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  • Ernest Shackleton Analysis

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    “Sir Ernest Shackleton has spent four months and no one knows how many thousands of dollars to save the lives of twenty-two men left stranded in the everlasting ice of the Antarctic, the news of his triumph flashes round the world as the news of great victory. It is not that the lives of twenty-two men “down under” are worth any more than the lives of twenty-two men in France. It is the indomitable spirit and the unswerving fidelity of the leader that impress the world and the world applauds” (SHACKLETON)

  • Ernest Shackleton Essay

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    The core problem of the case study is the leader of the expedition, Ernest Shackleton. Shackleton put his crew into danger, because he wanted to become a hero to his home country. His objective was to complete an expedition that was dangerous, and an expedition that had never been attempted before. Shackleton ignored the warnings of the weather, and continued his journey. That produces our first solution to the problem. If Shackleton would have listened to the warnings about the weather it could have

  • Ernest Shackleton Research Paper

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    “Sir Ernest Shackleton was an Anglo-Irish Antarctic explorer, who made three expeditions to the continent, most famously in 1914 on the Endurance” (Sir Ernest Shackleton). The ‘founder’ of the Shackleton family was Abraham Shackleton. Abraham was a profound Quaker born in Kildare County, Ireland. The Shackleton family originated in the English country of the Yorkshire and consisted of pure Anglo-Irish blood. On February 15, 1874 Ernest Henry Shackleton was born in Kilkea House, Kildare County, Ireland

  • Ernest Shackleton Case Study

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    Ernest Shackleton was an achievement-oriented explorer who set a goal that was not feasible during his time because technology was not as developed as it is today. His goal was to cross the Antarctic by using the South Pole (Sir Ernest…). However, he failed at his attempt because of the freezing temperatures of the winter months. Although he did not achieve his goal, his leadership was one the main reasons his team was able to survive the wreck of their ship. Without his confidence and determination

  • Shackleton's Five Practices Of Exemplary Leadership

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    Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton was an explorer, he led three expeditions to the Antarctic. He was born in Ireland and moved to London when he was ten years old. Shackleton's first began exploring the polar regions as a third officers under Captain Robert Falcon Scott's Discovery Expedition, During his second expedition he and three others set a record Farthest South latitude at 88°S, only 180 km from the South Pole. Also, he over saw members of his team climb Mount Erebus, an active Antarctic volcano

  • Shackleton's Expedition

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    expedition was carefully planned and he was able to raise the appropriate funds. I think in both terms it was a success. The scientific side can also be used to show how we use Shackleton as a major leadership example while studying leaders. There is also the entrepreneurial side which I think is also a success because Shackleton demonstrated his ability’s as an entrepreneur during the expedition. Shackleton’s had the ability to raise

  • Ernest Shackleton: A True Hero

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    definitions, Sir Ernest Shackleton, was most definitely a hero. “Although tortured by worry, he remained outwardly unperturbed.” It took an immense amount of skill to fight through the unexpectedly long journey of Shackleton’s expedition. When you have no hope, you turn to your captain and if he shows fear you get frightened. Shackleton knew this and understood that he couldn’t

  • Ernest Shackleton's Leadership

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    thoughts in your mind, or even just another person who you dislike. As a leader, you need to stay smart and keep your team motivated. Sir Ernest Shackleton, the leader of the Antarctic expedition, was to take 28 men on one ship called the Endurance, and travel across Antarctica. After his ship sunk from being trapped in ice for so long, the problems increased but Shackleton managed to take charge and get everyone out alive. Rob Hall is the leader of the Adventure Consultants, a climbing team whose goal

  • The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition

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    The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition (1998), a nonfiction book by American author and journalist Caroline Alexander, chronicles the most famous expedition by explorer Ernest Shackleton when he and his men were stranded for more than a year on the Antarctic ice in an attempt to circumnavigate and map the frozen continent. Exploring themes of discovery, survival, teamwork, and the age of exploration, The Endurance is considered one of the best and most detailed books on Shackleton’s

  • Endurance Shackleton's Incredible Voyage Summary

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    even if there wasn’t anything to place them on except the ice which would soak the cloth and create cold conditions. All the men keep trying to make life sustainable for themselves and to be able to survive whilst being in the middle of nowhere. Shackleton made sure the team kept moving each day and moving their camp as much as they possibly could in order to be able to reach the nearest town which was about miles away. On average, Shackleton’s log stated that they managed to travel about two miles

