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  • The Crusades: The First Crusade

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    now known as the Crusades. The First Crusade is marked by a specific act on November 27, 1095. In an open field, outside the city of Clermont in Auvergne, Pope Urban II gave an impassioned speech to the people gathered. In this speech, Urban II urged his hearers to take part in a military expedition to the East. As a result, the mighty papal-sanctioned armies captured Edessa, Antioch and Jerusalem. The Second Crusade besieged Damascus yet failed to capture it. The Third Crusade was launched to

  • First Crusades Essay

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    their god is correct and different divine beings are the "foes". One tremendous samples of this would be the Crusades, an arrangement of three blessed wars, the first of which began in 1095. The pope needed to recover the heavenly land on the grounds that it was under the control of the Turks and Saracens, who the pope believed was unholy.(Reilly, p.367) Pope Urban II said to the

  • Causes Of The First Crusades

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    Topic: What were the causes of the First Crusade? In the 900s Byzantium was powerful until Seljuk Turks came and invade their territories like Syria. The ongoing problems and the wars between the Byzantine and Seljuk Turks made angry the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I since he cannot cope with the Seljuks. With the increasing power of the Seljuk Turks, Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus sent a delegation to the Papuaienza in Italy and asked Pope Urban II help them against the Turks. Alexius I’s

  • First Crusades Dbq

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    The end of the 11th century was the beginning of the first campaign called Crusade, which was later followed by other crusades. It was a period of great fighting for the lands and religious ideologies between Christians and Muslims. In other words it was a period of big changes, when thousands of peasants and soldiers died and a lot of towns were devastated. The first crusade was the biggest movement of Christians to Holy land. In comparison with other campaigns it was the most successful. Different

  • Pope Urban II: The First Crusades

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    Pope Urban II is without a doubt the reason why the The First Crusades started. It was through his deliberate actions and monumental speech that a spark was created and would end up leading to the crusades. His words and authoritative position within the Church are also important to recognize for they had a huge influence on the attitudes and direction that The First Crusades took. The impact of this speech is especially relevant when it comes to Stephen the Count of Blois and Chartres who took the

  • Why Did The First Crusades Happen

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    What were the Crusades? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, 1 the Crusades were a series of holy wars called by popes with the promise of indulgences for those who fought in them and directed against external and internal enemies of Christendom for the recovery of Christian property or in defense of the Church or Christian people. This essay is going to outline the main events, and explain the reasons for, the first three crusades, by giving the timeline of main events that took place and

  • Pope Innocent III: The First Crusade

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    plunged eastward toward Constantinople in what came to be known as the People’s Crusade. 1097, all four armies had reached Constantinople, where they formed a combined fighting force that numbered nearly 30,000. With a promise to restore any lands that they conquered to the Byzantine emperor, the Crusaders rallied and continued eastward

  • Pope Urban II's Goals In Launching The First Crusade

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    and Croisée developed. Those two words mean “take up your cross”. This phrase, was said by Jesus to his disciples in Matthew 16:24. From those two words came the word Crusade. The Crusades were known as a series of battles launched by Europe against the Islamic religion to take back the holy land of Jerusalem. When the First Crusade was launched, Jerusalem churches were under the Muslim rule. When Pope Urban II was elected, he found himself the head of a reformed movement to win back the holy land

  • First Crusade Dbq

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    Source A gives various reasons for participation in the First Crusade. These include for military leaders the gaining of power and territory and for the ordinary participants it was the deep religious fervour and the promise of absolution that drove them to join the Crusade. This view is convincing because Bohemond of Taranto did stay in the East and eventually became Bohemond of Antioch. There is also evidence that knights had to sell or mortgage land just to participate suggesting that maybe

  • Fulcher's The First Crusade

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    more youthful children all the more habitually went crusading looking for homes of their own; nonetheless, crusading was a costly business, and late research shows it was rulers and senior children who will probably campaign. In conclusion, going to crusade was to go on journey, a heavenly trip of individual salvation. Whether that likewise implied surrendering for all intents and purposes everything and eagerly confronting passing for God, bowing to companion or family weight, reveling blood desire

