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  • English Language Learners Challenges

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    English language learners face many obstacles in our education system. Each year there are more immigrants coming to the United States in search for a better life. In the past few years there has been an increase in violence and terrorism attacks in our world. As a powerful nation, we feel the need to intake these refugees and their families. Most of the times they have young children who don’t speak a word of English. These students are then thrown into our education system not knowing our

  • English Influence On Language

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    Language gives the ability to convey ideas. It has existed for at least 80,000 years, marking the time when human beings started communicating. But, where do languages come from? There are two ways; the first is evolutionary, since the first humans interacted with each other and shared their ideas through vocals. “To understand his fellows and to be understood by them, men were impelled to the production of language without which they could not communicate with each other.” (Shah). Writing evolved

  • The Influence Of Euphemisms In The English Language

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    Good morning everyone. We already know as AS English Language students, that English is constantly changing. It has developed and enriched over the course of time. There are many reasons for this language change. But, what I found particularly interesting is the influence of euphemisms in the way we change language according to what we think is appropriate to use and to avoid in certain situations. Now, when you think of euphemisms you would probably expect them being used in social situations, for

  • Black English Language: African American Vernacular English

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    Black English is a variety of language which is associated with, and used by some North American black people. It’s characterized by pronunciations, syntactic structure, and vocabulary. There is confusion about what to call this dialect and that is understandable due to the frequent changes in both the linguistic literature and popular discourse. As well as the changes in how African Americans have referred to themselves and in turn been referred to by others. This dialect was called Afro American

  • The Globalization Of The English Language

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    globalization of the English language is not something that came about coincidentally, or because of some inherent superiority in the structure of the English language. English came about as a dominating language because of the rise of military, economic, and political power of the Western nations that used it as its mother tongue. While the prospect of a global language has many positive attributes in terms of global communication, the very real possibility of English being the dominant language of the world

  • How Texting Affects The English Language

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    Has the new age of communication altered the way that our society applies the English language in our writing? As the world continues to evolve and society depends on technology to the staggering point where it can feel as though we are starting to become co-dependent, professors and analysts alike are beginning to see an increasing level in the deficiencies in student’s academic writing ventures. Since the collegiate student populous relies on technology heavily, with that reliance increasing at

  • George Orwell Politics And The English Language

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    Political language "is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind "according to George Orwell, who believed that the language used is meaningless and its intention is to hide the truth by those who exercise political power. The essay "Politics and the English Language" became a powerful work for the writers, journalists and teachers, thus the author creates a “poetics” for political language appointing the main rules and problems

  • English Language Learners

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    National Reading Panel about teaching English Language Learners. They conducted their research based on the five important elements: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Online Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds phonemes in spoken words. It is key because it improves learner’s word reading and comprehension and it also helps learners learn to spell. It is said that English Language Learners had difficulties in developing

  • Ap English Language Figurative Language

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    1. A simile is a way of describing something by comparing it to something else. A simile uses the words “like” or “as”. My favorite simile the speaker used was “you’re growing like a weed”. I like it because when I was little, I always had to pull weeds on a biweekly basis because they grew too fast. A metaphor is more direct comparison than a simile. An example of a metaphor is “All the world is a stage. And the men and women merely players”. Personification is when we give human characteristics

  • Imperialism English Language

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    including in a commanding language. Nowadays, English has been considered a most influential and global language in many different areas; however, with the rise of the emphasis on this language, America 's higher education has been focusing a great deal less on foreign languages, consequently not encouraging American citizens to study and become involved with foreign languages. For instance, the George Washington University has decided upon removing foreign languages and cultures course requirement

  • Ethnography Of English Language Essay

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    Linguistic Ethnography Everything that I know from the magnificent and beautiful language of English, I owe it all to the biggest person I know and love, my mom. I was born in a traditional puerto rican family. Which meant that all my family only knew Spanish with the minimum abilities in the English language. To be precise only my mother and a few of my cousins were the ones that could defense them self in English. This all started when a big part of my family, from my mother side, went to live

  • English Language And Literacy

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    We know talk about Englishes rather than English and multiliteracies rather than literacy Language cannot be defined so that it relates to just one particular element of human evolution. Language can be looked at as a cognitive development in which educators teach their students to speak using grammatically correct language. However, it can also be looked at as something which is physically present and can be manipulated to suit the requirements of the speaker. This can be done through elements of

  • English As Official Language Analysis

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    explained an argument about English using for immigrants. In first paragraph, the author introduced that the melting pot system is not working truly. Many people think the U.S. is famous for melting pot because of many immigrants. These people view the melting pot as a pot which contains many melted cultures and living styles inside. But he argues that these people lose their culture by adapting to new culture and only thing left is discrimination. He states that languages are in center of this argument

  • Content Retention In English Language

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    another country not being fluent in English can be a huge barrier to being able to accomplish what one wants, and being successful in the educational system. Therefore, the people who control the education system have set specific standards in order to teach students who are learning the English language. The set standard for students who don 't speak English is supposed to help them to learn English and keep up with the subjects that the other students who speak English are learning and are being tested

  • George Orwell's Politics And The English Language

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    Politics and the English Language 1) Orwell’s thesis is not directly stated but is implied in paragraph two that English is not really precise and many words are used to confuse, brain wash or have a negative view on people. He uses numerous negative connotations. He gives valid examples about how it can influence people 's thinking though it can be ended if some time is focused on improving it. 7) The organization of the essay is very well put together it connects all about language. It first begins

  • The Use And Manipulation Of The English Language

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    The proper use and manipulation of the English language, a skill so difficult to learn, reaps a great deal of power when mastered. As hyperbolic as it sounds, being able to use and manipulate the English language properly into our writing and speaking can be very influential in advocating ideas towards a community. “As a speaker, you have some influence on the extent to which others see you as having authority” (Fontaine and Smith 13). To gain authority over an audience, one must write and speak

  • Accent In English Language Essay

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    which is determined by the phonetic habits of the speaker 's native language carried over to his or her use of another language (O’Grady, Archibald, Aronoff, Rees-Miller, 2005). In terms of phonetics the accent is viewed as the speaker’s ability/ inability to pronounce the phonemes of a second language correctly. So the accent is what makes the speech of non-native speaker sound differently. In the process of acquiring the first language we learn how to accommodate our articulatory apparatus in order

  • Nunchi In English Language

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    Haoyu Chen Thoms British Literature Re Jane Rumination Paper “That was the power of nunchi. There’s no word for it in English; perhaps its closest literal translation is “eye sense.”. . .For me nunchi was less about some sci-fi power and more about common sense. It was the ability to read a situation and anticipate how you were expected to behave. It was filling your elder’s water glass first, before reaching for your own. The adults at church always said that good nunchi was the result of a good

  • English Language Learner Necessities

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    English Language Learner Necessities ELLs must have the same standards as native English speakers but formatted to their English abilities. Teacher must be able to accommodate the needs of the students to be able to effectively improve their English proficiency and their understanding of the material. Szpara quotes from another author stating, "According to Wright (2003), accommodations are change in content or other attributes that do not lower standards or change grading procedures…" (Szpara,

  • Communication Skills In English Language

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    Language is a primary source of communication. It is one crucial part in our life in order for us to communicate and share ideas. English as the international language is very important to be learnt and mastered.English has become a language which is used in many countries whether as a native languange, second language, or foreign language. People in the world has believed that it is very important for individuals to learn English especially for people who are involved in businesses overseas or those