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  • Film Genre Analysis Essay

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    Genre is the term given to the classification system that is used by the film industry to categorize films according to the theme of the story. Our text, Film: From watching to seeing (Goodykoontz, 2014), lists the most popular genres as westerns, gangster, mysteries, film noir, horror, fantasy, science fiction, romantic comedy, and musical. There are certain desired elements of each genre of film, and this is what the film makers use to classify their film into its respected category. These same

  • Film Genre Analysis

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    2.2. Comedy and documentary film genre ‘A film genre is a motion picture category based on similarities in either the narrative elements or the emotional response to the film. Most theories of film genre are borrowed from literary genre criticism.’(Online 1) There are many types of film genres. Some of them are action, adventure, comedy, crime, drama, horror, historical, musicals, science fiction, war, westerns. Steve Neale claims that 'genres are instances of repetition and difference ' (Neale

  • Stand By Me Genre Film

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    Genre creates both challenges and opportunities in film criticism. Because a genre has characteristics that make it that genre, we as critics, should know what to expect in a film. In other words, films in a particular genre follow a loose template for that genre and that makes it easier for a critic to critique. However, genre can also be a challenge when a film does not fit neatly in a genre box. It has been said that genre films are only entertainment because they follow the same formula

  • The Godfather: Blaxploitation Film Genre

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    the US film industry became a creative high point although it was opened with Hollywood experiencing a financial and artistic depression. Restricted elements such as language, adult content or sexuality, and violence had been loosened up while the elements became more widespread and other countries are using this elements as their general restrictions. In 1970, Blaxploitation film genres, an ethnic subgenre of a film category which exploits current trend, became trending with a successful film by Melvin

  • Western Film And Unforgiven: The Western Genre

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    Films are reflective of cultural values, with each genre representing a different facet. The Western genre is perhaps the most iconic; fueled by masculinity and valor, with smoking guns, dashing heroes, and wicked villains, watching these films is an exciting experience. Beneath their dramatic, riveting surface, is a compelling narrative form, upheld by numerous authors over the past hundreds of years. The basic form of the western involves a hero, a villain, and a woman. With the villain always

  • Teen Film Genre In The Breakfast Club

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    The Breakfast Club is pivotal film that should be within every high school student’s must watch list. There are aspects of the romance and the coming of age genres within the film, but this film contains much greater weight with the ideas of the Teen Film genre. The film consists of a group of kids, each from a specific stereotype within their high school and forced into a room for Saturday detention and through this and other features of the Teen Film genre they learn that they are not all that

  • Film Bodies: Body Genres Of Film

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    What are body genres? Body genres allude to sorts that affect the audience's body. These genres create a physical impact, getting the body in the grasp of an extraordinary sensation or feeling, influencing the body to show a physical response. In the article "Film Bodies: Gender, Genre, and Excess," Linda William evaluates the three genres of films with the crucial components of sex, brutality, and feeling. First classification, films that promise to be sensational to give our bodies an actual physical

  • Beetle Genre In Tim Burton's Films

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    digs up a grave and inside the grave is a coffin, the lid starts to shake and out comes a man to help them with their troubles. But his methods are questionable. Beetle guise from beetle juice is one of the many shady characters in Tim Burton’s films. His films often have a dark almost gothic feel to them and this is shown best by his use of low key lighting, music, and dialog. His use of low key lighting brings out a dark sense of mystery to show this is an example form Edward scissor hands. In the

  • The Mildred Pierce: Film Genre

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    Mildred Pierce” meets many on the list of criteria to be deemed Film Noir genre. For instance, the schematics of the film are the basic black and white, which suits the time period of 1934. There was a strong usage of shadow photography that was used prominent throughout the film. Crime and suspense are the subgenre, which is another defining characteristic. Flashbacks were used sporadically to give reference to transpiring events of the murder. The third person narration, contributed to an unbiased

  • The Goodfellas: Film Analysis

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    The film, The Goodfellas portrayed a single man working his way into the mobster family. The troubled boy becomes a prestigious young man in his prime. The goal to be with the mafia is generally violent and commit illegal acts to obtain riches and power. The film depicted the rise to power as well as the failures involved. The conventions and attributes make the genre more distinctive towards organized crime and what one will do to obtain it. This film is gruesome and intriguing to the audience for

