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  • Essay On Computer Network Topology

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    Computer network topology is the way different parts of a network (like hubs, connections, peripherals, and so on) are arranged. System topologies characterize the format, virtual shape or structure of network, physically as well as logically. The path in which distinctive frameworks and hubs are associated and communicate with one another is dictated by topology of the network. Topology can be physical or logical. Physical Topology is the physical format of hubs, workstations and cables in the

  • Rj45 Unit 5 Case Study

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    TD is responsible for providing at least one suitably sized network circuit to both data centers and terminating at a TDCT controlled firewall or router. This device will provide an Ethernet RJ45 handoff to RPM equipment. RPM will consider the RJ45 as the demarcation point. RPM suggests that this link be at least 100 mb’s and by year 4 it should be at an estimated 1 Gb/s or larger. The solution presented above has the following characteristics: • Contains one SAN to hold all the production data

  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Data Analysis

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    Assign. 3 Andrew McConnon 13349871 1. In terms of specification of the framing in relation to the classic Ethernet protocol, it is specified by IEEE 802.3-2012. The SFD (start frame delimiter) delimits an Ethernet frame. This happens by breaking bit patterns in the preamble and then marking the start of the Ethernet frame. Maximum payload size is 1500 octets. 2. The first six bytes of an Ethernet frame collaborate and design the destination address. The address of the destination shows the user

  • P1 Unit 10 Research

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    forwarding the data to its destination computers. As shows in the diagram below: This type of topology is used with Ethernet and frame relay. Ring: Rings topology is used to connect all computers together in one single ring but if one computer Failed the whole network will fail. As shows in the diagram below: This method of topology is used by token ring and EAPS (Ethernet automatic protection system). Bus: In bus topology all computers connected to a central cable without any switch which

  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Dental Services

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    network. An Ethernet is different, since whenever any computer needs to send data, it does not need a token to send a message, any computer can send data at any time. In Ethernet data is send in form of packages, to control

  • Computer-Mediated Communication In Rotten Tomatoes: Movie Analysis

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    According to Susan Herring, Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) is the communication that takes place between human beings via the instrumentality of computers (2013: 3). In a world mostly governed by information technology, CMC coexists with Face-to-Face interaction (FtF), defined by Erving Goffman (1959: 11) as the reciprocal influence of individuals upon one another's actions when they are in immediate physical presence. Unlike FtF, which has verbal interaction involving physical presence and

  • Btec Business Level 3 Unit 2 Wd2

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    is to send/route data packets between networks and devices on the network. Routers use wireless and wired technologies to send data packets. Allows multiple computers or other devices join the same network. Ethernet cables – which is normally an RJ-45 cable that connects to the Ethernet card inside the device, the purpose of it is to communicate with the hub/modem/router. Wireless card. A Computer – with a processor, memory (RAM), hard disk, motherboard, graphics card, motherboard, and a

  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Network Security

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    speed is getting varied. Usually the CAT 5 speed is 100mbps, hence fiber has the highest speed amongst others. Furthermore, Fiber and CAT 5 are full duplex, hence the reason for connecting these two locations, Fast ethernet or Giga bit ethernet ports switches are utilized. The Fast Ethernet specification defines separate physical sub-layers for each media type. Full-duplex technology delivers up to 200 Mbps bandwidth; bi-directional communication, meaning that the 100 Mbps is available for transmission

  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Screenshot Examples

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    In this first screenshot, I basically opened command prompt and search for ipconfig. Within those instructions, I have gather information that you can evidently see in the screenshot, such as my desktop’s name, wireless LAN adapter, Ethernet adapter LAN, and other connections running. Without typing ipconfig /all in command prompt, people wouldn’t be able to tell a lot from just using a sniffer like Wireshark. For instance, within the content of the screenshot you can tell I have Comcast due to the

  • P1 Unit 3 Network Analysis

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    phones and on computers mostly. Bluetooth uses radio frequency to transmit data, it creates a short range of network and can connect up to eight computes and it is very secure. Bluetooth can be connected through PAN because it allows you to create an Ethernet network with wireless links between laptops and mobile

