First-person shooter Essays

  • Liquid Identity

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    An avatar according to the article, “Avatars & The Curated Self,” originally comes from Hinduism and if refers to concept of the divine taking form of a person on Earth. In these forms, the divine are able to interact with others and their surroundings. Gamers are similar to the divine in the sense that they too also borrow a form to interact with the virtual world. While in the virtual world certain aspects of psychological selves are being represented. An identity is made online and people can

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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    Deus Ex: Mankind divided is a futuristic, first person shooter, and roll playing game. It was made by Eidos Montreal. Mankind Divided takes place in the year 2029 in a city known as Prague and the main character goes by Adam Jensen. Jensen has robotic body parts, known as an augmented human, that give him abilities that differ from a normal human. After the aug incident, where augmented humans killed thousands of people, normal humans began to segregate the augmented. Adam has been tasked to put

  • Dystopian Society In Fahrenheit 451

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    differences that these two societies possess, for instance, the electronics, the books, and the sameness and quickness of the societies. Having a dystopian society is meant to make people happy but ends up making them depressed without them even knowing. First off, in our society today, there is always new ways of doing things not manually but with all the new electronics coming out. 85% of teens in America have cell phones, in our society this might be frowned upon. Children in this society will spend their

  • Essay On Influence Of Video Games

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    contain social benefits. These games can change us for the better and improve our attention, memory and visual skills. The history of video games, as an industry, begins in the 1970s. Pong was an early arcade game introduced by Atari in 1972. The first wildly popular home console system was the Atari 2600, released in 1977. It used plug-in cartridges to play many different kind of games, and thanks to the popularity of Space Invaders, it became a

  • The Pros And Cons Of Teen Boredom

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    What happens when people are bored? Do they change in anyway? Yes of course, people act differently when they are bored. The definition of boredom is an emotional or psychological state experienced when a person is left without anything to do. They do not feel interested in their surroundings or they feel like the day is dull and tedious. Teen boredom can often lead to bad behavior. Boredom can result in teenagers neglecting their schoolwork, extracurricular activities and chores. They feel lethargic

  • Heist: Zero-Sum Board Game

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    Heist is the name of the zero-sum board game that my group created for class. The primary goal of the game is to sneak around a manor stealing treasure from your fellow players. During the development of the game I created the initial idea for the game along with the design of the board, Jason created the cards and the mechanics behind each card, Samantha did most of the art assets for the game, Kyle printed out the physical cards, and Xander rote the rules of the game. The mechanics of the game

  • 28th Amendment: Gun Control

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    28th Amendment: Gun control Introduction:It is necessary to know the importance of gun control because there are too many shootings just because of a terrorist who use guns to threaten civilians. Therefore this amendment will help end all the mass shooting and death cost by guns that we are facing nowadays in America. Why this Amendment is Needed Today: This amendment is needed because there are too much mass shooting and people who are being killed because of guns. According to “New Jersey Teenager

  • The Negative Effects Of Video Games

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    In our century, technology, especially video games, are considered by many to be unacceptable and defective for our health. There are countless articles on the web about the subject proving whether video games are acceptable or not. Despite the fact that games have negative effects on human brain and behavior they also have positive effects such as improving creativity, precision, motivation along with other abilities due to the fact that in general video games have implemented complex learning systems

  • Wi-Fi Argumentative Analysis

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    hurtful device in others. The philosopher George Berkeley once posed this question: "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" so I was wondering if a person had won an award at a special event and no one face booked, tweeted or snap chatted about it; did the person really win that award? Being surrounded by technology and social media has taught me that if you didn’t check in or post about it, it didn’t really happen or it wasn’t important enough. People

  • The Kite Runner Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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    This son, Amir's “illegitimate half-brother” (237), had become Amir's servant and best friend; neither knew of their shared blood. “Under the same roof, we spoke out first words. Mine was “Baba”. His was “Amir”. I think the foundation for what happened in the winter of 1975 – and all that followed – was already laid in those first words” (11). During

