Film crew Essays

  • Lead Carpenter

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    Set Construction The position I plan on having in the future of my film career would be as a lead carpenter. The lead carpenter is in charge of keeping up with construction deadlines and making sure the proper materials and tools are delivered on time and that the teams they are in charge of are doing their job properly and in an orderly fashion. They are also the main line of communication between the construction crew members and the construction foreman. The lead carpenter makes sure the set

  • 12 O Clock High Analysis

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    continuously shows leadership throughout the film, he is fast to discipline, train and accept challenges to build pride in others, he believes in training and accepts challenges. Savage proves to his crew he wants to promote leaders, when Lt. Colonel Ben Gately does not rise to the occasion he is demoted and placed on the Leper Colony plane with the worst manned crew. Lt. Cobbs is promoted to second in command and becomes Savages right hand man. As the film progresses Lt. Cobbs becomes like a son to

  • Grand Avenue Baptist Case Study

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    Media Specialist: Internship at Grand Avenue Baptist Grand Avenue Baptist Grand Avenue Baptist has been on the corner of Grand Avenue and North 39th street for over eighty years. Since September 9th, 1934, its mission has been to witness to the River Valley that Jesus is the son of God, provide a place for Christians to grow, and serve the community through partnerships and programs. In the decades that have passed since its beginning, the church has grown from a staked down tent and a tiny congregation

  • Pride And Recklessness In Homer's The Odyssey

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    The Odyssey by Homer is an exemplary story that teaches life lessons to those going on a journey for themselves. It illustrates how the challenges and obstacles one may face can help someone become a better leader. The Odyssey highlights one man, Odysseus, a man filled with excessive pride, experiencing the wrath of the god Poseidon. He expects to arrive at his home, Ithaca, safely to reunite with his wife, Penelope, but unfortunately faces many temptations and setbacks. Due to the challenges he

  • Engaged Stage Observation Report

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    secondary high school production, I worked on the play Engaged and also briefly on Trojan Women, both from Maple Mountain High School with directors Bradley and Shawnda Moss. I was eager to begin, and I was asked to be a part of the stage crew. Before the stage crew was required to attend practice, I headed up some of the set work. During the first cast practices that I attended, I worked in the prop room painting panels that sat behind audience members. As this production was performed in a theatre-in-the-round

  • Monologue From The Odyssey

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    worthy companion. Alas, they never made the cut. The men, although brave, did not have a brain to match. I needed someone who could keep up with me and have intelligent conversations, someone worthy of being immortal like I. When Odysseus and his crew arrived on my island I thought that they would all be just like the others. Some men came to my palace and I offered them a feast and wine with honey. I hoped they would be clever enough to avoid my enchantment and be a worthy companion, but alas

  • The Open Boat Literary Analysis

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    On January 2, 1987, Stephen Crane’s boat Commodore sank twelve miles off the coast of Daytona Beach, Florida. After much chaos and confusion in abandoning ship, much of the people aboard perished in scattered life boats that capsized, but Crane was lucky enough to be on the solely surviving dinghy. Thirty long hours of paddling through stormy seas later, the boat barely arrived ashore. After this traumatic experience, Crane decided to transform this incident into a short story—one that explores both

  • Forgiveness In The Book Unbroken

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    even though his faith wasn’t prominent. One difficulty Louie experienced was the unexpected crash of a B-24 Liberator, called Green Hornet, while on a mission to hunt for another plane that had recently gone down. The brave bombardier, along with his crew were aboard the plane when one of the four engines stopped operating, causing them to immediately

  • The Axe Effect In Advertising

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    The Axe Effect Throughout history, advertisements have been used to market and promote companies products and services. There are many types of advertisements tactics, which are referred to as propaganda. “Propaganda tries to convince people of something. It is not a single technique but a combination of persuasive techniques. The idea or feeling spread by propaganda may be true, partially true, or not true at all. The purpose of the propaganda is to persuade people to believe regardless of whether

  • The Producer's Roles In The Film Industry

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    Producing is both ends of the spectrum, both creative and practical side of the film. 'The Producer' is the person who is responsible for getting the film made, and is responsible for hiring the screenwriters, director and other producers. Under the main producer is the executive producer, then associate producer, assistant producer, co- producer, supervising producers, coordinating producer and line producer. Producers work with the director and program manager on budgeting, scheduling and contracts

