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  • English Foreign Language

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    1.0. THE GENESIS English is an international language, spoken in many countries both as native language as well as a second language. No language, ancient, or modern can be compared with English in the number of geographical distributions of the homes, factories, companies, institution, shops and offices in which the language is spoken, written, or read. [F G. French.3] Besides the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, where about 400 million

  • English Language Requirement

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    Abdulhakeem Hasak English is the international language of communication, including aviation communication. However, many aviation-related accidents and incidents happens because of miscommunication and misunderstanding between pilots and air traffic controllers. Many of whom are non-native speakers of English. Hundreds of passengers and flight crewmembers have tragically lost their lives in air accidents within a short period in the history of aviation and that is due to poor English language proficiency

  • The Language Of English: English As An International Language

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    English is an international language. It has become a part and parcel of our life. In every field of occupation, it is essential to have knowledge of communication skills. Every competitive exam too has English language as a part of their testing .Basically English language links us to the whole world. India is a developing country and moving towards maintaining relationship with foreign countries. We need some source of communication that is provided by English Language only. But we somehow lack

  • Standardization Of English Language Essay

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    centuries, English was not the official language in England. Its history with the Normans and the long period of French Kings' royalty in the country never helped the development of their own language. Through the centuries, many English thinkers promoted the importance of the English over the prestigious French and Latin, to make it become their National language, and a real part of their culture. How did the English language develop in England, and how did it become the main official language? Moreover

  • Japanese English Language Analysis

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    and intensive language contact between Japanese and English, which ebbed briefly in the 1930s but was resumed with a new vigour after the World War II. Despite the attempts of the Japanese government “to cultivate ‘Japanese with English abilities’”, Japan is consistently relegated to the Expanding Circle of English along with China and Korea. In the typology of “three Concentric Circles of English” proposed by Braj B. Kachru, the Expanding Circle includes those countries where English operates as

  • Standardization Of English Language Analysis

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    towards the standardization of the English language. There are four stages that occur in the process of language standardization of any language. For instance moving from ‘dialect’ to ‘language’ from ‘vernacular’ to standard’ (Haugen 1966). As noted by Hogg, (1992) the four stages in the development towards a Standard English are; selection, acceptance, diffusion and finally maintenance these four factors have contribute towards the movement of the standard language spoken today. Firstly, let’s consider

  • British English Language Analysis

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    speaker to see the difference between British and American English. For example, if you want to like a Briton - say, watch football and be glad for Leicester City. If, for the Americans, use the word soccer. Remember, words are key words - the more you know them, the more doors you can open. Often students with knowledge of English meet with a particular difficulty in their first contact with native speakers. The problem appears not in language, but in speech and vocabulary. Apart from the quality of

  • Essay On British English Language

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    Melvin Bragg posed a question about whether the British English language was ever influenced by other countries, as well as their languages, at the end episode 7 in his Adventure in English series. British English, the more formal language used by Great Britain, has been highly used and influenced by the native languages of countries like India, Wales, and Australia. The English language was forced upon these countries when they were ruled by England, but once these countries received their independence

  • Importance Of English As Global Language

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    The rise of a so-called global language is due to the rise of political and economic power of its native speakers. The British industrial and imperial power spread English around the globe between the 17th and 20th Century. The domination of British imperialism has left many countries with English thoroughly institutionalized in their governments, courts, civil service, schools and other sectors of their societies. However, recent history points to American cultural and economic supremacy - in Hollywood

  • Effects Of Texting On English Language

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    living language can be confined to remain stagnant, there come across many changes, slowly and steadily they are modified and in the end there comes a significant change. Same is the case with English language. It was very different in the times of Chaucer, Marlowe, Shakespeare and it is totally changed, because there comes centuries between then and now. Now a days the extensive use of texting has threatened many of the linguists about the hazardous effects of texting on ‘Standard English’. About