  • Importance Of Optimism Essay

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    Optimism, this noun brings light to many challenges that people face daily. Being optimistic people are able to remain happy and open minded; this attitude also helps the people around the person who is optimistic because it brings light to the troubles others may face. However, not many people can obtain optimism in the face of challenges. In the face of challenges, optimism can be very hard to find when challenges occur in our lives. Challenges can makes us very scared, fearful, and sometimes angry;

  • The Importance Of Teamwork In Basketball

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    If there is no “I” in the word team, then what makes up a team? A group of individuals becomes a team when they all aim to a similar outcome, but without each other a desired outcome will not occur. In basketball, a game without a team will not be won. Successful players all contain certain traits that help them to achieve more than someone who lacks them. Without communication, cooperation, and a purpose, failure will happen before even stepping on the court. Communication occurs in everyday life

  • Okimasis In Tomson Highway's Kiss Of The Fur Queen

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    Kiss of the Fur Queen Perhaps the most formidable quality of humans is their ability to persevere through any difficulties they might face. No matter how indomitable a challenge might seem, humanity finds a way to continue on their evolutionary path. A man with a goal in mind is an unstoppable force that cannot be dissuaded. Such is the condition of Abraham Okimasis in Tomson Highway’s novel Kiss of the Fur Queen, chronicling Okimasis’ experience racing in a dog sledding competition. Tomson’s writing

  • Sir Ernest Shackleton Leadership Characteristics

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    Sir Ernest Shackleton had all of the most important characteristics of a perfect leader, plus more. He was able to stay motivated, optimistic and very resourceful throughout his entire dangerous, freezing cold, backbreaking, journey across the Atlantic ocean. But why should a leader possess these traits? How do they help? The first trait that a good leader should have is motivation. Motivation is what starts the journey. It is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Without

  • Poker Flat John Oakhurst Analysis

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    The person who ended up with the lead position of the group of outcasts from Poker Flat was John Oakhurst, who led them on their trek. When everyone else wanted to stop and rest, he urges them to continue the long journey which they still have ahead of them. Oakhurst’s gambling, which is the reason that he was banned from Poker Flat in the first place, is a warning to his fellow outcasts to not throw up their hands and quit before the game is even fully played out. This is because heavy snow was

  • Summary Of The Book One Mush Jamaica's Sled Team

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    DEDICATION In life one should never give up and should always keep on pushing for what they want, no matter where one comes from or what stands in one's way. The people and dogs in the Jamaican dog sled team did precisely that. The book “One Mush Jamaica’s Dogsled team” by John Firth is a non-fiction novel describing the story of how the Jamaican dog sled team was formed and of the races they participated in. The main topic of the story though is a man named Marshall Newton, black and from Jamaica

  • Time Of The Wolves Character Analysis

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    knew what she had to do and she got it done. In the other book, Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World, Shackleton and his crew encountered a much more vigorous storm and harmful weather. Their ship was trapped in an ice flow and was getting crushed from all sides. After a long war with the ice they had lost, the ice was victorious and it succeeded at it’s goal which was to sink their ship. Shackleton knew he had to calm his crew before they could go on because they had just lost their main source of

  • The Vow Play Analysis

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    Screen Gems Studios and Columbia Pictures released The Vow, on February 10, 2012. A romantic drama based on a true story, this movie captures the tender hearted love story of the perfect couple. The onscreen chemistry between Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum conveys a dreamy warmth that makes this painful journey all the more heartbreaking while also making the full-circle resolution all the more satisfying. Who doesn’t like a happily ever after in the end, especially after the long fight to achieve

  • Soldiers Home Ernest Hemingway Analysis

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    when going through life but sometimes events change you for the worse and your identity as you knew it is gone. Learning to establish the identity you desire is identity is something everyone should do. In the short story “Soldier 's home” written by Ernest Hemingway in 1925, Krebs a soldier in war has just returned home but his identity has changed and nothing feels the same anymore so he has to figure out what to do with himself. The short story “Soldier 's home” is about Krebs who goes to war

  • Hemingway Code Hero Analysis

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    in order to catch a fish. Being unlucky does not matter to Santiago, he is indifferent of the labels given, and continues to strive for greatness as he would typically. Such manner would not be shown by non-Hemingway Code Hero characters within an Ernest Hemingway novel. Furthermore,