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  • The English Language: The Language Of The English

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    universally known that the English language is completely useless, Unless you live in the middle east then you really need to be able to speak, read and write English language perfectly, if you can not then we are terribly sorry you should find a different place to live. Therefore as a teenager living in the middle east I absolutely had to learn the English language, that was all the motivation I needed to get me up in the morning. I wake up and start watching an English movie with no subtitles and

  • English Language: Why English Is Not A Phonetic Language

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    and beyond. The writing system of English is fairly complex, or so I have been told. There are 26 letters and 44 phonemes that can be combined in hundreds of ways to make words; English is not a phonetic language, meaning that there is not a letter for each sound and one letter might make multiple sounds depending on how and where they are placed in a word (could/cough/through) which makes it even more confusing for others to learn to spell and pronounce. English uses the Roman alphabet for its script

  • English Language Reflection

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    I know three foreign languages (English, Korean, and French) to varying degrees. I have been learning English from the 5th grade while Korean and French were added to my linguistic repertoire only at the bachelor years. In this reflection I discuss some factors that accompany my languages learning process in different time spans of my life. Particularly, I dwell on my experience of English and Korean as I find it the most successful. I also describe my fruitless attempts with French to underpin my

  • English Foreign Language

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    1.0. THE GENESIS English is an international language, spoken in many countries both as native language as well as a second language. No language, ancient, or modern can be compared with English in the number of geographical distributions of the homes, factories, companies, institution, shops and offices in which the language is spoken, written, or read. [F G. French.3] Besides the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, where about 400 million

  • Black English Language

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    Black English is a variety of language which is associated with, and used by some North American black people. It’s characterized by pronunciations, syntactic structure, and vocabulary. There is confusion about what to call this dialect and that is understandable due to the frequent changes in both the linguistic literature and popular discourse. As well as the changes in how African Americans have referred to themselves and in turn been referred to by others. This dialect was called Afro American

  • Anglicism In English Language

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    Language For many centuries French words were taken up into the English language. In the middle of the 20th Century there was a reversal of this trend and now it is estimated that between 1 and 5% of French words are Anglicisms (Mastin, 2011). Words like rosbif (roast beef) and oust (west) have been a part of the French language for hundreds of years yet more modern adoptions include le gadget, le cash-flow, le weekend, to name but a few. The Académie Française has lead a strong movement to protect

  • Sense In The English Language

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    Every year there are about four thousand words added to the English Dictionary (“30 Fun Facts”). With these new words being brought into the English language, words that seemed interesting at one time are now becoming familiar and tucked away as words already known and understood. With this in mind, it is important to learn more about the words in the English language that people do not think twice about while using. With the word sense, it first appeared in Latin and its meaning evolved throughout

  • English Language In Advertising

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    Incorporating the English language into advertisements is also a method used in Italian advertising. The use of English in advertisements is to attract attention to the product at hand and act as a signifier of ‘cosmopolitan and international values’. (Vettorel 2013, p. 261). Vettorel states that according to Pulcini the pinnacle of the use of English language in Italian advertising was during the 1970’s and 1980’s. (Pulcini 1994, 1995, 1997, as cited in Vettorel 2013, p.263). From analysing many

  • English Language Orientation

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    Participants 48 Japanese students of English as a foreign language (EFL) in an English-medium university in Japan were Participants. All courses are taught in English in their school, 50-60% of the instructors are foreign nationals, and 10-15% of the student population are international students. All first-year students live in a dormitory with international students. The participants were enrolled in the intensive English program in first semester. There were 16 males and 32 females within an age

  • Old English: The Three Phases Of English Language

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    ABSTRACT British Philologists determined the three phases of English Language as Old, Middle, and Modern. In that ‘Old English’ was invented as a patriotic and philological convenience. Old English is to denote, the unmixed, inflectional state of the English Language, commonly known by the barbarous and unmeaning title of ‘Anglo-Saxon’. Therefore many of the poems are presumed to date from a much earlier period, but their presence in tenth-century anthologies indicates not just the survival, acceptability