  • English Language In Advertising Essay

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    Incorporating the English language into advertisements is also a method used in Italian advertising. The use of English in advertisements is to attract attention to the product at hand and act as a signifier of ‘cosmopolitan and international values’. (Vettorel 2013, p. 261). Vettorel states that according to Pulcini the pinnacle of the use of English language in Italian advertising was during the 1970’s and 1980’s. (Pulcini 1994, 1995, 1997, as cited in Vettorel 2013, p.263). From analysing many

  • The Importance Of Learning The English Language

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    universally known that the English language is completely useless, Unless you live in the middle east then you really need to be able to speak, read and write English language perfectly, if you can not then we are terribly sorry you should find a different place to live. Therefore as a teenager living in the middle east I absolutely had to learn the English language, that was all the motivation I needed to get me up in the morning. I wake up and start watching an English movie with no subtitles and

  • Vowels In English Language Essay

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    triphthongs There are two types of vowels in English which is short vowels and long vowels. The example symbols of short vowels are ɪ, e, æ, ʌ, ɒ, and ʊ. The difference length of the vowels would be uttered according to the placement of the stress in the word. The central vowel ə is one of the most widely used vowel sounds in the English language and it is expressed the vowel schwa sound in the word. For example, words such as about and perhaps. Besides, the English long vowels dwell of i:, ɜ:, ɑ:, ɔ: and

  • The Influence Of Euphemisms In The English Language

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    Good morning everyone. We already know as AS English Language students, that English is constantly changing. It has developed and enriched over the course of time. There are many reasons for this language change. But, what I found particularly interesting is the influence of euphemisms in the way we change language according to what we think is appropriate to use and to avoid in certain situations. Now, when you think of euphemisms you would probably expect them being used in social situations, for

  • The English Language

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    The English language existed a long time – approximately four centuries – before it started being referred to by English. It appeared around the fifth century AD, after the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons along with many of their local dialects. The evolutionary process of the English language slowly continued for several hundred years more, with the ninth century marking the first time the word “English” was constantly used to refer to it (Crystal,2005. P.27). So in the first few centuries of its existence

  • Black English Language: African American Vernacular English

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    Black English is a variety of language which is associated with, and used by some North American black people. It’s characterized by pronunciations, syntactic structure, and vocabulary. There is confusion about what to call this dialect and that is understandable due to the frequent changes in both the linguistic literature and popular discourse. As well as the changes in how African Americans have referred to themselves and in turn been referred to by others. This dialect was called Afro American

  • English Language Importance

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    Language is considered as a proper and a systematic way of communication between two individuals. It is a tool that enables that transmission of various subject matters. Different languages are spoken around globe. However, English is one of the influential languages that are spoken in the world. It is an international language that is spoken in many countries. But our research aims to investigate the importance of English language in the private sector (especially banking sector) of Pakistan. It

  • Language In English Language

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    native English speaking children of the same age and how much does their own personal language affect their ability? Through researching different literary sources, this paper looks at this subject in three sections, how Thai’s learn Thai, how English children learn English and how the similarities and differences can be used in order to make learning English easier for Thai students. There can be no doubt that Thai children have challenges due to the limitations of their native language, limited

  • English Influence On Language

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    Language gives the ability to convey ideas. It has existed for at least 80,000 years, marking the time when human beings started communicating. But, where do languages come from? There are two ways; the first is evolutionary, since the first humans interacted with each other and shared their ideas through vocals. “To understand his fellows and to be understood by them, men were impelled to the production of language without which they could not communicate with each other.” (Shah). Writing evolved

  • Prescriptivism In English Language

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    effective communication in a given language may be achieved only by strictly adhering to centralized rules. Conversely, a descriptivist believes that so long as a sentence is able to convey its intended message, it is a correct usage of language. I am staunchly of the belief that prescriptivism in the English language is unfeasible, if not downright dangerous. As the language of one of the world’s dominant ideologies, attempting to fit the ever-changing shape of English into strict boundaries is not only