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  • Freedom Writers Diary Essay

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    The nonfiction novel, Freedom Writers Diary by Erin Gruwell is a fascinating journey of students in an urban city. When she, the new teacher enters a high school with underprivileged students and unsuccessful teachers, everyone underestimates her ability to stick to the job. However, they are all dumbfounded as they watch and experience the journey Ms. Gruwell takes her students on. First, in the beginning of the novel, Gruwell explains to readers how she began as a student teacher, (a very naive

  • Erin Gruwell Hero Essay

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    a hero is a child or possibly an ordinary person. People can also have multiple heroes. Whenever, I think of my current hero was Erin Gruwell comes to mind. She used all of her knowledge for something good, treated the students like they were her own, and didn’t give up on the students. In sometimes in life a hero can commit minute acts of kindness. Erin Gruwell was a first year high school teacher. She was teaching tough kids in Long Beach, CA. Her students were the lowest at the school

  • Freedom Writers Positive Values

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    Having positive values can make a difference in today’s world just like it did in the movie “Freedom Writers”, if everybody unites as one. The Presidential election is a prime example of how our society needs positive influences to help stabilize our country. While it is often the case that the presidential candidates talk poorly about their opponents, this year’s election period was particularly cruel and nasty. The presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton used negative messages

  • Erin Gruwell: The Freedom Writers Foundation

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    everywhere. Doctors, young children, and even teachers can be heroes. A teacher can be a role model, a source of support, and an inspiration. Erin Gruwell is an American teacher, an education activist, and the founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation. She changed countless lives, with a unique teaching method. Erin Gruwell was born on August 15, 1969, in California. Gruwell graduated from Bonita High School and the University of California. She later studied at California State University to earn her Master’s

  • Intimacy In The Classroom Setting: A Critical Analysis

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    JoAnn Campbell, an assistant professor of English at Indiana University, discusses the role intimacy plays in the classroom setting. Her focus on English A as an introductory writing course displays the extremely combative relationship between recently admitted students and dictatorial professors. Campbell pinpoints the source of this struggle as professors’ resistance to, or even fear of intimacy with the students. This fear can be connected to a need for authority, hence the traditional “hierarchical

  • Tolerance In Freedom Writers

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    teacher Ms. Gruwell who wrote the story based on Woodrow Wilson Classical High School. In the movie Freedom Writers, a teacher –Ms. Gruwell tried her best to reach out for the “unfit” students in classroom 203. The students in the class sit separately into racial groups. The students are intolerant because they grew up in an environment where there is hate towards one and another races. The students in the class always fight, therefore, most of the students stop coming to class. Ms. Gruwell tried to

  • No Child Character Analysis

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    The play No Child. . . by Nilaja Sun is a play within a play that is about a group of students that go to a less fortunate school, these students in this particular tenth grade class are known for being the worst class in all of Malcolm X. high school. This class is assigned a teaching artist named Ms. Sun who will teach them a play called Our Country’s Good and many valuable life lessons. For the play, No Child. . . there can be little to one actor or actress or even up to seventeen different people

  • Rational Decision Making In The Hunger Games

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    the people of Panem . President Snow , the dictator who rules Panem , is not the kind of president the people would vote for however, they have no choice because there seems to be no voting or voice to be heard in Panem . The idea of democracy is gone, replaced by totalitarian fascism . Snow poisons those who challenge him . One source of power that we have discussed in class is dependency. According to Osland, Kolb, Rubin and Turner (2007), Dependancy is known as the more dependable people are on

  • Sign Language In Koe No Katachi: Sign Language

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    Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) is about Ishida, who bullied Shouko for being deaf in elementary school to the point she had to transfer away. Despite the entire class taking part in being mean to Shouko, they instantly blame only Ishida, and alienate him just as he did to Shouko. Now in high school, Ishida has developed anxiety and depression, but runs into Shouko at a sign language class. What does he want out of talking to Shouko again? Will anyone forgive him? Will he be able to make amends?

