Extinction event Essays

  • Extinction Events In Aquatic Research

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    defines extinction in relation to biology as a species, family or a large group having no living members (Oxford, 2016). With the estimation of the four billion species that evolved on earth during its 4 billion year existence, about 99% of them now are extinct (Novacek, 2001). This displays how natural extinction is, but it is usually stabilized by speciation (Barnosky, 2011). A major extinction event is one in which many species meet their end over a short period of time, these events are grand

  • Jurassic Park Research Paper

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    had experienced a catastrophic extinction. How often have you wondered what happened to the dinosaurs? Do you know what factors contributed to their rapid extinction? Now, let me tell you my theories on behalf of their rapid disappearance from our Earth. Photo credit: William The dinosaurs seemed to have been the victims of raining meteorites before they could attend the emergency class held by their ancestors. The meteor attack was not wholly an incidental event in their world. Instead, its attack

  • Ordovican Extinction Event Research Paper

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    The Ordovican extinction event. This was an event that ouccured hundres of millions of years ago. This event is thought by sincentest to have two parts to it. The first theory is that a gamma ray burst happened close enough to earth to affect earth. A gamma ray burst is one of the most powerful events ever in the universe next to what is called the big bang. Doing a Gama Ray burst high energy beams shoot out in opposite directions destroying any thing and everything that was unlucky enough to be

  • Argumentative Essay On Dinosaurs

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    Scientists suggest that the dinosaurs died out soon after a huge meteorite crashed on Earth close to the Gulf Coast of Mexico. When the meteorite hit the Earth it triggered a chain of climatic events so bad the dinosaurs could not survive. Scientist has suspected they died from a asteroid, and have found a layer of ash and debris with thrown up dirt and fossilized dinosaur skeletons around the time the asteroid hit. There has also been numerous of test done on the soil they found the fossilized skeletons

  • Mass Extinction In Evolution

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    Mass Extinction. Source: https://worldatlas.com Mass extinction has impacted our earth's evolution tremendously. From as far back as 500 million years ago during the Cambrian period, to as close to us now 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event, and all 3 events in between have affected the animals and plants surrounding our planet gigantically. Mass extinction is when there is a rapid decrease of animals and plant species on earth due to the earth's natural disasters

  • Paleogeography: Devonian Extinction

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    Paleogeography This geological evidence is only one piece of the puzzle and only gave paleontologists some clues regarding the changing environmental conditions that played a role in the Devonian extinction. Examinations of the changing paleogeography during this time also shed light on factors that may have affected the placoderms. The world map of the Devonian looked very different from the world map today. Things were moving towards the formation of Pangea, which meant that continents were coming

  • The Permian-Triassic Extinction

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    Georgios Kepertis Earth 102-6: Death of the Dinosaurs Paper 4: Permian-Triassic Extinction 12-7-2015 The Permian-Triassic Extinction Event: When Life on Earth Almost Ended An event that marked a great transition, an event so overwhelming that most creatures on Earth could not handle it; its power so immense that even plants and insects were almost eradicated from the face our planet. If it were to happen today, humans would most certainly be defenseless against the brute forces of nature, and even

  • Creatures Have Increased Over Time Essay

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    mass extinction happened, wiping out all the dinosaurs. This topic is very important because some creatures have started to go extinct.In my position that the number of creatures has increased over time, that the number of creatures are going to continue to increase.In this essay you will read about the number of creatures back then, you will also learn how the animals over time increased. How the number of animals has increased now and will it increase in the future. The first Mass Extinction was

  • Summary Of Paul S. Martin's 'Twilight Of Mammoths'

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    the additional survival pressures that ensured the extinction of these species to the spread of humanity. In specific Martin demonstrates the ability of human civilizations to produce profuse impacts on local ecosystem without the use of advanced technology. To begin, Martin demonstrates his ‘overkill theory’ by alluding to the appearance of the Clovis people, the first humans to inhibit America, with the simultaneous and subsequent mass extinction of two-thirds of large animals in the region. In

  • Cambrian Period Essay

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    this era and lasted about 55 million years (2). The Cambrian Period starts at around 543 million years ago. The start of this period is marked with the first appearances of worms that dug horizontal burrows. The Cambrian Period ends with a great extinction event that occurred 490 million years ago (1). This period is known for an incredible evolutionary burst that occurred during its time. This is known as the Cambrian Explosion (3). This is when many major groups of animals first appear in fossil record