  • Gender Representation In Cinema

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    with those issues outlined when discussing the production of media. This issue can be explored further and more in depth when discussing how these marginalised areas of society are portrayed on film. Raising the argument of accurate representation particularly of females in mainstream media, focusing on film and television representations, it must be discussed on several grounds. The reading that best supports this view is the Laura Mulvey reading “visual pleasure and narrative cinema” (Mulvey 1975)

  • Alfred Hitchcock Rear Window Analysis

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    Alfred Hitchcock proved himself to be one of the best directors of suspense thrillers filled with mystery and humour. He himself called the film his most cinematic one because it was told only in visual terms (Morrow), but it was also a challenging “editing experiment” as the entire film was shot from one place, Jeff’s apartment that overlooked his backyard. The Film follows L.B. Jeffries “Jeff” (James Stewart), a photographer confined to a wheelchair in his apartment after breaking his leg at work. He

  • The Feminist Film Theory

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    Feminist film theory Feminist scholars point out that there is misogyny in the mainstream media that treat women as inferior and objects. They expressed that there is a need to explore representations and images of women. Feminist film theory makes gender its exploratory focus and it has emerged to find a place for women in films; they were frustrated with how feminist studies ignore critiques and works of media, particularly films. Conventionally, the representations of media are counter to the

  • Psycho Movie Analysis

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    manifesting in childhood and continue into adulthood (Kolker 15). Common signs that a person may be suffering from ASPD include telling inconsistent lies, acting impulsively, random violence and destruction, or being sadistic and manipulative. In most films, psychopathic characters are depicted as aggressive, sexually depraved, violent, destructive, unsympathetic and empathetic, emotionally unstable and bizarre mannerisms such as giggling or laughing even after committing a brutal murder (Genter 134)

  • Western Film Shane And Existentialism

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    The western film is a film with three key points that separate this genre from the rest. The first key point is the theme: civilization versus wilderness. The second key point are the characters and their archetypes. The third key point is the narrative structure within the film. These points set the western genre apart from the rest and make it unique. A big aspect that follows the main character, Shane, is culture versus nature. The homestead lifestyle versus the lone wolf is the theme that defines

  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Noir

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    Rhetorical Analysis Noir is a literary genre, similar to hardboiled genre, with a difference in that the protagonist of the story isn’t a detective but instead either a victim, a suspect, or a criminal. Usually the protagonist of the noir fiction deals with the legal, political, or other system that is corrupt, leading to a lose-lose situation for them. Hard-boiled detective fiction is a genre that shares some characters and settings with crime fiction. The protagonist is a detective, who tends

  • Science Fiction: A Literary Genre

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    Science Fiction is a broad literary genre. Many have tried to contain it’s definition into a much simpler terms. Science fiction has influenced several media across the world and continue its way to influence more. Science fiction, unlike any other genre, is not only changing the literary world but also changing the world we live in. Science fiction is the proof that there’s nothing impossible that science can’t achieve. The rampant advancement of the technologies indicates that there are no boundaries

  • Analysis Of The Film Inception

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    Inception, while does not fully fit into the genre, (due to occasional crossover with fantasy) is very much a Science Fiction movie. Over the years there have been many controversies over whether or not Inception is a Science Fiction film, many argue that there aren’t enough actual Science involved in the movie to be a Science Fiction, while others argue that just because it doesn’t stick to the stereotypical subjects of Science Fiction in Hollywood does not make it not a Science Fiction. The

  • Stagecoach Vs Waterworld Essay

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    I recently watched the two movies Stagecoach and Waterworld. Overall the two films are action packed throughout and contain enjoyable storylines that I would recommend to others. Stagecoach is your typical western movie based in a hot desert town that includes all the classic aspects of the western genre. It features cowboys, indians, horses, guns, a saloon of some sort, tumbleweeds, ect. Waterworld on the other hand still has some of these classical elements but with a futuristic twist and a whole

  • Merlin Research Paper

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    Imagination is key and allows you to experience something you’ve never seen. The Sword in the Stone helps children explore the unthinkable. Watching the film helps children develop a sense of imagination that they will use for the rest of their lives. Watching fantasy TV shows and/ or films is important especially for children. The stories help them explore a realm of possibilities, where anything they set their mind to can happen. Having a sense of imagination is the