In this experiment, citric acid was titrated with sodium hydroxide producing an endpoint between pH range of 8.3-10. (EASYCHEM, 2018) Citric acid has three acidic protons therefore it is a triprotic acid (lumen, 2018). The accurate concentration of the sodium hydroxide must be known to determine the citric acid concentration. The aim

  • Social Efficiency In Education

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    Franklin Bobbit coined a term, Social Efficiency, that made educators learn and use scientific techniques of production in the curriculum. This would be the base for enhancing the learning of students to become functioning members of society. This essay examines the important features of social efficiency, the analogy of school, historical context of social efficiency, and the importance of evaluation; as well as, the impact it has made in American schooling. One important feature of social efficiency

  • Research Paper On Arsenic

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    the list of potential human carcinogens (Preuss, Angerer, & Drexler, 2003). There are various adverse effects, or endpoints, associated with exposure to naphthalene, some of them are cancerous and others are not. According to the study by Jia and Batterman (2010), the major non-cancer endpoints are hyperplasia and metaplasia in respiratory and olphactory epithelium. The cancer endpoints are nasal tumors (Jia & Batterman, 2010). The other critical effect, according to the Integrated Risk Information

  • 6.03 Calorimetry Lab Report

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    Method A) Prepare a NaOH solution (approximately 0,1M NaOH) 1. Place a clean, dry glass beaker on the electronic scale. 2. Determine the mass of the glass beaker. 3. Tare the scale. 4. Measure out 2g of NaOH pellets into the glass beaker. 5. Determine the mass of the beaker and NaOH together. 6. Rinse a 500 ml volumetric flask with deionized water. 7. Label the volumetric flask so you know which solution is in it. 8. Place a clean funnel into the mouth of a 500ml volumetric flask. 9. Carefully

  • GELO 2 Concentration

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    against it. The second point, is that the quality of the data supporting Fred Singer’s claim is unjustified. The sample size of looking at only 10 years is too small to have a statistical significance, while choosing using observational selection of endpoints in his data that support his claim. Third, Fred Singer also claims that climate change is a natural phenomenon, because it’s constantly changing all the time. This is an example of telling apart pseudoscience from science because, there is no clear

  • Acidity Lab Report

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    ACIDITY TEST INTRODUCTION: Acidity is the total amount of hydrogen ion present in the food sample with the expectation of those bound to alkaline ions. The hydrogen ion can be either attached to acids or in the form of free ions or anions. Titratable acidity is different than total acidity although at times both terms are used to mean the same thing total acidity is the total amount of organic acids in the food sample. This all acids (tartaric, oxalic acid, citric acid, sulfuric acid, lactic acid

  • Ivan Ilyich's Life And The Pursuit Of Happiness

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    Thomas Jefferson wrote that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were unalienable rights when he drafted the Declaration of Independence in June 1776. Those famous words led the thirteen colonies into the American Revolution and influenced the French and Haitian Revolutions in the years that followed. But what does life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness really mean? Webster’s dictionary defines life as being a quality that distinguishes a living being from a dead body. It also states

  • Hume's Argument 'Copy Principle' By David Hume

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    The statement “Hume takes Empiricism to its logical, most radical endpoint.” Considering his views on the “copy principle”, causation, and the self. The “copy principle” argument by Hume discusses the relationship between simple ideas and simple impressions. He believes that impressions are formed by ideas and he uses the example of a golden mountain. When we think of this mountain, our first thought is the words golden and mountain, where we were able to form these two words from impressions. Hume’s

  • Francis Fukuyama The End Of History

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    It is crucial to note that Iraq and Syria were both formerly governed by dictators at the turn of the new century, and hence it does not invalidate Fukuyama’s thesis that liberal democracy is the eventual endpoint as there is no regression to speak of – the path to liberal democracy is still a work in progress in these countries. In addition, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in these countries can be attributed to the failure of previous political systems

  • Parmenides And The Illusion Of Motion Analysis

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    Parmenides was a pre-socratic philosopher from Elea. Elea was a small town in southern Italy, which was home of the Pythagorean movement. A movement which Parmenides came after. Parmenides had strong views and answers about knowledge, being, and change. Parmenides ideology consisted of the belief that change is an illusion. He believed that everything was apart of a larger whole. His stance on motion being impossible relies on his belief that time is constructed of moments. The illusion of motion

  • Determination Of Vitamin C Titration

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    Determination of Vitamin C Concentration by Titration Serena Kim Vasantha Susarla McGill University Introduction This experiment is being performed to determine the concentration of Vitamin C in different solutions by performing a redox reaction with potassium iodate. Vitamin C, which is also called ascorbic acid, can be naturally found in citrus fruits and common vegetables. Vitamin C is considered as an antioxidant because it acts as a coenzyme and