  • Switch Technology Research Paper

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    Part E Switch Technology Introduction In appearance, a switch is simple, just a case of having a number of ports, that can be connected with a variety of different devices such as workstations, routers or other switches through these ports. When a packet arrives at one input port, the task of the switch is to decide either to discard the packet, or move it to the correct output port for transmission. The correct output port is determined the packets according to the information carried in the packet

  • Nt1330 Unit 3 Network Analysis

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    Task 1 1.1) Design a networked system to meet the given specification. Your design must satisfy the user requirements and be scalable. [3.1] The design of the network system should include: cost, Bandwidth, system growth, applications, communications, and scalability of the system and selection of components. Introduction - Designing the Network In this design I will be listing and discussing, through the different and necessary designing stages, the various elements involved

  • Nonblocking Multicast Communication

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    Abstract – A main requirement in high performance networks is multicast communication, which involves transmitting information from a single source node to multiple destination nodes. A multicast assignment is a mapping from a set of network nodes called as source nodes, to a maximum set of network nodes called destination nodes with no overlapping allowed among the destination nodes of different source nodes A network is said to be nonblocking for multicast assignments, if for any legitimate multicast

  • Essay On Pros And Cons Of Hidden Security Cameras

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    Stacking the pros and cons of hidden IP security cameras and visible cameras can be an admittedly tough call. Fortunately, our experience in the industry means we’re able to give you some insights into which surveillance system will suit you best. Both hidden and visible wireless (WiFi) and wired IP security cameras have their own pros and cons. When you are hesitating whether to buy hidden security cameras or visible security cameras for your home, why not take several minutes to read this post

  • Assignment 1.1 Describe Common Physical Network Topologies

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    Understand physical and logical network topologies 1.1 Describe common physical network topologies There are 7 most common topologies that most people will use. The first one is a ring topology this works with 2 or more of the host in a circle by passing a token around the token never stops moving it will grad the data that need to be attached and take it to that giving computer mac addressee. The second one is a Mesh topology. This topology works by ensuring that every host is connected to

  • Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment 3 Configuration Analysis

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    I. Site “Springfield” Device and STP Configurations Site Details and Challenges (Summary) This section will implement device hostnames (to correlate with the xACME educational topology labels), provide a sample configuration for the MOTD and login banner, and provide configuration steps for applying device passwords (encrypted) on the console port and VTY. This section will also review what the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) does, its benefits, and provide a sample configuration for applying STP on

  • Nt1310 Unit 6 Team Work

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    I participate in team of FTTX meeting.Engineer and technicians speak about faulty modems and card failures .The team leader has made the work sharing..In addition;I learned some concepts such as Xdsl,ADSL,DSLAM.Some information about DSL; Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL, is a technology for bringing high-bandwidth connectivity to homes and small businesses over ordinary copper telephone lines. xDSL refers to the family of digital subscriber linetechnologies, such as ADSL, HDSL, and RADSL. Connection

  • Nt1310 Unit 5 Simulation Report

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    VI. SIMULATION EXPERIMENTS AND RESULTS In this section we explain our simulation framework for assessing the performance of our proposed QoS-based CR-WMSNs routing protocol. Afterwards we describe different simulation results representing the efficiency of the proposed QoS-based MAC protocol. A. Simulation Framework Our CR-WMSNs simulator has been developed based on OPNET [31]. Before discussing to the simulation results, we would like to have a glimpse of the assumptions and major parameters: 1)

  • Unit 7 Telecommunication

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    7 Telecommunications The telephone is one of the most important means of communicating with the outside world. It is also frequently used for contacting members of staff within an organisation. 7.1 The advantages of telephone communications The telephone has a number of advantages: • The most important is the speed with which people can be contacted and the ease of use. • It allows instant feedback and is considerably more personal than written correspondence such as letters or emails. • Short

  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Literature Review

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    1. “An analysis of a large scale habitat monitoring applications” R.Szewczyk, A.Mainwaring, J.Polastre, J.Anderson and D.Culler 80 For the Wireless Sensor Network “Habitat and environmental monitoring” is the good driving application .From the second generation sensor networks which have been deployed at the summer and autumn of the year of Two-Thousand-Three the author has presented the analysis of the data. These networks have produced the same or unique datasets for both systems and biological