  • Adversity In The Film 'Whale Rider'

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    702321504 PRT Essay When faced with adversity, the will to fight back is a courageous characteristic that is quite natural for certain individuals. As human beings we face obstacles on a daily basis. They are not necessarily life changing problems that will forever affect us however there is always some challenge waiting just around the corner. Everyone’s reaction to a challenging situation varies and is different and unique to them personally. Pai from the film Whale Rider by Lisa Gerrard has

  • Mma Ramotswe Case Study

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    Mma Ramotswe’s detective agency helped many people solve their life and daily problems. Intuition and observation were distinctive traits in Mma Ramotswe’s personality. Mma Ramotswe always followed her hunches and never doubted herself. Also, Mma Ramotswe always observed things from different perspectives and aspects. She had assumptions that helped her reach the true explanation of each case. Mma Ramotswe helped her country in various and different ways, and it all was a result of her intuition

  • Stephen King Carrie Character Analysis

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    The classic 1976 film adaptation of Stephen King's novel Carrie overlaps and intersects themes typical of the high school genre such as sexuality, bullying, loneliness, angst, and rebellion with supernatural elements, family dysfunctionality, and religion. As a result of the abuse Carrie White is subjected to by her religious and extremist mother Margaret, she is victimized by her peers and authority figures, and when she finally lashes out, she becomes a monster. Therefore, Carrie’s monstrosity

  • Theme Of Survival In The Hunger Games

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    The theme of the dystopian novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is survival. Katniss Everdeen is the epitome of this theme; her disposition luckily possesses all of the attributes needed to survive. Katniss displays the theme of survival because she is resourceful, has integrity, and has perseverance. One trait of Katniss's that helps project the story's theme of survival is her resourcefulness. Before Katniss rests and goes to sleep in the Games, she chooses to set snares to protect herself

  • Literary Analysis Of Freedom Writers

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    of good to poor school materials was agonizing to see, especially with a up-close shot to Mrs. Gruwell trying to keep a smile on her face. Children are the future of our world, but many still will disown kids that aren 't the same ethnic background. Realizing this was essential, and luckily Erin Gruwell was able to do it and ultimately save her kids lives. In this time of violence and gangs, Erin Gruwell was able to change education forever and save many kids lives. During this time education was

  • 1992 Los Angeles Riots

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    Beach California, it tells the struggles of the young teacher named Erin

  • Racism In Freedom Writers

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    Racism: Should It Be The Reason To Abandon Students? Freedom Writers written and directed by Richard LaGravenese , based on the book, The Freedom Writers Diary, by The Freedom Writers with Erin Gruwell .“At 16, I’ve probably witnessed more dead bodies than a mortician,” says a Woodrow Wilson High School student, before matter-of-factly describing a life in which gang and domestic violence are everyday occurrences.1 Racism , that is, basing on racial, people are divided into different social classes

  • Film Analysis: Freedom Writers

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    “No matter what race we are, what ethnic background, sexual orientation or what views we may have, we are all human. Unfortunately not all humans see it that way” (Gruwell, Erin. The Freedom). Throughout history there has been discrimination, but in 1992 there was one of the most destructive outbursts against it: The Los Angeles Riots of 1992. After the Los Angeles Riots of 1992, there was an outpouring of gangs and the violence the riots created. Unfortunately this surge of violence made its way

  • Freedom Writers Synthesis Essay

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    students are seen as savages by the faculty at Woodrow Wilson Classical High School in Eastside, Long Beach, California. One of the antagonistic teachers, Brian Gellard, speaks of the minority children in a sadistic tone, stating that the children in Erin Gruwell’s class are what has brought the once high-achieving school to the ground. He admits that he does not agree with the integration of the schools and does not think that students who truly wish to learn should be negatively affected by those

  • Freedom Writers Movie Analysis

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    Title : The Switch of Speech Style Used by Erin Gruwell in Freedom Writers Movie 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study Language is more than just a tool for communication that helps the speaker to deliver the information to the listener, but rather as an important key feature on leading people (Baxter, 2010). In the education context, teachers are considered as leaders who “place their students’ learning as their primary goal and work within their own classrooms to improve student achievement”

  • The Savior Trope

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    Swank starring as Erin Gruwell who play as the enthusiastic young teacher who help change the lives for her students of color, but along the movie there is a subtle switch of importance from the teacher to these students as they struggle for changes. As it goes, the film takes the same approach of a “white savior” movie to gain more audiences, but in actuality it is a disguise to get people to watch the movie and reconsider the issues of stereotypes and racism, which shifted Erin Gruwell as one of the