  • Lord Godfrey Monologue

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    I return to the hut that I 'm currently inhabiting until the crusade make their next move. I discharge both soldiers that i asked to garude the muslim girl while I ran a few errands and meeting with Godfrey. Oping the front door i call out,” hello, are you still here?” Hoping to get a replay I knew that i wasn 't getting

  • Anna Comnena Research Paper

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    I would prefer to first discuss the Alexiad, as it is unique from other historical documents I’ve read in the sense that it is a biography written by a princess about her father. Anna Comnena, the author of the Alexiad, was the daughter of Emperor Alexius and Empress Irene. Anna Comnena considered herself to be a rightful princess, and a well-educated woman. She was educated particularly well in Greek literature, the philosophy of Aristotle and Plato, as well as what were then considered to be the

  • Crusades Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Historically, the first crusade commenced in 1095. This happened when Christian armies from Western Europe heed to the plea from the pope to battle Islamic forces based in the Holy Land. Essentially, there have been many debates concerning whether crusades were justifiable in bringing a certain order into the world. At first, the objective of the crusade that begun in 1095 achieved its objective following the Jerusalem capture. Christian invaders set up many Latin Christian States; while Muslim in

  • Why The Crusades Start Persuasive Essay

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    Fights come in all shapes and sizes, and occur for many different reasons. The Crusades were one of the biggest “fights” to ever exist in human history. The Crusades, like all other conflicts, started for a reason, lasted for a reason, and had a continual impact on society. The reason why the Crusades started was because of jealousy. The Crusades was primarily a fight over the holy city of Jerusalem. This was a city in which all 3 Abrahamic religions valued immensely. The Muslims were in total control

  • How Did Religion Influence Western Civilization

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    result of the Crusades, including the duration, greatly affecting the religious influence on the western world socially, politically, and economically. An example of a western civilization that was greatly impacted was Europe with the spread of Christianity because of the Crusades and what that influence caused. A short background about the religious aspects of the crusades is in the initial motivation for them to be executed in the first place. Regarding Christianity, the Crusades were missions

  • The Crusades Dbq Essay

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    Provide background information on the Crusades, restate the DBQ question, state thesis with reasons. (include academic vocabulary and underline) The results of the Crusades was probably more negative than positive. In “Doc 4”, It states that “Moreover, the assault of one Christian people on another, when one of the goals of the Fourth Crusade was reunion of Greek and Latin churches, made the split between the Greek and Latin churches permanent.” The Crusades had a lot of hatred to the religions,

  • The Pros And Cons Of Pope Urban II

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    Pope Urban II had called for the First Crusade, because he had been told that Byzantine emperor Alexius I Comnenus was needing is help. Pope Urban II called all the Christians to come and help fight for the Holy Land. Pope Urban II stated that the Christians needed to reclaim the land. He saw the faith of the Christendom trampled on and the lack of peace. He saw the many fights, people stealing, people being unjustly kept, and the many evils of the world. The crusades were to capture Jerusalem, to have

  • Negative Impact Of The Crusades

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    The Crusades were a series of holy wars between the Christians and Muslims.In the year 1095, Pope Urban ll called for a Crusade to free the Holy Land from non-christians. In my opinion I believe that the Crusades had a negative impact.Between the end of the eleventh and thirteenth century there had been nine wars in total. The first reason why the Crusades had a negative impact was because they committed appalling atrocities.Document 1 states that, In the Middle East, both Christians and

  • The Crusades Essay

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    The Crusades were a series of battles that, from the beginning, had religious undertones. At the beginning of the 11th century, the Byzantine emperor Alexios I called for Pope Urban II to help with the growing threat of Turkish presence. Pope Urban II responded immediately by convincing Catholic soldiers to gain access to and protect the Holy Land and holy sites that were under Muslim rule. This was the first of several Crusades that took place over a 200-year period. Historians disagree on the

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Holy War

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    The holy war which was not known as the crusades until the 16th century were a series of wars that were started by the pope of the Holy Catholic Church he thought that because of the “serious theological disagreement had split the Greek Church of Byzantium and the Roman Church of the West. The pope believed that a crusade would lead to strong Roman influence in Greek territories and eventually the reunion of the two churches.” (McKay 401) to help motivate the people and the upper echelon of the