  • Evolving Planet Observation Report

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    Planet Earth has experience four eras that include eleven periods and six mass extinctions throughout evolution. The Evolving Planet exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago, IL describes the evolution of Earth in great detail. The evolution of Earth starts in the Precambrian period and continues to the Cenozoic era, which is still continuing today. Evolution is the idea that living species are descendants of ancestral species that existed from earlier forms of life. All the organisms, rocks, or other

  • The Chicxulub Impact

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    (ICDP) and the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) drilled into the peak ring. The expedition focused on the intact peak ring and exceptional rock arrangements. The expedition helped to answer critical questions about the Chicxulub impact event and the formation of peak rings on planetary

  • Stephen Jay Gould Sex Drugs Disasters And The Extinction Of Dinosaurs

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    their extinction. Which one is to believe? In “Sex, Drugs, Disaster, and the Extinction of Dinosaurs,” Stephen Jay Gould presents three proposals for their extinction: Sex, Drugs, and Disasters. Gould explains the three theories on the extinction of dinosaurs by giving a biologic and scientific reason for each, with the purpose of showing that scientific discoveries come from testable theories. Gould’s work lacks credibility and fails to complete an accurate explanation for the extinction of dinosaurs

  • The Last Spring Analysis

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    Life, and especially nature, is associated with cycles. Biota is constantly going through a cycle of birth, procreation, and death. Earth is constantly experiencing mass extinctions, with five already in its history. Even basic cycles like photosynthesis exist and allow plants to create the energy they need. Perhaps the best-known cycle to much of the public, however, is the annual cycle of seasons. It is through this cycle, and a plenitude more in The Last Winter, that director Larry Fessenden seeks

  • Ancient Mass Extinction Of Earth's Creatures Summary

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    In the scientific article, “Ancient mass extinction may have shrunk Earth’s creatures” by Sid Perkins, Perkins explains that the mass extinction that occurred millions of years ago may have a correlation to the size of organisms on Earth’s surface in the present. Perkins states that long ago organisms used to be the size of school buses, but information from a new study shows that the mass extinction caused most of the vertebrate species to shrink to the size of a human forearm. Lauren Sallan, a

  • The Sixth Extinction

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    Extinction’s Conclusion Throughout The Sixth Extinction, author Elizabeth Kolbert explains how several different natural species have gone extinct or seen their populations dwindle. Each section is unique: no species dies the same way. Kolbert elaborates how extinction has never been uniformitarian or catastrophist but rather a combination of the two. Consequently, the last chapter effectively demonstrates the tragedy of an anthropogenic based extinction but fails to express any urgency or necessity

  • Irish Elk Research Paper

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    Introduction While we awake in the morning and are on our way to work or may it be late at night while we are driving we have always seen these animals around us. We also have even fallen victim to hitting them with our cars. These animals are Deer, what if I was to tell you that they had a common ancestor called the Irish elk? The Irish elk was known for its monstrous size, it has also been known to be the largest deer that has ever been documented to live in the prehistoric era. The Irish elk

  • Facts About Bees Informative Essay

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    When you are attacked by bees, this can prove to be a very traumatic experience. Learn a few ways to prevent a bee's difficulties in your home. Here are some basic facts about bees. There are about 25,000 known types of bees in the world. They are classified as "Hymenoptera", a sort of insect-like the hornet, the sawflies and the ants. Bees are said to grow from a hornet. In fact, it is not difficult to accept as true, because they are very similar to each other, especially the threat they give

  • Cretaceous-Tertiary Mass Extinction

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    endeavored to unravel the enigma surrounding the Cretaceous-Tertiary Mass Extinction, which took place 65 million years ago. This event is most notorious for the halt of existence for the dinosaurs, undeterred by the fact that nearly three fourths of all flora and fauna species subsisting on Earth went extinct. Consequently, Paleontologists have proposed a profusion of theories to decipher how the Cretaceous-Tertiary Mass Extinction transpired. However, a sheer bulk of the theories makes no sense whatsoever

  • David Bowie Five Years Analysis

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    Five Years of Analyzing... The song “Five Years” is a dramatic story told by Bowie. The song tells us about earth beginning to die, and in five years time, it will be gone. The song goes on to then tell us about all the things that happen in the world when the news is broken to them by the newsman on the tv. The stylistic choices used by speakers and songwriters help give the song/poem depth, purpose and add emotion. David Bowie uses stylistic choices in the song “Five Years” to add meaning to