  • Character Analysis: Catch Me If You Can

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    Introduction This essay provides a brief overview of the film, Catch me if you can and its main characters, while deducing the central point of the film. Thereafter, this essay will critically analyse the entrepreneurial skills and business vision depicted within the movie. A further analysis will be reviewed on the creative thinking and problem solving whilst referring to the entrepreneurial funding sources. The film Catch me if you can, directed by Steven Spielberg, narrates the story of Frank

  • Overcoming Adversity

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    people facing different types of adversity in real life. The people who faced this is Shackleton’s crew, a rugby team and myself. All three are very different on the ways they deal with it and in the problems that they faced. Imagine what it would be like to be the first person ever to accomplish something great that has never been accomplished. A team of people attempted to be the first ever crew to sail from one side of the Antarctic to the other but their trip did not go as planned. This past

  • Jfk Decision To Go To The Moon Speech Analysis

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    Speech analysis: John F. Kennedy “The decision to go to the moon” On September 12, 1962, the president of the United States JFK delivered a speech at Rice University in Houston, Texas regarding the special effort of the nation. He starts by addressing the president of the university and vocalizes his appreciation for the opportunity of having been conferred to speak before the public. He continues by emphasizing three qualities that are necessary in his time, characterized by different contrasts

  • Alfred Hitchcock's Life And Suspense Films

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    United Kingdom, and was the youngest of his siblings. He was one of the most famous film directors of the twentieth century because of his positive attitude towards filmmaking, and his exceeding skills and talent as a filmmaker. He directed more than 50 feature length films from the 1920’s into the 1970’s. In 1925, Hitchcock directed his first film, ‘The Pleasure Garden’ (1925), and made “thrillers and suspense films,” which was why he was well known around the world. Due to his exceptional ideas,

  • Strictly Ballroom Editing Analysis

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    Editing is a part of post-production in creating a video or a film. It is the important part to create a sequence. On the production phase, the scene of the film were taken one by one but it not taken accordingly, it is editor's job to combine this scene together to make this film accordingly as shown in storyboard and script. Each take can contain extra notes from the director or the cinematographer. This is the first time the editor sees the film, and since it is shot out of sequence, it is out of context

  • The Editing Style Of Lawrence Of Arabia And The Matrix

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    work in todays generation? Both the movies are well recognized and won many awards changing the film industry. Both posses an overall unique style of editing. Lawrence of Arabia released in 1962, was a biographical, action adventure drama shot captured in 70mm. It was directed by David Lean and edited by Anne V. Coates. The movie received various awards, one of them being the academy award for best film editing in 1963. Freddie Young, also received various awards for his extraordinary cinematography

  • Missed Connections: Personal Statement

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    interest in cinema production developed in 2012 as an actor casted as the lead in a Bromance comedy for a UCSD film production called Missed Connections. I had a great experience working with them compared to all the other filmmakers I had worked with prior. The directors liked my ideas and encouraged me to suggest more for their production. I had no idea San Diego colleges or universities had film productions courses and figured since I had ideas, I can start creating my own projects to gain experience

  • The Importance Of Pre-Production

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    Movie or a film and also called motion picture is a form of entertainment to all the audience that gives them enjoyment and a type of relief from their busy routine and duty. Some of them are very dedicated to the films as they forget about their surroundings. Movie plays an important role in human life as it contribute through civilization of modern era. There are three phases of production common to most professionally produced motion pictures. These are Preproduction phase , Production phase and

  • Sequence Analysis Of The Movie 'The Matrix'

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    3 Sequence analysis 3-4 Film form and style 4-5 Topic: Thesis statement: Sequence analysis, film form and style as depicted in the film, 'The Matrix. The matrix is an action and untruth movie. The matrix was released in 1999. There are two worlds that exist in this movie,

  • Essay On The Warsaw Ghetto

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    The Nazi’s sent a film crew to the Warsaw ghetto where they would film the Jews in their everyday lives most of the time being staged. They filmed from the very weak and poor to the wealthier Jewish people. It is easy to think of why the Germans would film the Jews in luxurious settings, to promote and show that the ghettos are good places and the Jews in the ghettos are living well. But why would they film the extreme poverty and state of the buildings and living conditions when they were so poor