  • Analysis Of Gloria Anzaldua's Poem Borderlands

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    readers can see the effects that the Borderlands has on the individual clearly listed below the first line. This scheme creates a cause-effect pair allowing for one to view these effects as a clear result of the Borderlands condition. In addition to this, the author makes use of enjambment to offer contrasting ideas that simultaneously exist within the mind of the inhabitants. As one can see in the first stanza, the inhabitants “are neither bispana india negra española / ni gabacha, eres mestiza,

  • Elements Of Modernism In Mad Men

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    LAND AS MODERNIST TEXTS The twentieth century is characterized by the significant changes in the society, which has affected all the domains of the people’s lives, including the world of art. It was the time when the modernist movement became the first topic of discussions by many critics. Modernism tended to break the usual patterns of the ways of thinking, offering new approaches to the regular subjects and demonstrated the rapid pace of the social transformation. This movement affected all the

  • The Vendetta By Guy De Maupndetta Short Story Summary

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    plot of this story is chronological and closed plot because the story presented chronologically and the ending story is given. Meanwhile, the conflict in this story is external and internal conflict, the point of view of this short story is third-person limited and the theme of this story is “a mother’s revenge for the death of her

  • The Myths In The Arc Light Analysis

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    Discussing Lewis’ style in the Moths in the Arc Light Photography is one of the key inventions of the humanity. The famous saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” shows how much can be conveyed through a single picture. Yet, it can be ambiguous and be perceived differently by people. There are writers who, however, are able to create meticulous descriptions that are on par with photographs in the sense of imagery. Moreover, there are also authors whose style in general resembles a process

  • Character Analysis In Helen Oyemi's The Icarus Girl

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    deals with. She, like many, sees that there are many things pulling apart the ideas of Englishness and Nigerian-ness but at the same time, there are things that fuse them together in people that live both those identities at the same time. Jess is the person she uses to establish this unsteady union and at the end, this young girl who begins her journey with a fragmented identity, emerges in a higher consciousness where she unifies both identities into one within herself. One of the main themes in the

  • Imagery In The Raven

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    Happiness Nevermore The crushing weight of painful memories imprisons the soul with endless sorrow and despair. In the narrative poem, “The Raven,” written by Edgar Allan Poe, the raven is symbolic. During the night, while the narrator is reading in an attempt to forget his sorrow for the loss of his love, Lenore, a strange, black raven flies through his window and perches above his bedroom door. The narrator proceeds to ask the raven several questions and the raven surprisingly answers each question

  • Sea Story Short Story

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    the travel of the bottle he pitched in the ocean. The story concludes with how everything turned out for Harold and Laura, which makes it a closed ending because the reader does not have any room to speculate any further. The narrator is a third person narrator,

  • A Character Analysis Of 'The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn'

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    Kathryn Lanford Date 8th grade 9th grade credit CHARACTER ANALYSIS The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain Does seeing the Mississippi River through the eyes of a young boy make for a great adventure? Well Mark Twain appears to think so in his fiction

  • Theme Of Independence In The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time By Mark Haddon

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    One becomes independent when they are able to adjust anywhere with little to no guidance or reassurance needed. Being independent is an exceeding character trait, which transforms one’s initiation, ultimately leading them to achieve their true ambition. The constant theme of maturation and developing independence appears in the novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, written by the English novelist, Mark Haddon, which follows the life of a fifteen year old boy, Christopher John

  • Furnished Room Analysis

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    still feels sorrow. That the theme of the story clearly gives as isolate because of the crime. The author depicted the theme by using the unnamed character. This is largely a study in human terror experienced on two levels, both depressing to observe. First, there is the narrator, the maniac, driven by his compulsive hatred of the “evil eye” to kill a man he says he loved. He is a case study in madness, tormented by that satanic eye that he simply must destroy. His madness is quite convincing and profoundly